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  1. And Thats The End Of 2016 We were finally defeated. A rare couple of blackouts in our defence cost us against Eastleigh. We scored in every match, thats a plus, but we also didn´t score more than 2 goals in those games. I don´t know what causes this, as Jon Parkin scores on a pretty consistent basis, even more so Yan Klukowski, but then again not THAT many. As long as we are successful, this is not a great concern, but the moment we are starting to lose, it can become one pretty quickly... Yes, we top the league. Yes, it is looking good for us. And yes, that´s a pretty big margin. Then again, there are still 20 matches to be played. What Is Going On In The Cups? A massive win against League One outfit Walsall! Very lucky I have to say, for those 2 shots where the only ones for us for the whole game, but who cares? We went out in the next round then against Fleetwood in a replay. As we were expected only to reach the first round, this is pretty ok. Klukowski rescues us in the last minute and we will go on to play Braintree in the second round. In Other News Interesting, to say the least...
  2. The First League Matches Of The Season The positives: we have not lost one game yet our defence is rock solid at the moment, we have only conceded 5 goals in 15 games The team has gelled very quickly The negatives: we have drawn too many games which we should have won our attack does not score many goals the football we play is a bit on the boring side A really good start into the season. But it could have been even better! We could have won many more games, if our attack were more clinical. There is a lot of work ahead for us. We Also Played One Cup Game Klukowski scores 4 goals against Grantham and we have qualified for the 1st round of the FA Cup. Next opponent will be League One team Walsall.
  3. This Is Our Team We got two keepers with almost similar ability, but Letheren gets the nod at the moment because he is a bit further in his development than his rival. Simpson has more potential though and will surely get his chances, most likely in the cups. Bullard is too young to feature and is only there to fill up. Our best players here are right full backs: Holmes and Oyebanjo. The latter is injured for some weeks though, so Holmes will start the season. The remaining positions are a bit of a concern though - There are lots of potential, but this has to be proven on the pitch. We had to bolster our central defense, thats why Gjokaj and Burgess were signed. It´s gonna be interesting who will feature in the back four in the end.. Klukowski, Connolly and Glabraith catch the eye here. Those three will be essential in this campaign if they live up to their potential. First team football seems to early for youngster Rzonca, but I will let him prove himself on the pitch. In general, our midfield looks quite decent. Not easy to pick one. Parkin is the bulky target man veteran, Fenwick is more of a poacher and loan player ter Horst is more a winger than a striker. Key Players Lanre Oyebanjo is Irish and should be our first choice right-back when he is not injured. But that´s what he is at the moment and that´s why Danny Holmes will play the first match of the season. Yan Klukowski will be our workhorse in midfield. A hard-working player is always welcome. Scot Aidan Connolly is the man who playes directly behind our striker, almost a false nine. He is quite mature for his age and his duty is to creates chances. Jon Parkin, the veteran striker, is still good enough to score a handful. We got two other strikers who match his ability as a striker maybe, but not as a target man. This Is How We Play Wing play and a lot of counter attacking. Should work in the league we´re in. Seasons Expectations This sounds quite ambitious at first glance. But I think it is doable. Pre-Season Matches What we take from the friendlies is that our defence seems to be rather solid. But the season is yet to start.
  4. New Kid In Town Players We were lacking in central defence and Valentin Gjokaj seems a good choice with already 9 U21 caps under his belt. He was unattached and comes for free. Ben Burgess, another central defender. He still has to learn a lot, but he´s got a lot of talent as well. Staff Brought in Barry Horne as a DOF and he immediately went to work and signed quite a few new staff members. And he isn´t finished yet I believe!
  5. A New Hope After years of disappointment and constant decline, the York City F.C. directors are looking to turn things around. I don´t know why they chose me in the first place, but I´m nonetheless delighted to be given that chance. The first things to handle were: meet the chairman - seems a sensible man, had a nice conversation, hoping for a good relationship introduce myself to the staff - very nice guys, veterans whose experience with the club and players will help me a lot talk to the journalists - stated my ambitions with the club (reach the playoffs) and they were satisfied with the answers meet the team - introduced myself, told them we are strong enough to reach the playoffs and they were happy with that Hopefully they won´t get put off by the looks of their new manager. A look at the club´s end-of-season league positions since 1995/96. Things can only get better. The fans expectations are already rising... Let´s prove this guy wrong!
  6. Carambau

    How to Pay Referees?

    Wow. Looks like people are already used to the way football is "being played" in their country,.. https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2013/dec/11/nottingham-forest-anderlecht-match-fixing-scandal-1984 Tell me-why then would you want to play a game where you can actually LOSE?
  7. New York City - If I Can Make It There, I´m Gonna Make It Anywhere Founded in 1922, York City F.C. , nicknamed "The Minstermen", have spent most of the time fluctuating between the 3rd and 4th divisions in England, with the only exception of 2 years in the 2nd division in the mid-seventies. They remained between divisions 3 and 4 for the next decades, but season 2003/2004 brought relegation to the non-league, thus ending 75 years of Football League membership. The stayed outside the Football League until the 2011/2012 season, which became the most successful season up to date: York City won the FA Trophy with a 2-0 victory against Newport County, the first professional cup win in the history of the club and one week later they were promoted to League 2 after a 2-1 win against Luton Town in Wembley. However, the stay did not last long, as the club was relegated to the National League four years later. This is were former South African international Joe Baxter comes in - for the club needs some fresh air and a new approach to get back to its former strengths. This is where it starts. The Minstermen. The Happy Wanderers. The NEW York City.
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    Mod Requests

  9. Go with what you´re most comfortable with. It´s YOUR save If asked personally, I´d like to see also a few non regional players.
  10. Carambau

    The wandering Irish man (FM2019)

    Good luck! Hoping for a good season for the Ramblers
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    Broken Training

    Had no issues in my save so far...(fingers crossed )
  12. Carambau

    Broken Training

    Just leave training to the assistant manager and don´t move clubs in your save. That´s what I did and I got no issues.
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    [Germany] Data Issues

    When they get called up to the u21 squad you can adress this again i suppose
  14. Carambau

    [Germany] Data Issues

    For which reason should they be created? They don´t feature in the main squad at all and only played a few games in the junior leagues.
  15. It is. For it makes the game far too easy for me. But I guess to each his own. This is not for me then sadly, for I like the other improvements.