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  1. Season 2018/2019 December 2018 Matchday 15 Our form is formidable. Dijon mustard all forces but to no avail. Matchday 16 A great match for the neutral spectator. Lots of goals, lots of chances, lots of misses. And in the end Toulouse wins. Matchday 17 Wow, OL is coming to town. And they are leaving with a defeat. We played to our strenghts, which are pace and stamina. Lyon just couldn´t cope. And our defence was rock solid again, too. A very important win against the team chasing us. Matchday 18 When the red card for Caen came, the match was already decided. We added some more goals after that, though. Coupe de la Ligue 4rd round Cup games are Jimmy Durmaz games and he again shows it. Matchday 19 They bored us to death until the 89th minute. Then we scored. And we thought we had won the game. Then Lille scored. And they thought they had won the game. A draw, nothing to see here. Ligue 1 Table Half time and we are 2nd. We continue to impress. And PSG is still PSG. Fixtures recap Cup Draws Monaco next in the Coupe de la Ligue. At least its at home. An amateur club in the Coupe de France.
  2. Season 2018/2019 November 2018 Matchday 12 I don´t know how this match would have ended if they did not receive the red card. Before that it was an even game, Strasbourg had the better chances. But then Carole went crazy, got sent off and we scored shortly after that. Matchday 13 We survived the early scare. In the dressing room at half time I reminded the lads that we got nothing to lose this season and to just go out and play football. Then we scored 2 goals and won the game. Matchday 14 Finally it happened. Well, I didn´t expect us to even get a point in le Parc des Princes. We had no chance at all. Near the end they tired us out and we collected some more yellows. Glad no one was sent off. Ligue 1 Table Despite our first loss we are still securely in 2nd place. Fixtures recap News The board was very eager to offer me a new contract this early. Of course i agreed.
  3. Season 2018/2019 October 2018 Matchday 9 A real fight against a strong Nice team. They tried to hack us down but we prevailed at the end. A very nice win. Matchday 10 Nantes are bottom of the league, but those matches are the most dangerous. In the end concentration was key and we went home victorious. Matchday 11 We have to thank our defence this time. Montpellier were very close to scoring in the first minutes, but we were able to weather that storm. In the end Max Gradel sealed it. Coupe de la Ligue 3rd round Jimmy Durmaz isn´t getting many games in the league at the moment, so I gave him a start in the cup. And he paid back brilliantly. Ok, Lorient are only Ligue 2, but we controlled the game from the first minute and it was lovely to watch. Ligue 1 Table Our run goes on. Unbelievable. Who would have thought of this before the season? Fixtures recap Cup Draw The next round in the Coupe de la Ligue will be way tougher. News Our scouts found a potential gem in Africa. He will join next season. This guy is only 17 years old and his attributes look great already.
  4. Hi, I just cant get it to work in any skin yet! In FM18 it worked without issues. Where does the "citypics" folder have to go so that the pics are displayed in game (in skins that support them of course)?
  5. I don´t use them, but I dont consider it as cheating either. Everyone can play the way he/she likes.
  6. Season 2018/2019 September 2018 Matchday 4 Ok, Guingamp are not one of the contenders, but scoring 5 away is quite something. The match was over at half time already. Matchday 5 Pure Magic. I still don´t believe it was that easy against them. Again, it was over at half time. Matchday 6 Well it HAD to happen some time and I am glad it did so we come back to earth finally. But it didn´t have to happen against minnows Angers... Matchday 7 We are back to our winning ways against a weak St. Etienne team, and it was a weak match as well. Honestly, they didn´t do much and we scored when we had the opportunity. Which was 2 times in the match. Matchday 8 Our counter attacking game paid off in the end. Rennes could only score 2 consolation goals when we relaxed after our third goal and so we got another victory. Ligue 1 Table We are still up there! This season starts off like a miracle. Fixtures recap Cup Draw We will play 2nd division Lorient in the Coupe de la ligue 3rd round. News I still hope we can bring him back to the club one day...
  7. Season 2018/2019 August 2018 Pre-Season Friendlies Well I did not expect us to win every game but we did. Ok, it was mostly minor opposition but beating Dynamo Kiev should count as something. All in all, it was a perfect pre-season result-wise. Let´s hope to carry that form into the new season. Matchday 1 What is going on here? We played a perfect match, OM were abysmal, but still... 4-0 is a message! Gradel showed his class and the OM defence just couldnt cope with him. In the end it´s a fantastic start into the season for us. Matchday 2 Another great performance against a team that is expected to finish higher than us. An early goal and a late goal seal our deserved victory. And more importantly, it was the Garonne Derby. Our fans are more than happy about that! Matchday 3 We had to work hard to secure this victory at home. Nimes were tough but shortly before the break we scored the only goal. Ligue 1 Table We´re up there with the big boys! A great and unexpected start to the season sees us occupying 3rd place after 3 games. Fixtures recap
  8. Season 2018/2019 First Team Squad Goalkeepers There´s no big competition here. Reynet is our number one. Goikochea will get some cup games. Vidal is the backup of the backup. Defenders Julien is our leader here. He will organize our defence. Shoji will most probably feature beside him. Sylla and Moubandje will fight for the left defender spot, while Moreira has no big competition in Amian on the right, because the latter is more a central defender. Midfielders We got a lot of options in midfield. Gradel is one of the top wing men, but also Durmaz, Dossevi and Mubele will have a say. Englishman Bostock will likely be one of the central midfielders to feature, with Sangaré and Cahuzac beside him. Youngsters Zobo and Taoui are there to learn from the seniors. Strikers Jean will start the season as striker number one. Sanogo and Iseka can replace him if necessary. Key Players We have a solid goalkeeper who can read the game as well. The tower in our defence. He might not be the quickest, but he is a man mountain. And he is our captain. Our flash on the wing. Once he accelerates, few can keep up with him. Tactics We aim to counter, with the wings supporting the lone striker up front.
  9. Good luck with that (humms the Abba song..)
  10. We are in beautiful France. Toulouse in the south-west of the country. Joe Baxter, the south-african Football Manager is going to take over the helm at local club Toulouse FC. The club has won exactly ZERO trophies since it has been founded (Ok, the french 2nd division was one 2 times, but does that count as silverware?) This is reflected in the pre-season odds. The board is aware of that and expects the club to battle bravely against relegation. Sounds managable. But here comes the twist:
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