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  1. Southgate has said that he doesn’t want a parade as it would be held in one place and the team represents the entire nation. I wonder what he’d do if we’d won it? Have a victory tour?
  2. So the last two pages are representative of a 33 page thread as well as the match thread. You’re cherry picking to suit your argument.
  3. If you think everyone’s saying ‘well done lads’ and ignoring anything that went wrong you’re just seeing what you want to see. There’s been plenty of critical analysis while still praising the achievements.
  4. You can include Alli in that as well (maybe even Walker).
  5. I think Kane looked dead on his feet in both games where he played extra time. Again, that’s where you want the manager to have the balls to take him off. It’s a bit worrying if we reach the point where any one player is deemed so important that they have to stay on no matter what and everyone else will have to carry them.
  6. Pretty much this. It’s too simplistic to look at where we expected to end up before a ball was kicked and keep that as the baseline. Before the tournament started most people would have expected us to get through the group stage then get knocked out by one of the big boys, but once everything opened up it was more a case of avoiding banana skins up to the Croatia game which was pretty much 50-50. Overall I wouldn’t say we overachieved but likewise wouldn’t say we underachieved either. The biggest achievement was what happened off the pitch.
  7. Can’t say I’ve paid too much attention to the third place playoffs. Do teams normally put out a strong side or give the fringe players a run out?
  8. I thought during the end of normal play he was keeping subs back for extra time and then during extra time he was thinking about penalties. A braver manager might have been doing more to try and win the game, but I think Southgate is very much a cautious manager.
  9. Was Walker injured in extra time? When Trippier was receiving extensive treatment after 90mins I assumed he would be subbed and Walker would move to the right, but Walker went off instead and then Trippier broke down not long after.
  10. Hopefully last night will put an end to people calling for Rashford over Sterling but I doubt it. Sterling and Kane don’t seem to like passing to each other in the final area though. Maybe City should sign Kane to improve their partnership.
  11. I saw him shouting and was impressed that a young keeper would have the confidence to berate his defence. However, I only reallly noticed him shouting after a shot had been made so didn’t really notice if he was shouting during play.
  12. They didn’t do what was expected though. Previous tournaments have shown that England historically choke against the games where they’re favourites so to see a side winning these kind of games is a nice change. He rest is just hyperbole. I don’t see anyone saying this is the best team for years.
  13. The ‘it’s coming home’ stuff was great. Was never meant to be taken seriously and was a refreshing change to see some positivity rather than the usual descent into jinxing and anti-jinxing. You only need to look in the club threads to see this. ‘You have to be favourites for this game’. ‘No. YOU are favourites going into this one.’
  14. Mine watched to 45mins before bedtime so went to bed thinking we’d go on to win it. Don’t think she believed me this morning when I told her we’d lost.
  15. Southgate reminds me a lot of Glen Roeder’s time at Newcastle. Lovely guy who you really want to do well, but ultimately he’s in a job that’s probably too big for him. As things stand he’ll definitely be around for the Euros unless there’s some scandal or a bad qualifying campaign, but neither seem likely. Best we can hope for is that he’s learned from this and grows into the role.
  16. That’s where I don’t think the squad selection really helped. There wasn’t really enough options to try something different. Taking off Henderson for Dier isn’t really going to change much.
  17. I think everyone would have taken the semis before the tournament started but it’s no less disappointing to lose. There was a lack of experience all round, including the manager. I’ve lost count of the number of interviews Southgate gave where he talked about the formation and the ‘system’ like they were set in stone and unchangeable. The top managers are able to adapt the team and tactics to the opposition and how the game pans out but Southgate seemed more like someone playing FM who sets up one tactic, drops the players in then doesn’t bother taking them out between games and just lea
  18. Spoiler - if England win he’ll start the final as well.
  19. ‘My wife and kids are going to be wondering where I am’
  20. I haven’t really check the odds but have England been favourites in all their games (not counting Belgium as that was an anomaly)? Who’s favourites for the Croatia game? I think were so used to choking its now seen as a big achievement to beat the sides we should be beating. You see some of the big teams underperforming so it’s good that we’re not in with that lot. Southgate’s secured his job now for the Euro’s whatever happens.
  21. I think Sterling’s been fine but still find it funny how defensive people get (mostly Man City fans) about him. You’ve now got YouTube videos to defend him. Which seem to draw a big cock on the pitch at 2.20.
  22. Right now my head says France-Brazil in the semis will determine the overall winner.
  23. They can’t be that bad. He did call up Phil Jones.
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