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  1. The best place to play FM! My 3 main saves in the past 3 versions have been Colombia (20), Chile (19) and Uruguay (18), so I am definitely looking forward to this
  2. Outstanding work, as per usual! What are the aims for the rest of the save? Would be interested to see your approach in developing all players in a country with less footballing pedigree.
  3. Good lord he is incredible! Try and keep him as long as you can, long contracts, automatic extensions etc. He could break all kinds of records!
  4. Really enjoying this save! Inspired me to try something similar, albeit I am in the Portuguese 2nd tier. Managed to pick up Pepe (Perfectionist) and Buffon (Born Leader) though, who will hopefully have some positive affect on my youngsters. How do you set up mentoring? 2 good personalities to one poorer one?
  5. Enjoying this so far, Andrade looks like a star! How does the top league work? I'm assuming more games?
  6. He still looks like he could do a job! You might have mentioned it before and I've missed it, but what are you doing tactically?
  7. As usual, excellent work here. It's amazing how much those facepacks make a difference, the game looks so much better!
  8. Ben in Brazil - all over this! Hope you love South America, I just can't stay away the last 3 years, with my main save being there each year. Very interesting start so far, hopefully you get a few good regens, even with poorer facilities.
  9. Fantastic! What are the plans for the save now? If it were me I would probably lose all motivation, once I've done everything I never really carry on.
  10. Excellent Champions League win! I think in real life you would be the only team to win it without every being champions of their own country.
  11. Tried plugging this into my midtable FC Andorra team, who have a couple of good technical midfielders. Playing some really good football!
  12. I don't think teams can be in both the Libertadores and Sudamericana anymore. Mine was 2 leagues, both with 8 games extra per stage for playoffs, Copa Aguila, Libertadores, Recopa, Club World Cup and the Colombian Supercup. Absolutely mental, even more so in a World Cup year.
  13. Love this idea. Huge follower of the NBA and I've always thought about how a long term save in the USA would work.
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