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  1. We beat the French in celebrating. No incident, and we lasted longer than them.
  2. Bunkerossian

    Final: France vs Croatia, 4pm BST

    Zagreb is on fire. Nobody celebrates like Croats. No disorder or casualties either, unlike in France.
  3. Bunkerossian

    What's your favourite part of a World Cup?

    Group rounds, as I love rooting for underdogs.
  4. The Mandrill goes on and on. He is made of reinforced concrete. A country of about 3.9 million inhabitants could win the World Cup.
  5. Figuratively speaking. I think this phrase I chose is fitting for what would the tactical option done, had it been selected. Then again, media reports on fitness of players are changing.
  6. Well, the most recent news refuted that rumor. I am sad that happened, because I would've loved to see Croatia poison the midfield.
  7. Not in the usual set-ups seen so far.
  8. All the more reason for Croatia to drop deep. Although, I've been hearing some rumors of a nasty surprise Croatia might pull...
  9. I do not expect Ćorluka to be at RB, but CB. He is slow, yes, but with a deeper line, this could work. His main opponent will be Kane, anyway.
  10. Bunkerossian

    Quarterfinals: Russia vs Croatia, 7pm BST

    It takes a Slav to beat a Slav.
  11. Bunkerossian

    Quarterfinals: England V Sweden 15:00 BST BBC1

    Sweden are less tired than England. 1-0 for them.
  12. Yuya Osako has been immense for Japan.
  13. Bunkerossian

    Round of 16: Belgium versus Japan

    What a game. Japan, alas, died on the pitch, like samurai. No victory, but wow... Why didn't you put a CB in after the 2. goal of Japan, Nishino?
  14. Bunkerossian

    Round of 16: Croatia vs Denmark

    Overdribbling is a massive issue, still. To be honest though, Perišić was also guilty of it, when quick, low crosses were the right choice. Mental effects of fatigue? I personally didn't want Modrić playing vs. Iceland, and I was right. Fatigue set in him early, and we were outrun by the Danes. Outmuscled as well. Props to Hareide for going for that Knudsen guy. After this WC, throw-ins will be taken more seriously.
  15. Yes, they would be, because he wouldn't be deciding who he wants as manager or who gets to be called up for Argentina.