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  1. How much of an influence do promises before the main negotiations have? I had included long term club goals and preferred player position, besides the player status. I'm fairly new to these mechanics, so I'm not sure if something else is usually supposed to be offered. Also, does being the first one to bid for a player have any positive impact on the likelihood of signing him? Sounds silly, but I want to check. I don't know who had bid first, but it wasn't me.
  2. The estimate after scouting Santiago Arias (Atl. Madrid) was that he'd ask between 26.5 and 35 thousand pounds weekly. I actually was ready to go above that (40k), but when the negotiations on wages began, his agent wanted something like 50K p/w. A lot of bonuses, including a 3 million signing on fee. I think the agent fee was 500k, but not sure. It was highlighted red, and I had to reduce the agent fee. I tinkered with certain options, and soon (after 1 more round of negotiation), the agent agreed. Playing time: regular starter, from both me and Wolves. When he agreed to their offer, he had the same team status as I had offered him. I'm not sure what the other offers were like, obviously. I know Ajax and Club Brugge also placed bids. Wolverhampton vs Valencia. I think I have better players. I am in CL Groups. I had even offered a 1M+ bonus to Arias should we get to Quarterfinals. I wanted Arias since his projected wages would be far less than a player I have on loan (Florenzi). Club finances could do with improving (board vision generally focuses on sustainability), thus, I was aiming to reduce wages. So, yes, I wanted Arias when his name popped up in the scouting tab. His agent was obviously trying to get attention. Since I had only started the game, and it was my first transfer window, there was no relationship with the agent, bad or good.
  3. Recently bought FM 20, and came across a thing that probably happens often, but I've just now become aware of it. A transfer listed player was very interested in joining my club, but also had other offers. I did not accept the initial demands, but fairly soon managed to get his agent to accept this (he had not lost much of that patience bar). End outcome: he went to a club which gave him less wages, and had no CL to offer. I actually tested several offers, to see if increases in wages changed his choice. They didn't. Does someone know what are the greatest deciding factors for AI of players/agents when choosing offers? How does the AI work in this instance? For further information, the player in question was Santiago Arias, and I am playing as Valencia.
  4. Valencia might be a thing, to enjoy the talents of Yi Kang-In.
  5. It is good that they are working on it. I'd even accept delays in release if it meant a better game.
  6. Any mention of set piece changes, szch as a unified set piece taker list regardless of formation?
  7. Oh, okay. I tend to focus only on position-specific requirements when I try to play the game, as the combined option tends to lead to a filter too narrow.
  8. I'm not sure if this question might warrant its own thread, but... does club DNA mean a set of required attributes shared by all positions, or would position-specific requirements also count?
  9. The OP does lead me to an important question: how important is the ability to motivate players and have their respect (starting manager experience affects this?) when compared to tactics?
  10. So, what should I do with 16 or 17 year-olds that are in no way ready for first team, but have potential? Wait until they turn at least 18, and send them to the main team to be mentored, or...? A more straight-forward version of the above: does mentoring matter more than the quality of youth training?
  11. The game's suggestions, but I check over attribute ratings, and it usually ends up being consistent with the role suitability. I admit that certain players may be very versatile, and the role they are assigned is a matter of tactical tweaking, but as the first pick when creating a tactic, I usually give them their very best role, for starters. This is what I did for the MCR. He's a BWM-D, but could be changed to maybe a CAR.
  12. The idea for a DLP-S was: Nuri Sahin has intelligence all over the place, but can't do the dirty work. So, he stays in place mostly, and makes interceptions with his mental stats, and is allowed to be creative with the ball. He also likes to switch the ball to the other flank. I could move him into the midfield, and play a 4-3-1-2. The roles of the wide defenders were dictated by their ability: the LB is great defensively and has excellent crossing even from deep, but he's slower than the RB, who isn't that good at tackling, or certain mentals. Should the defensive minded MC be switched to the left, anyway? He (Bargfrede) is the best I have for Tackling, Work Rate, Bravery etc, I'm looking to buy 1 more such player, but Bargfrede is the main "butcher". I have no Target Men in the team. Pizarro could be either a DLF or a Poacher, and it fits well with his age. I want him chained to the penalty box, and receiving crosses. I will mention one alternative option: I have a Libero-capable CB. Moisander has excellent mentals. Provided I buy more CB-s, is wingback 3-4-1-2 a good idea?
  13. Some time ago, I got an urge to try a savve with Werder Bremen. In the old times, I quite liked their team, and the current roster is fairly interesting. Looking at Team Report and Comparison screens, several problems became obvious: - the team are poor tacklers and markers, overall. - Work Rate and Bravery are below average, as well. -Strength and Pace/Acceleration are also lacking, other than the right sided players (Rashica, Gebre-Selassie, Beijmo) On the upside: - the team has many intelligent players, even in the defense (Anticipation, Composure, Decisions, Positioning). - technical ability is good, from regular Passing, to Crossing and set pieces. -Teamwork and Leadership are good. The roster is affected by several long-term injuries, in particular to players who would play on the wings. I have only one pair of healthy wide players in the midfield. I might create a tactic for them, as they are good players. I have a large-ish number of strikers, though. I am not set on the formation being a diamond necessarily, but it should feature 2 strikers. All in all, I have this idea: I want my team to be able to suffocate the game by employing defensive possession football when coming up against the better Bundesliga sides. Without the ball, I want the team to stand off, and not attempt to close down like crazy as a unit. Certain players may be allowed to be aggressive (Bargfrede), but for most others, it would be better to hold position and be ready to intercept an opposition's pass. When we have the ball, I would like the midfield to draw in opposition away from the wings, allowing for some overlapping runs and crosses. Through balls by the playmakers are also something I see as viable. Please leave your feedback on the instructions and role selection. The mentality was set to Positive for the first friendly, but in the Bundesliga, I expect to play Cautious or even lower.
  14. I got defenders with generally subpar Strength and Jumping Reach, and thus don't want to invite crosses in. The team is also ill-suited to energetic pressing- does that mean a high D-line is bad? I intend to play a stand-off defense of sorts, relying on keeping shape and making interceptions, but not too close to my goal.
  15. To what extent can great mentals (Anticipation, Decisions, Concentration, Positioning) replace insufficient Acceleration in centre backs? In the context of wanting to play a high line.
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