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  1. To be fair that’s how football works and it’s been in the game as long as I can remember. I had a fantastic save on FM12 with Cork City, got them to a point where we were getting to the group stages of the Champions league every season and raking in the money (well by Cork’s standards). anyway during the save I managed to get an amazing regen that was released by a Czech club on a free transfer and upon signing his value went to around £2.6m, after a great season he ended up being valued at around £8m and had clubs interested in him so I set a transfer fee of £15m. Chelsea made an offer of £5m and the board sold him. i wasn’t happy but £5m was by far the biggest transfer fee the club had ever received and it doubled the club finances. End of the day the board will decide to sell if they think it’s the best thing for the club, the only issue I have with the system is that I’ve never seen it happen the other way round. I’ve never offered say £1m for a 15 year old that’s valued at like £90k and have the board of their club overriding the manager
  2. Aren’t penalties also effected by some of the Hidden Attributes and personalities stuff as well like pressure and “big game player” type things?
  3. Aren’t the players your looking at getting through the youth intake now pre set when you receive your mail item about what type of players you’ve got coming through a few months before the intake happens?
  4. That is a very good point, once I can get The ST as my main goal threat then I’ll be happy I think, got 2 other tactics for stubborn defences and maintaining a lead so I’m getting to a point where I’m happy. The tactic (as far as my tactical knowledge in game) is concerned is nearly how I want it, I’m gonna try with a winger on the right again as I like having the 2 flanks doing something different and see how it works out.
  5. if clubs are offering multiple times for the same player with a terrible off then clearly they’re trying to unsettle him. either way just set you transfer settings for each player. ones you want to sell set as “accept equivalent or higher offers” which I believe is based on an asking price you set and all the ones you want to keep just set as “reject all offers” simple no need to worry then
  6. I can definitely understand the frustration but at the same time your saying that setting a price for a player doesn’t act as a deterrent for the AI but in all honesty would that deter you? I mean if there is a player I really really want I’m not fused about breaking the bank but if it’s a good rotation option or future star and the club has a price of say £40m you can bet your ass I’m gonna try get him for around £30m
  7. One thing you can do is give Sanchez a new contract. sounds stupid but I did it halfway through the first season whilst he was still at Inter and dropped his wages from £400k a week to £215k a week, isn’t off the wage budget but it nearly £200k back into the budget. Also I’m trying to create a 4-2-3-1 but not getting the success I would desire, basically want to retain possession and look for opening when possible but also have quick counters when I win the ball back but I don’t want to play a gegenpress
  8. Well I’ve had 3/4 games of the tactic with the suggestions you made @Experienced Defender And one thing I’ve noticed is that I had to basically change to a gegenpress to get the team to look threatening. Had quite a few chances but nothing worth talking about with changing to the gegenpress style setting of maxed LoD and LoE, counter and counter press plus maxed pressing. I hope that isn’t a sign that gegenpress is massively OP’d
  9. Oh ok then Neil, sorry if I’ve made anything more difficult by adding a different issue to this one
  10. I have, in my 4-1-2-3 I have him playing along side Pogba as DLPs and APa and it’s worked well for me
  11. I have a 4-1-2-3 as my second formation which I’ve been using but I want to be using Maddison and Gomes (in the future) as AM players. I did have a game toward the end of November in the first season where Maddison dominated as an AMa where he got a hat trick and an assist which could have been 2 assists if it wasn’t for VAR and possibly more if Haaland didn’t miss a few 1v1s
  12. Once I get a 4-2-3-1 working I’m gonna make a 4-4-2/4-2-4 working as my more attacking secondary formation for when I need to get back into a game or if the opposition are difficult to breakdown with the 4-2-3-1
  13. No worries if it helps with improving this formation I’ll give you as much information as I can. i would like to make the ST the focal point of the attack as much as possible, I’m old school in the sense that I want my ST topping as may of the high scorers lists as possible, plus every year I try and get a striker to beat the top goal scorer in the United records
  14. Martial is being used on rotation with Rashford for the left flank (I want Haaland and Greenwood as my ST), James is on the right flank with Sancho. Lingard has just been sold and I sold Matic in the first window, I tent not to keep players in their 30s. My main transfer aims are Florentino Luis was to be rotating with McTominay and then I want another AP type player to be rotating with Pogba next season. Maddison with have cover with Gomes and I want to try Ching out as cover for James and Sancho
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