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  1. Can't wait to return to the San Marino challenge on FM22. I've been playing this challenge as long as I can remember, only stopping recently due to their demise. My favourite achievements are winning the World Cup on FM16 (I think), and having a striker make 1000 appearances in a later version.
  2. Love a Brazilian save. The only time I've ever managed a 1000 game player was funnily enough in Italy, not Brazil. Out of interest, what is the state with the least amount of games?
  3. Weird, I've been toying with the idea of my final save this year being a Cuban club and country save with a database to mirror the upcoming CONCACAF Champions League format. Do you have the league loaded?
  4. Hopefully this happens, as the immersion thing has stopped me attempting the challenge this year. My best saves have been with San Marino - completed it a few years ago, and a failed challenge saw me have a player with over 1000 apps. Fingers crossed!
  5. Ah that's pretty good then. Last time I tried this a few years ago it was quite strict, but articles online show it changed to 2 players eligible for the national team on the pitch. Should help with progression for sure.
  6. You might have mentioned it before, but what are the foreign player rules in the league?
  7. I was born in and grew up in Boston (unfortunately) so will be following this with interest!
  8. I have a new challenger. My current goalkeeper is young and scoring at a decent rate. He has scored a hat trick already. Profile He is on 34 league goals, 35 for his career (1 for Paraguay).
  9. My keeper is now my club's all time leading league goalscorer He has 11 this season, and our leading scorer for the year as we tend to spread goals around a lot. Probably not a lot of time left as my number one, I have a promising 18 year old not too far off being ready to step up.
  10. Just a heads up, I think you have your prediction and actual finish the wrong way round in your table for 2024.
  11. Really cool idea, and as a huge Rodman fan I am intrigued to see how far you can take this. Good luck!
  12. Just realised you spent a crazy amount in the lower leagues. Are Bari loaded?
  13. Really enjoying this so far. Highly resonates with the way I like to play the game. I see your players are capable of playing more than one position in your systems too - is this something that you utilise? I'm a huge fan of players being able to play more than one position, and it really adds to the "total football" feel.
  14. Can tell the love for the game really shines through in your updates, good to see! I would find it hard to do this style of save, as I have always been very much (like yourself previously) a one club , bottom to top kind of guy. Definitely helps that you're invested in the country itself, as I imagine picking a random country would not have the same allure to you.
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