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  1. Must be something in the water, the only player I ever managed to get to 1000 appearances was a San Marino regen Congratulations!
  2. Solid first season, might be a blessing in disguise to bed in your new youth players before you go up. Planning on this save running through the FM20 release as well?
  3. Some lofty expectations there Good luck, always interesting to see an Asian save.
  4. Interesting, reckon you'll be in the top divisions in a week or so! Was hoping to see another save like your Asian Persuasion save at some point.
  5. Going really well! If I remember correctly I was stuck in that league for about 8 years before I got out, so you're on track to beat me!
  6. Excellent work! How are you looking tactically at the moment? 11 goals from your DM seems very high!
  7. Sure! Here are a few of my top prospects currently at the club: Orejas Gallego Viola Vincent And here are the best I've produced currently at the other clubs: Torres Silva Goncalves
  8. I'm currently doing the same challenge as you, so this is cool to see! I'm currently about 11/12 seasons in, in the Spanish third tier. Interesting to see what kind of youth prospects you get. I've produced a couple who have gone on to play in La Liga, although I never managed to keep any for more than a year.
  9. Very interesting route with your feeder clubs. How do you know of these clubs? Wonder if having the league loaded will have an effect on their efficacy?
  10. Hopefully you can pick up points from the teams around you and survive. How is the national team doing, and how many of your players make up the squad?
  11. Agree with the above, this is very good! I would love to have a go at something like this with FC Andorra but can't find a lower league database for that level, so I'm living vicariously through you
  12. Molinari does look good! Enjoying this, tempted to do a save of my own with bars and no CA/PA.
  13. Like you, I also count Italy as my spiritual FM home. Had 4 or 5 amazing San Marino saves, as well as a 30+ year career with Milano City this year. Should be interesting, I silently followed your last save. Good luck!
  14. I think reputation plays a factor. For example, even in financial ruin the game will probably bail Man United out if they get relegated and give them a takeover. Then because of their reputation they can basically sign their way back to the top. Slowly ruining them could lower their reputation?
  15. I remember someone doing this on another forum years ago, turned out the best method was slow destruction - win enough games to keep your job, but lower expectations every season.
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