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  1. check here... https://sortitoutsi.net/forums/topic/44650/city-pictures-mega-pack
  2. OH I thought he was still a player there, as mentioned by zethani above...
  3. Nice! Let´s see how Barzagli can lead the way
  4. Didn´t we have another thread for this?
  5. I found in FM attributes are more important than the players original position
  6. Are you involved in FM decisions who to include in the game?
  7. And you are a youth coach of Chelsea to be able to determine they are better than the others?
  8. Thanks a lot Yeah I wasn´t expecting them to adept to this that easily, but I won´t complain
  9. I´m voting for Pianese! This should be a challenge, shouldnt it?
  10. No, tried most of them and I don´t like them. They somehow miss the "charm" of the old games. It´s mostly online play against other players, crude team/player names and no editor to change them.
  11. I see where you´re coming from and I myself would LOVE to see an old-style manager like This, THIS or This come out for casual play on my tablet, but I understand that isnt very probable to happen in the near future..
  12. FIFA manager never was able to depict on the pitch what you created in your tactic, so I could never take that seriously ... its kind of an arcade manager while FM is a simulation.
  13. Thank you We are progressing quite well! One concern is out reputation is still so low that bigger players dont even want to start contract negotiations but I guess we will just have to wait and continue to grow..
  14. SEASON 2020/2021 JANUARY - APRIL 2021 SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE We manage to stay up there with only three defeats in 3 months. The Hibs defeat was unnecessary but oh well sh*t happens sometimes I guess. David Goodwillie and Danny Mullen are forming a great strike partnership up front, Goodwillie is 2nd in the goalscorers chart by now. 63 points and still 5 games to go! Looks like a record breaking season if we can keep this up until the end. At least european football should be possible for us. SCOTTISH CUP The opposition was not the strongest on our way to the final with 3 championship teams... Anyway, you have to beat them nevertheless and so it´s another Cup Final this season, and again it´s against Celtic. I somehow suspect this time it´s not going to be that easy... NEWS A better Youth Intake this time. There are at least four or five players we could probably use in the future. After the bad start to the campaign it was inevitable. At least they caught up by now, sitting on 2nd (as usual). Gennaro Gattuso is his successor. STRAY OBSERVATIONS Our finances look great now. We have about 6M in the bank. Looking forward to spend the money in the next transfer market Lots of talent on the DC position in our youth teams. Gonna be tough to decide who to promote to the 1st team when Broadfoot retires after this season
  15. SEASON 2020/2021 OCTOBER - DECEMBER SCOTTISH PREMIER LEAGUE So many games in december. Luckily we didn´t have as many injuries as last year at that time, so rotation was the way. The Hearts defeat was something like a wake-up call and we won the next four games. Motherwell are our bogey team this season it seems (besides the old firm). Somehow we seem to have established ourselves in the top four of the Scottish Premier League. LEAGUE CUP What was that? We destroyed Celtic in the League Cup Final! At first it looked like this would end as expected with the clear favorite smashing the underdog easily, Leigh Griffiths scored. Then something clicked. In David Goodwillie. In just 16 minutes. The first was a tap-in from a Donnelly long shot, the second a screamer from 12 m right into the top left corner. He was on his way to his 3rd goal, when he was fouled in the box. Mullen snatched to ball from him and took the spot kick instead. Good for him that he scored! But Goodwillie was still hungry and added his 3rd goal in the 41th minute to make it 4-1. And that was that, the second half was nothing more than a parade from our players, the Celtic players were too shocked to create one sensible attack, unbelievable as it may seem. We. Have. Won. The. League Cup. NEWS Right winger Kyle McAllister is one of our best players. His contract was running out at the end of this season. We tried and offered him some good money, but he declined and asked for a transfer. So we had to sell him when Sheffield United came around the corner with 6.75M. Shortly after the transfer was announced, he was called up to the Scotland squad and made his first appearance. Congratulations nevertheless.
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