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  1. Thank you. I never was sure when is less urgent pressing supposed to be used.
  2. Headers are a problem, as they were on FM 20. It's so frustrating not being able to use a striker with great aerial attributes.
  3. I'm not sure if SI have even acknowledged that as an issue, last year. Since you're playing with A TM, do you feel players cross too late, or early enough to make the cross not get blocked? I also had an issue where players ignored the instruction for type of cross. They'd go high, when I wanted low (since headers were "useless").
  4. Precisely my biggest frustration in FM 20. That, or headers go over the bar. 1 in 10 will end up in the net. If FM 21 is like that, I am not likely to buy it.
  5. I am personally hoping crosses will happen earlier, so that defenders don't always block them. It's been a massive annoyance on FM 20. Also, headers. Please, can someone point me if this problem has specifically been mentioned as fixed? I don't want so many headers ending up in the goalie's arms.
  6. I've got about 10 million euros. The Cb would be playing every other game, as I like to rotate, particularly when having European games to worry about.
  7. Funnily enough, I am referring to Valencia when I meant Spain/England. I'm looking for a young replacement for Garay, first season.
  8. I'm looking for a young player who could play in the second CB pairing of my team. Looking for speed and footballing intelligence (Concentration, Anticipation, Positioning, Decisions). Would Luis Abram or Lucas Martinez Quarta be good, or are there better players for comparable money?
  9. It's better to lack AM-s than destroyers, in my opinion. A vicious, hard-tackling 3-5-2 in some form might be possible here.
  10. Currently, the Comprehensive view mode will typically show parts of play which lead to offside, even if it is something trivial, such as a bungled throw-in routine (passing back to the throw-in taker). Meanwhile, fouls leading up to a free kick are not always shown. I would like this to be altered so that more "irrelevant" offsides get cut out from the Comprehensive view mode, while fouls leading up to free kicks (especially direct ones!) always get shown.
  11. What could be tactical reasons for my teams struggling to create chances for open play (particularly chances in the box or even cutbacks), while having plenty of set pieces and shots resulting from them? I'm looking for general answers, since this issue extends to multiple tactics. Although, the issue is less bad with tactics that have 2 strikers.
  12. When is he ready to play in the first team? After a season? Two?
  13. Can confirm he's good. Dependable for AC Milan.
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