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  1. Is James Maddison pretty much done for England now?
  2. I remember David Seaman taking about penalties and saying he didn’t mind them as there’s no pressure in the goalkeeper so saving it makes you a hero while you’d have to make a big mistake to be criticised for letting one in.
  3. Yes I always go to Pizza Express for my running football commentary. Dream job.
  4. Shouldn’t Rob be banned for having 5 alias accounts?
  5. Don’t worry about it, he won’t be at your club when he gets called up.
  6. I would probably say ‘not yet’. If he goes on to win a major tournament or moves into an upstairs role at the FA and continues providing services to the sport then yeah, go for it. Not that I particularly agree with knighthoods anyway, but prefer if they go to sportsmen who have made a historic achievement like Cook, Strauss, Murray etc. Even then you could argue Hamilton should be ahead of Southgate.
  7. Going into the tournament I thought Grealish was our best outfield player but overall I think he’ll be disappointed with how little impact he had despite the limited game time. I also thought Foden was going to light up the tournament but again didn’t quite grasp his chance (could have all been different if his shot that hit the post had went in). The likes of Shaw, Sterling and Phillips all grasped their chance and nailed down their spot.
  8. Denmark were flagging at around the hour mark but we seemed determined to save subs for extra time and finish them off then rather than bring on some fresh legs during normal time to try amd wrap the game up. Obviously it worked, but it could have easily blown up in our faces.
  9. I still think his weaknesses regarding match day management remain and haven’t improved enough since the last World Cup so don’t have much hope of him learning enough in the next 18 months. During the last World Cup I always felt that we should reach the final but if we did, I expected we would probably lose to France unless there was an upset. The Euros were different as I thought we were at least on par with Italy if not slightly better due to having a stronger overall squad which makes the defeat all the more disappointing. I’ve said this before but I think Southgate has benefitted from following a long list of managers who have underachieved, so just meeting expectations is seen as an achievement. I know football isn’t that simple, but taking the managers out of the equation if you look at England’s record in the last World Cup and Euros they’ve won all of the games where they were favourites.
  10. I’ve never been to new Wembley but do three not have those big turnstiles in place or are they relaxed due to COVID? If you go to any other football ground it’s practically impossible to force your way in but the footage I’ve seen looks more like and open air festival.
  11. Which teams won the latest goal and most corners per match?
  12. I would say it goes back to the World Cup. After that people said Southgate would learn and come back stronger but a lot of the same issues occurred here such as sticking with certain players, not reacting to what was happening on the pitch (although he was somewhat better on this tbf) and not making subs until it’s too late.
  13. I’m guessing pretty much no one criticising players for not taking pens has any idea of what’s happening in training. For all we know the likes of Rashford, Sancho and Saka are smashing them in every time while Grealish and Sterling are blazing them high or wide most of the time, but we should go with the latter just because they have more experience. I could maybe understand if someone who didn’t take a penalty had a track record of taking them successfully for their club, but I don’t think that applied to anyone last night.
  14. I completely get the argument that you could leave yourself exposed if you push forward to kill games off, but have we seen that happen often with England? I could understand if we’ve had our fingers burnt before but I can’t think of many occasions where we’ve lost for being too ambitious but can think of a few where we’ve tried to hold onto a slim lead and been punished.
  15. Stick Pickford in with that lot and we win more shootouts than we lose.
  16. I don’t think it’s unfair to be critical of Southgate’s game management. He’s done great work behind the scenes and should be rightly applauded for his achievements, but when it comes to match days I still think he’s missing that ruthless streak that other managers have. Last year we had Deli Alli who wasn’t fit and didn’t perform but was somehow picked almost every game. This year Mount was the chosen one who no doubt is a good player but overall didn’t justify his game time when you had such a choice of talent to choose from.
  17. Did you mean someone else there or a different scoreline (1-1)? Not sure we were crying out for someone less than 2 minutes into the game.
  18. Feels a bit like the reverse of the Denmark match where they were hanging on against wave after wave of attacks.
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