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  1. Hello Again Europe! RESULTS A lot of draws in February. And only one win in the league. Hertha knocks us out of the DFB Pokal as we fail to defeat them TWICE this month. But we are suddenly back in Europe! And what a comeback that is - we trash poor underdogs Sarajevo 6-1 but they manage to grab a credible draw in the 2nd leg. Hats off to them! Next we will face Olympiakos. BUNDESLIGA Bayern & RBL pull away as we fail to keep up.
  2. Happy New Year RESULTS 2 wins : One against a very good team and one against a very weak team. Perfect record to start the new year. BUNDESLIGA Closing in on the top teams.
  3. DeJong was crap when he was at Monchengladbach, but apart from that...
  4. Yeah the silver fox did nothing apart from charming the MILFs in the Stadium...
  5. De Roon is my favorite player in the dutch team. So important. Composure, great passing and doing this faultless.
  6. Oops! Looks like we are STILL in europe! Somehow we now play in the Europa Conference League and face FK Sarajevo in the knockout rounds in February! Don´t know how that happened but if thats in the rules I am ok with it
  7. Yeah but I think playing in europe came too early for this team anyway so its not that bad... don´t expect miracles to happen in 1 season here
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