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    [FM17] New York City

    The Championship Adventure Begins We are the masters of the draw! Thirteen games ended without a winner. We managed to only win 6 games and lost 7, which leaves us with 31 points. The Championship is some different cup of tea indeed. We will have to fight very hard to stay up this season. No pleasure cruise this time! A great cup run saw us reach the quarter finals of the EFL Cup. Premier League side West Ham were too strong for us and we deservedly went out. Well done though, lads! We can do that. We´ve done it before. A look at our finances. We have to repay loans though - around 9M - which will take a while. We tie up my contract until 2022.
  2. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    Oh yes it did! I think it was about 1 Million we got for half of the gate receipts at Ittihad
  3. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    They Come And Go Paul Downing from MK Dons is our most expensive signing to date! The others come for free. Joe Fairs, a Chelsea Academy product who was let go. We snapped him up. Another McKee. Our northern irish scouts found him. Tony McClurg, a talented player for the playmaker role. Ryan Hedges, a journeyman winger with some U21 caps for Wales. Silva was released by portuguese giants Benfica. The young striker should walk straight into our first team. Ben Whitfield, another wandering winger. Our most expensive signing. But we need a commanding leader at the back to be able to compete in the Championship. And Paul Downing just looks like that. We couldn´t say no to that keeper. Dutchman Jeroen Houwen will be our new number one. Our great Talent McGeown wanted to leave and went into strike to force his move. We let him go in the end. Almost one million for him is ok I guess. Our Team For 2019/2020 New GK Houwen should organize our new defence with Fairs and Downing in the center positions. Maguire seems mature enough to feature regularly in the first team, just like Tim Smyth. Whitfield and Hedges will put pressure on Connolly and Hill. And we have to see if Andre Silva makes an immediate impact.
  4. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    Good Bye League One - Hello Championship! Bristol City were able to overtake us because we lost ALL our 3 last games of the season. Whatever - Championship here we come! Four defeats, 3 of which came after promotion was secured. A solid second half of the season leads to our 3rd successive promotion! Joe McKee - what a player! Double digits in both goals and assists and an average rating of 7.17! Aside from McKee, it was a season for the young guns. Tim Smyth, James Maguire, Tony McGeown and Lawrence Cox all showed what they are capable of and contributed to our promotion. New number one Luke Simpson took the responsibility in goal and made sure we didn´t concede much. Marcos Legaz was injured half of the season and wasn´t able to score more goals. He absolutely deserved it. Nice to be recognized. Cruisin´In The FA Cup It was a good run in the FA Cup. We were able to defeat Gillingham and then met Man City at home. After a great fight we were able to hold them to a draw. The return leg was easy for them, but at least we got half of the gate receipts.
  5. Carambau

    Game not working anymore after update

    Turned out i had too few drive space for the update to install... Thank you
  6. Device: Galaxytab Game Downloaded an update and now it says game files are corrupted and game cant be Started. I have facepacks and real names fix installed and it worked great before the update. What happened?
  7. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    League One - The First Half Of The Season Five defeats already, we are not used to that many in only half a season. But still we manage to come up with 2nd place in the league. Our advantage: The other teams are even worse than we are. If they continue to play like that, promotion seems likely for us... We made the second round. Then Premier League opposition was nice to have, but impossible to beat. Umm...what?!? They play Romelu Lukaku in their U23s cup game? I hate them. We are out of the cup, of course. There´s a good chance to make the 4th round. Gillingham seem beatable, as they play in our division. Winter Transfers Dylan Ferris from Institute comes on a free. A versatile defender with lots of talent. Noe Baba can also play on either side in defence. In Other News Soft Brexit sounds good to me.
  8. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    Players Coming And Going A lot of players had to go after the promotion. Most prominent are of course Fry, Klukowski and Letheren. I would have liked to keep Oyebanjo, but he had already decided he wanted a new challenge and it was impossible to change his mind. Many from that list are players from our Reserve team which gets no games anyway for not playing in a league. Spanish La Liga newcomers Elche stepped up and offered us 500K for our star winger DJ Buffonge. I could not decline such an offer. And at least we will get 40% of his next sale. We actually spent some money! Our scouting network in N. Ireland and the Republic of Ireland turns out to be quite effective. We signed a Real Madrid player! Ok, he was only playing for their Castilla team, but still... Hope he can upgrade our attack. Tim Smyth joins from Portadown. Talented central defender, who can also appear on the left side. Already 2 U21 caps for N. Ireland. One U21 cap for N. Ireland at the age of 18 already, here comes another central defender talent. His name´s James Maguire and he joins from Glenavon. Striker Lawrence Cox scored 15 goals in 27 matches for Portadown last season, helping them to promotion to the Northern Irish top division. Experience and versatility count a lot and thus here comes 3-time Republic of Ireland national team player Eddie Nolan. And another central defender. Ex-Colchester player Alex Wynter should be rock solid at the back. Yao is only planned as a backup player in midfield. But maybe he will suprise us. A rather big player, going by the name. Ex-Ajax and Ex-Celtic player Derk Boerrigter signs on a free. He just came back from a long injury and has declined a lot compared to his former self. We will have to wait and see. On deadline day we sign another goalkeeper talent, Michael McStravick from Crusaders. He joins for 71K. The Team For 2018/2019 Letheren is gone, so the road to number one is clear for Simpson now. Update: McStravick replaces Bullard as new number two. Almost a whole new defence this season. It´s obvious that it will take some time for them to gel. Our midfield is packed, but also packed with talent. Sadly, Buffonge left us, but there should be enough players capable of filling the gap (Yeah I´m thinking of you, McGeown!) The battle for the striker position is on again! The spanish lad looks good, but so does Cox. And Hoban surely doesn´t give up his place without a fight. Link With Liverpool FC Liverpool seemed a nice choice for a parent club. We will get some money and maybe some loan players. Pre-Season Friendlies Can´t wait for the season to begin. World Cup 2018 In Russia Spain are the champions, again! Some surprises there with Colombia, Switzerland and Poland. ...Germany went out in the quarters (hey at least better than in reality!), Löw was sacked and ended up managing Man City
  9. Carambau

    [FM19] Unia Wapno - An Polish Adventure

    Great choice of club and country! Looking forward to this Maybe you´ll develop the next Lewa!
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    Well, this happens in football. Watch out for the morale of your players, this could prove crucial in this case as well
  11. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    Youth Intake Time At least one good prospect in Gareth Alton. Reynolds and Austin will be under close surveillance but I´m pretty sure they don´t have what it takes. Maybe they will surprise me.
  12. one of the worst puns I ever read.... will follow nevertheless
  13. Carambau

    [FM17] New York City

    And So Ends The First Season Back In League Two A campaign to remember! Promotion to League One is secured early. With most of our new signings making an impact, we once again dominated the league, losing only 6 games. We had a bad start into the year, but eventually recovered quickly and started winning games again. Concentration was the key to our success this season. McKee was absolutely instrumental in our campaign. What a signing. Gjokaj becoming the Fans´favorite very quickly. With Connolly, Buffonge, Kimmakon and McKee in midfield, not much can go wrong. Three of them with double digits in goals and Buffonge only nearly missing that mark. Hoban scored 12 goals, which is ok. Parkin will retire after the season, maybe we can keep him at the club as a coach or physio. Gjokaj bossed our defence again, he has quickly become our leader back there. Youngster Chris Hill was able to impress when he got the chance. A lot of players will leave the club after the season, either being too old or expected to be not good enough for League One. This includes goalie Letheren, who wanted to much money and is on the decline anyway (Luke Simpson will take over), playmaker Klukowski and defender Matt Fry, who simply are´t good enough anymore to cut it in a higher league. The Big Game Against The Big Guns In The FA Cup We never had a chance. The score could have been way more humiliating but Palace kept it down. At least we got half of the gate receipts from Selhurst Park.
  14. Keep going! Powers looks like the real deal
  15. Carambau

    [FM19] French Lingerie.

    Instructions are in the link, it´s pretty easy