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  1. November 2nd, 2020 Dear Diary, How times have changed... I have played only 2 more matches this month. Got injured (pulled groin) in training on October 5 and was out for a week. During that time I missed 2 matches, and we lost both of them. Maybe I could have contributed, we will never know. After that, the gaffer not even benched me for the next four games. Instead I was dropped back down to the youth team again had to play a game with the Mansfield U18s against Gainsborough U18s which we fortunately won and I scored the winning goal. Then, some days later I came on as a sub against Barrow in League Two and even was a starter against Walsall. We were on a bad run before those 2 games, now we at least managed 2 draws. Dropped down to 20th in the League Two table. Hopefully the gaffer lets me help the team fight relegation in the next games...
  2. October 2nd, 2020 Dear Diary, Good times in the last few weeks! I´m feeling more and more comfortable with the senior team. The gaffer has officially made me part of the Mansfield Town FC first team! Although I did not play that much, I was able to show my ability I think. The gaffer even put me in the starting eleven in the EFL Trophy game which we won 3-0 and I was able to contribute with a goal. This made me the youngest goalscorer in Mansfield history. The rest of the month I was a benchwarmer and did only come on twice. Against Leyton Orient though, I was responsible for the equalizer in stoppage time! The lads were almost suffocating me when they piled up on me after I scored! Mansfield sit on 10th position in League Two now. I hope the gaffer will give me more chances in the upcoming matches so I can show even more of me.
  3. September 2nd, 2020 Dear Diary, So much has happened in the past days! The New Saints game was anti-climatic. I did not play. I stayed on the bench the whole 90 minutes. After that, I was sent back to the U18s and told to train more effectively. Somehow I did obviously as I was drafted again for the York City game yesterday. The match seemed to go like the New Saints fixture - I was sitting on the bench expecting to sit there for the whole game. But suddenly, around the 60th minute, the gaffer waved at me and told me to warm up. I was taken by surprise but jumped up like a flash and warmed up for a few minutes along the sideline. Then it was my time: I came on and 20 seconds later I was in the box, converting a cross by Corey O´Keeffe. I scored! In my first senior match for Mansfield! And it even was the winning goal! The rest of the game was like a dream and it was over far too quickly. The gaffer shook my hand after the game and said "Good game, boy!". Wow. The cross comes in... I lose my marker... I head the ball... ...and score!
  4. June 1st, 2020 Dear Diary, I´m so excited! Today training began at my new academy. Liam Hearn, the U18 manager of Mansfield, welcomed us on the pitch and shook the hand of each player. We then proceeded to do some light exercises and after 2 hours it was already over. So this is pro football? I asked one of my giggling team mates. They stopped giggling and said in a serious voice: "Just wait and see." I just shrugged. Liam Hearn, Mansfield U18 manager August 21st, 2020 And how right they were! The following days and weeks were packed with heavy work. But somehow I must have made an impression on the gaffer and his U18 staff and then, one day in August, after some weeks filled with sweat, an unfamiliar face appeared at the training ground. But as I looked closer I saw that it was the manager of Mansfield FC, Nigel Clough! I wondered why he was there and was thinking about who of the other lads he was taking a look at. Then, after training, Mr. Hearn stopped me in front of the dressing room and took me aside. "The gaffer wants to see you in the senior team". I giggled. But then I realised he wasn´t joking. And so there I was the next day, among the first team: Ollie Clarke, George Lapslie, Oliver Sarkic, Ryan Sweeney and all the other players I only knew from the papers or from a safe distance. But the lads were nice and welcomed me very friendly. After some light training it was already over. The manager took me aside and said: "You will be on the bench tomorrow against The New Saints". My heart stopped for a second. I would be having my debut for the Mansfield FIRST TEAM tomorrow, just a few days after my 16th birthday! It was hard to believe! When I was lying in bed at home, I was already seeing the newspaper headlines: "Youngster stuns The New Saints", "The Mansfield Wonderkid" or "TNS slaughtered by baby striker". Oh well... The Mansfield Manager
  5. When I was young, one of my most intensive memories when it comes to playing computer games was playing the old Football Manager by Kevin Toms around 1985 on my Commodore 64 for the first time. I was instantly hypnotized by the possibility to lead a football club to glory. I spent so many hours on this game that one day my parents locked up my Commodore in the closet to get me to concentrate on school. From then on, I was enchanted by this genre and played almost every football managing game that came out in the following decade. Then one day, around 1992, I saw a review of "Championship Manager" in CU Amiga magazine. The reviewer was not too excited by the game but nevertheless gave it around 75% or something. Back then it was not easy to purchase computer games from a small publisher (it was Domark back then) abroad. There was no way of getting the game at that moment and so I forgot about it for some time. Then some months later, I was browsing the new imports in my local PC games store and there it was: Championship Manager. History would repeat itself from now on as my parents got annoyed that I was playing football manager game 24/7 again and again neglecting my university studies. One year later Championship Manager 93 arrived, this time it came with real teams and players, and I purchased it directly from my PC games store. That summer I began a save with Aston Villa and managed to build a decent squad, regularly finishing in the top 5. But I needed a good striker as we were not scoring a lot. Somehow I spotted a regen named "Wayne Carey" at Mansfield FC, who was 18 years old at that time. He was not expensive and I did not really expect much from him but then he exploded. He went on the become the clubs topscorer for the next 5 years, helping us to the double and european glory. Then out of the blub, West Ham snatched him from us as I forgot to prolong his contract. There, he went on to score and score and help them to become champions of England (they succeeded us!) I made it my mission to bring him back and tried for 3 years to persuade him which finally happened. Back he was and he did what he could do best: Score. He retired at the age of 33, far to early if you ask me. Wayne Carey. A CM Legend for me. Now for a completely different "Career Update" save. I re-created a 15 year old striker named Wayne Carey at Mansfield FC and we will follow his career. I will stay unemployed so I can report Wayne Careys road to glory (or not). This will all be in a Diary format.
  6. Maybe they had no players on the bench?
  7. Key will be keeping hold of Thomas Eisebutangen...
  8. Time to play with a team from Serie A, Empoli for who I got a soft spot
  9. FirstI wanted them to hoof the ball forward whenever possible (as they were technically so weak) so my quick attacking players could pick up the ball (if they got it) Then I employed "play out of defence" to try if it works and it somehow did so it stayed like that
  10. Now this is the end. Promise. There´s no fun anymore in this save. Thank you all again for reading and contributing to this admittedly rather boring career update...
  11. Wait... Beck and Sliskovic BOTH scored 19 goals each? Now thats some efficiency up front there Keep it up!
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