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  1. Heard of quite a lot People whos saves crashed after couple seasons in fm19..then again, it might be their fault. Don´t mean to discourage you using a good custom file though
  2. Had a lovely save with St. Mirren back in the day with FM14, managed to dethrone Celtic after 10 or so years... apart from that I recommend NOT using custom databases, for while they can be fun for sure, they can ruin your save even when youre already some seasons in... happened to me a lot in the past, I since refrained from using them
  3. To have a real challenge, I would try Darmstadt 98. Though they are in the 2nd tier..
  4. Hello, I love that skin - but how can I make the city pictures display? Where to put the background/citypics folder ?
  5. Waiting to see the cash flow in when all those sell-on clauses finally get activated...
  6. Both are not displayed in my game? Where can I find this information?
  7. Is there no tutoring / mentoring for young players anymore in FM19? Or if its still there where do I find it?
  8. Thank you very much for this! I am about to start a career with a midland league division one club so these logos are much appreciated! WIll post the career in "career updates" probably
  9. Gomez far too good for Wolves... if he is not injured
  10. I guess they also have CD Baskonia as development team?
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