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  1. I have a new challenger. My current goalkeeper is young and scoring at a decent rate. He has scored a hat trick already. Profile He is on 34 league goals, 35 for his career (1 for Paraguay).
  2. My keeper is now my club's all time leading league goalscorer He has 11 this season, and our leading scorer for the year as we tend to spread goals around a lot. Probably not a lot of time left as my number one, I have a promising 18 year old not too far off being ready to step up.
  3. Just a heads up, I think you have your prediction and actual finish the wrong way round in your table for 2024.
  4. Really cool idea, and as a huge Rodman fan I am intrigued to see how far you can take this. Good luck!
  5. Just realised you spent a crazy amount in the lower leagues. Are Bari loaded?
  6. Really enjoying this so far. Highly resonates with the way I like to play the game. I see your players are capable of playing more than one position in your systems too - is this something that you utilise? I'm a huge fan of players being able to play more than one position, and it really adds to the "total football" feel.
  7. Can tell the love for the game really shines through in your updates, good to see! I would find it hard to do this style of save, as I have always been very much (like yourself previously) a one club , bottom to top kind of guy. Definitely helps that you're invested in the country itself, as I imagine picking a random country would not have the same allure to you.
  8. Good move to Luzern. Think this is really a club you could stick with for a while and really set them up to be a challenger at the top. Interesting move for Henry there - hopefully it doesn't stifle his development in the coming years.
  9. Thanks! As luck would have it, he got injured in his next game so missed the next 3, then hasn't scored in 2 since he's been back.
  10. Thought I would get a post in here. Playing in the Paraguayan 2nd tier. My GK just scored a hat trick of free kicks for his first career hat trick. He is also league top scorer after 11 games. Profile link. Top scorer.
  11. Goes without saying, but enjoying this so far and interested to see where it will go in the future. Do you see yourself at one of the top Swiss clubs, or working your way to a middling top division club and push them into that upper echelon of clubs?
  12. Mewies certainly looks very good! I like training my full backs/wing backs into CM for flexibility - is that something you would consider here? Just thinking as he might not be super quick for a full/wing back, but in midfield getting pace and acceleration up to the 11/12 is more than serviceable.
  13. Fascinating stuff, as always! Have to admit, seeing you try this approach somewhere with a lower youth rating would be enticing though. I know you like getting more out of lower ability players. Maybe for your second long term save of the game cycle? Obviously a lot more work to be done here though!
  14. Been a silent follower of this, just jumping in to say you're doing excellently. I agree with you on the Premier League. I hate playing in it, much rather a league where I have to find the "right" signing for my budget, rather than sign a dud and not worry about it because I know I'm getting another £100million anyway.
  15. Been a big fan of your saves for a while now! Would love to see some screens of your players and tactics?
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