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  1. Then just do not do this. What´s so difficult?
  2. Go to Android -> data -> sportsinteractive.fmt.19 -> files -> installed -> application_support -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 19 Touch -> Caches And delete all the files there Then restart the game, it may take a while, be patient Please note this instruction is for FM19, but I guess it should also work for FM20
  3. Stars don´t mean much in the game. It all depends on your other players ability compared to this kid.
  4. Definately. I will try to find more faces during the save and expand the facepack if possible.
  5. Thanks mate I had to create the facepack myself, as I could not find an Indian facepack... At least there was a kit pack of the I-League available on sortitoutsi!
  6. As the club is backed by the Indian FA, we don´t seem to have financial problems. This save will feature season updates. The aim is to make India great (again?), including taking over the Indian National Team at some time in the future.
  7. Indian Arrows was formed by the Indian FA to give young Indian players regular game time. For more info: Indian Arrows History This is why this special rule is in place at the club: The Club, The seemingly best player.
  8. Thanks mate Reminder for me: Never build a tactic when drunk
  9. Yeah, looks like i got something mixed up here. Started it yesterday morning, went to work and finished it in the evening. Seems I overlooked a lot of issues here, and yes the idea was to play more possession football. Thank you for your input mate
  10. Do you have any tips on how to improve this tactic? I just seem to not score and concede too many.
  11. I still wonder why they changed the newgens from fm13
  12. A facepack of him, you mean like more than 1 picture?
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong thread but is there a TAD skin with city pictures showing in the general club view?
  14. What a question. It shows you played EAs manager before and must learn a lot about how FM works...
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