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  1. This is what happens when you know in advance which groups "cross". There should be a random draw after the groups, to avoid calculations. Still, Scotland played well, and earned one last shot at going through. Against my Croatia.
  2. This Page guy was being dismissed as a crap manager. I knew nothing of him before this EURO, and here he is, helping Wales cause ruckus. I suppose reputation means nothing.
  3. Ironically, his last name points to him being of Albanian ancestry- Arnaut is an old word for Albanians.
  4. I hope Fernandes is okay, that injury looked like a spinal one. Even though I'm a Finland fan, I have to admit Miranchuk's goal was class. The Kanerva Line has been broken, it's time for reserves to take back the lost position.
  5. The amount of bad luck for Scotland in this game must mean stuff evens out in the next 2 games.
  6. A combination of seeing them play in UEFA Cup, choosing them on Winning Eleven 6 (I never played as big teams) vs. a friend who had more conventional tastes, and later, the incredible performances of Shunsuke Nakamura leading the ferocious gang rounded up by Gordon Strachan. Clubs like Real, Barcelona, AC Milan, etc. always got on my nerves, and I live for the chance to see them skelped by a team on a fraction of their budget. Around the Strachan time, I registered on Talk Celtic (this post will help uncover my user name, there). When my political self emerged, I also found that leftist nation
  7. We've been toothless for years. The current strikers, bar the third one, do not fit the system that was kept since Russia. The most prolific guy is also the laziest.
  8. We survived the first 20, but despite 2 class technical midfielders, Kramarić has been left dry. He's lazy too, though. I'd sub on Budimir. Technique ain't gonna win this for Croatia.
  9. As a Croat, I must express my gratitude to Southgate. He made Vrsaljko's job a lot easier by playing an unnatural player on the LB position, instead of Shaw or Chilwell. Why Trippier doesn't push Walker out?
  10. I know Lukaku is better than Poulsen, but it'll take something special to break into that sea of Finnish defenders. One thing that an offensive team must do, is reduce decision-making time when in the last third. No set-ups for shots, no hesitancy, no fancy move, just cross/shoot! And pray for an own goal.
  11. Yep. The Finnish flag looks really stylish on that kit. I hope the Kanerva Line stalls the Belgians and Russians (where the Mannerheim Line failed).
  12. My feelings are very similar. Before the game, I wanted Finland to win*, although I'm not a Denmark hater. After Eriksen's heart attack, I wanted the game to finish as a draw, at least. It's kind of unfair on Denmark, this result, because the mental blow they took was completely unavoidable. It has to be said though, that Finland defended competently. I hope Denmark win their next 2 games. *As a kid, I often played as Finland on PES/ISS. It's weird underdog fascination. Liking of Finland carried over, I guess?
  13. What?? I'd expect at least a day of delay. Yes, Eriksen is alive, but the players must be wrecked, mentally.
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