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  1. Wow! Gonna try that as soon as I get home. Where do i get the resource archiver program from?
  2. Yes, that was the guy! Retired as a York City legend You seem to have picked up pace and scoring for fun right now! Keep it up
  3. Sounds like the champions league final 2012. Can´t see an issue here.
  4. Nice. I posted my York City save here some years ago too, think it was FM16 or so. It was a great ride. I remember I had a rather old and fat bloke in attack from the original roster but he defied all odds and scored and scored. I hope you have as much fun with your save good luck!
  5. Looking nice. Maybe I´m gonna use them in my upcoming career update
  6. Thank you Yes, we will be starting in the Excellenza /5th tier. I have not decided which approach I will take on this, if I will only sign local players or only italian or whatever. It sounds fun thats what counts
  7. Damn this looks nice! I love the city pics inclusion. Care to share a link?
  8. What is it with FM2006 suddenly being the hot **** again? Maybe I should try this too again... please OP include me in the PMs as well
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