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  1. What are your Team-instructions? And do you have any player instructions? It may help to find a solution.
  2. FM17 Help me make Conte's Chelsea 3-4-3

    Team instructions/Player instructions?
  3. Go for it I would say! Right now not much is working for me either
  4. Woking 451

    Don't you have anything for us to try out? I used your FM16 tactics a lot last year and they were great. Really looking forward to get some good results again as I fail to do so at this moment (and I'm sure I'm not the only one :D)
  5. FM16: Manchester United Back in Europe

    Great results! What tactic are you playing?
  6. Can you share so we can try it out too? Looks good with these results!
  7. Oxford diamond

    Is this your new tactic?