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  1. Bunkerossian

    The 4231 Explained

    The C/S pairing would accentuate the qualities of each player. Better than Soler at AMC. He is better than him in a DLP role too, but I need to give Soler playing time to develop. Does a Cover CB help with an attacking WB? I thought that would work. Which role would be safest to convert into an Attack duty? (AMC or the wing forwards) when Zaza plays. If Vietto or Mina play, then they are AF.
  2. Bunkerossian

    The 4231 Explained

    I was trying it in pre-season. I do admit I'm unsure of this. Cleon says in a thread it's not an issue if the players have good mentals. To him, C/S pairing isn't an issue. I want Parejo closer to goal. He has great Long Shots and even Composure. I should reverse the MF pairing, then? Well- the players to the right and left of him, and the DF. This role is still a striker, right? Well, Zaza is suited for a frontal press. Other options like Vietto- not sure. I tried closing down more in one game, and it seemed like it was an issue for my defense. They had to do lots of last ditch tackles.
  3. Bunkerossian

    The 4231 Explained

    Unsure. There was one game where I used Close Down More, but it also produced a red card for the right full back. If I had to pinpoint an issue, it might be the CM-D. The player should be doing better than he is. Can I make changes that would allow him to play as a BWM-D?
  4. Bunkerossian

    The 4231 Explained

    Not good. Despite me thinking my D-Line is clever and fast enough, it is getting breached by through balls, or even counterattacks. I have exceptional quickness on most of my CB-s, bar the one I brought in to provide a boost in Leadership, Determination and overall class. I really thought I could get away with a high D-Line. A low D-Line is suicidal anyway, as the CB-s aren't great in the air, except for the new guy, and a CB that starts injured.
  5. Bunkerossian

    The 4231 Explained

    How to do well with a 4-2-3-1 when one side of the pitch lacks offensive width? The right back is not as good in attack as the left one. Would putting Rodrigo on IF-A be a bad idea?
  6. Bunkerossian

    How to (not) use Offside Trap?

    This is news for me. I had never tried to use OT so far, because I usually had slow defenders.
  7. Is a Segundo Volante something one could fit into possession football?
  8. Bunkerossian

    FM 2018 - Spanish La Liga

    Struggling to decide on what formation to play with Valencia. Is 4-2-3-1 viable, considering there's not much people able to rotate with the attacking players, if fatigue sets in?
  9. What does Adaptability actually do- if it doesn't affect the ability of a coach to train in a foreign country?
  10. Will low Adaptability of a coach mean that even if he has high other attributes, he will be ineffective?
  11. This is another reason why mastering FM is so hard. The gap in quality between teams can mask inadequacies in tactics, and if a person has issues identifying problems, then they'll start to think everything is fine. I've seen Youtube videos where people use tactics that shouldn't make sense according to guides available here, yet they do very well. Is it just the players that are the key to their success?
  12. Bunkerossian

    Backup DL/DC for Bayern

    Romagnoli might be my best bet, as I specifically want a left-footed CB. Lenglet isn't rated highly on 18.3, and he was my first option.
  13. Bunkerossian

    Backup DL/DC for Bayern

    Bayern start with injuries to both left backs, and have no left-footed CB-s. Anyone have a recommendation for a player that can play at both of these positions, but isn't necessarily a starter?
  14. I already use a DLP-D when the main destroyer isn't playing, since the other option is a tall, clever player who can use his physique to do defensive work. His tackling ain't perfect. I only have 1 player with great tackling, in the midfield. The 4-2-3-1 has a variant, which I should've mentioned, where the right flank goes like this: WB-D and a W-S. It involves different players, and the WB-D was sold, by the time I made the thread. The new player isn't yet as good defensively as that WB-D was, but is much faster.
  15. To be honest, those 2 roles are the ones that certain high-ranking midfielders play best according to the role suitability feature. I only have 2 midfield destroyers of sorts, and the rest are more creative midfielders. The more creative ones aren't great tacklers, even if they have an engine in them. Against most teams domestically, there's no issue. Aberdeen (4231) and Rangers(442) trouble me.