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  1. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    I think I got him for like £78m but that was about £40m up front plus add ons, I’m able to get to my laptop at the moment but when I can I’ll let you know how much I got him for and the exact deal
  2. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    I did think about that but then I decided on Chiesa in case Chong or Gomes (I’m using both as back ups on either flank) get any serious issues that limit their growth. An older player is only a stop gap where as having Chiesa, Ching and Gomes gets me set for at least 10 seasons
  3. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Chiesa is an odd one in front of goal. In my beta save he was my top goal scorer during preseason with 8 goals in 5 matches and then I think he had like 7/8 during the season. Only just started my main save and he didn’t score in preseason but in my first 6 games I believe he has 2 goals and 6 assists in all comps
  4. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Chiesa is doing well for my Utd team in my save, I sold off Lingard to Arsenal for £50m so I can have Chiesa as my AMR winger and then it planning on using Angel Gones as his back up
  5. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Well that’s a very nice present to get in your youth intake, plus he’s a natural left footed winger. He’d be great in my tactic
  6. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    Check the offers from other clubs first before you judge. I only say this because in my save I was offering £28m for De Ligt and Ajax rejected but then I eventually agreed for £32m I believe and then I got a message saying Chelsea had a bid of £20m accepted. Wasn’t until I checked that they’d offered £20m up front and another £20m in add ons
  7. Zeonflux

    [FM19] Manchester United

    After having to restart my United save the other day after not realising the Ed Woodward was in charge of the contract negotiations and him failing to agree a deal with De Ligt. After restarting I’ve brought in De Ligt and De Jong from Ajax, Tierney from Celtic and Chiesa from Fiorentina. On the way out so far has been Lingard to Arsenal for £50m and Darmian to China for £8.5m, also looking to get rid of Smalling, Rojo, Romero, Young, Fellaini and maybe Mata Looking to play a Wide Play 4-4-2 with the winger in the AM strata as my main formation. GK - De Gea / Grant RB - Herrera / Dalot CB - Lindlof, De Ligt / Bailly, Jones LB - Shaw / Tierney CM - Matic, Fred / Pogba, De Jong AMR - Chiesa / Gomes AML - Martial / Chong CF - Sanchez, Rashford / Lukaku, Greenwood Thats roughly gonna be the first team with McTominay, Gribbin, Laird and maybe one or two other youth players as well for cup games and obviously any of the players I don’t manage to sell. Only other possible addition might be Kliuvert to play on the right with Chiesa but I’m thinking of sticking with Gomes and Chong as my back ups
  8. Think of the beta as preseason so gontracksuit then the full Southgate on the 2nd November
  9. Gotta say, what a thread this is in about 29 hours there’s been nearly 50,000 views and 1500 replies. top work people
  10. I wonder how quickly this thread is gonna go dead after everyone’s downloaded the beta?
  11. I reckon we got about 20 minutes till the bomb drops. im thinking 5pm release
  12. Ok people before the beta drops please take few minutes whilst it downloads to memorise the faces of your loved ones as you may not see them again for some time
  13. Miles has tweeted about the oasis tweet from the Fm Twitter feed
  14. A tweet of Oasis lyrics contain references to Today being the day... .....SI Team you naughty little minx’