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  1. How’s everyone finding the new ME changes? Are the strikers preforming better?
  2. Well I’m looking at this for the squad for the first season then add regens as they come into the club. Gk - De Gea/Romero (Henderson when he returns and then sell Romero) RB - Dalot/Herrera (Great stars for the position)/Laird CB - Bailly, Lindelöf/Smalling, Jones with Tuanzabe, Bejger, O’Conner LB - Shaw and I’m not sure yet CM - Pogba, Matic / Fred, Periera with Garner, Puigmal and maybe Traoue AMR - Lingard / Gomes AML - Martial / Chong ST - Lukaku, Rashford / Beechey, Greenwood, Birkart
  3. So after getting most of the way through the 3rd season on my United save I’ve hit a bit of a wall where I kinda want to carry on purely to see how my regen Ben Beechley (screenshot found earlier in the thread) grows but unfortunately it’s not enough to make me continue our right as I feel that I’ve brought in too many players to give him a proper run at the team. so instead I’m going to start a new save but I’m going to add Ben to the database as he appears in the screenshot. As part of this new save I will be relying only on players from my youth team and youth intakes so I will be making no transfers into the club except staff. This way I can use the youth players properly and enjoy the save better
  4. It your after a decent 442 tactic I’ve been using th Knap Beowulf 424 and it’s been brilliant for me. won the club World Cup final against River Plate 15-0
  5. What the hell tactics are you all using cause I’m doing ok on my save but drawing way too many games and find that in the draws my players do almost nothing
  6. To be fair I did win the champions league just before he changed to wanting to stay at the club
  7. He asked to leave in my save after PSG bud for him and I refused. gave it a few months as he’d already signed a new contract at the start of the save and he was happy again
  8. Cheers, trying to find some good basic back up tactics to compliment my main one. how do you find the front 4 play in your 4-2-3-1 as when I’ve used it only one of the 4 will ever play well at a time
  9. For the end of my second season I’ve changed to a 433 with a DLPs in the dm strata and 2 cm and it’s been working a treat. since signing Kane to replace Lukaku he’s got 12 goals in 13 apps
  10. Dammm!!! That’s some kid you got there, I’d have him as rotation for like a season or two, give him like 10-15 of the easier league games and the smaller cup games then at 17 he’d be my number one
  11. That lad is a beast!! well I finished my second season with only 2 losses in the league. 1 to Wedt Ham at the end of February and 1 to Tottenham on the last day of the season to a 93rd minute header which also gave Tottenham the title. Got revenge 2 weeks later when I beat them in the CL final. Also took him the Carabao and FA cups (beat city on pens in the FA cup final) now I’ve been called petty before on FM, most notably when as Spain manager last year I dropped Sergio Ramos and never picked him again after he kept trying to convince Pogba to leave for Madrid but this year I’ve gone one better. Since Tottenham beat me to the league I sold Lukaku to Madrid and brought Kane for a total of £320m, didn’t need him as Lukaku was Europe’s top goalscorer in the second season but sod em
  12. well I had a period of getting the striker to score but the AMC was doing bugger all. Changed the AMC role and the striker became invisible. IF on the left can either pop up with a match winner or be a useful as a condom machine in the Vatican. Winger puts crosses in but they tend to be easily cleared or missed from 6 yards out
  13. Has anyone got the front 4 in a 4-2-3-1 to work properly yet? I keep having periods where one position will play well but the other 3 are absolutely useless
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