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  1. I just find it odd how the game randomly assigns a side. I’ve got a CB the was retrained after he came through a youth intake as a pure RB. Anyways he’s now my 3rd choice CB but when played there he prefers to be on the left of a 2 man defence for some reason. On the whole I imagine it’s possibly some sort of ‘proof of concept’ by SI to improve realism, like how Terry always played on the left, Ferdinand on the right in whichever defence they were part of, or how Pogba is well known for being played on the left for both club and country
  2. No really a list of specific players but just set your player search to look for free players and then search for players with x amount of international caps, then check them out to see if attribute wise they’re good enough to join you
  3. 3 games into my 5th season and my gamble on letting Frenkie De Jong and Pogba go has so far paid off. We’ve won all 3 games scoring 13 and conceding 3. Garner, Florentino Luis and Bellingham are doing very nicely as my starting midfield 3 (Bruno is injured for 2-3 months) and Marcus, Haaland and Greenwood are all in the goals with Haaland join top scorer in the league with Liverpool’s Mbappe. We also won the Charity Shield coming from behind to beat 2-1 league favourites Liverpool 3-2.
  4. Well my 4th season is complete and we won the carabao cup, FA Cup and the league winning 33, drawing 4 and losing once to Southampton of all teams. I was debating which players to trim from the squad as I want to give more game time to Bellingham, Hannibal and Garner but I have, Florentino Luis, Frenkie De Jong, Pogba and Bruno all ahead of them. De Jong spent the majority of the season wanting to leave for one reason or another and after several meetings with him and nothing changing, plus his terrible performances in training over several months it was almost a god send when PSG offered £100m+ for him and so that was accepted and he left. Pogba only played 8 league games last season due to injury and the form of De Jong and Garner and with him going into the last year of his contract in the next season he soon followed De Jong to PSG off a little over £50m. This frees up my DLP spot for Garner to make his own, he’s done well every time he’s played for me and Spurs came sniffing with an offer of £74m that was immediately rejected. Bellingham is gonna be rotating with both Sancho at AMR and Bruno at AMC this season and then Bruno shall be moving on to new pastures as he turns 31 this coming season
  5. So another Youth Intake has come and gone and again the only player worth signing is a defender. This years lucky kid is Gary McDonnell who is a RB and unlike Hubbard i will actually be keeping him there. Overall he doesn't look bad for a 16 year old and he has an overall potential of 4 gold and 5 black stars so he could potentially be my first choice RB for quiet some time
  6. Season 4 is now coming towards March and I’m either 3 points clear of Liverpool with a game in hand or 6 points clear. (Can’t remember if I played the game in hand or not before I finished playing yesterday) ive lost 3 times all season being community shield, super cup and my final CL group game and I’ve had 2 draws in the league. I also managed to get the Norway job after the 2022 World Cup finished which I’m looking forward to what with them having Haaland, Odegaard and Berge as a strong core of players that all fit into the tactics I use. So far this season couldn’t have gone any better, Hubbard is pushing for the first team and Weaver (a regen GK I nabbed from Arsenal a few days after and intake) is now my Second choice keeper and has had some great displays for me and De Gea has been back to his best as we were on a run of 10+ games without conceding and we have the lowest goals against and Haaland is doing his thing which sees us as the top goalscorers as well. All I need now is for Hereford FC to make sure they don’t get relegated before the National League North/South become available and it’ll be a perfect season. On a brief side note we beat City in the Carabao cup final to make it 4/4 wins since the save began and means were unbeaten in that competition since the save began as well
  7. Hmm not sure on that one then, I know on older versions it was a thing that if you went too long without getting a job it basically made it easier to get one by apparently changing reputation behind the scenes but not sure on newer games
  8. Also being an international manager as well as a lower league manager will stop me from having to holiday through the international breaks all the time. well that is odd, how long were you unemployed for?
  9. Yeah it’s gonna be a long save for sure. But the idea is to combine my 2 yearly saves into one rather than jumping between the two and getting nowhere with either. ah I didn’t think of that. Think there’s 2 weeks left so I’ll organise some friendlies and get them all playing
  10. So I’ve currently hit the World Cup 2022 and the seasons stopped to accommodate obviously and I must say I couldn’t be happier we’re undefeated in the league with 12 wins and a draw and we have a nice 6 point lead over Liverpool. The medical department must have put Haaland on steroids during his recovery from injury over the summer as since he’s come back he’s got 13 goals in 7 games and is on fire. On a side note this is normally around the time in the save where I’m happy with my tactics so I end up starting a new save with my hometown club and all my goals for this save goes out of the window, this year I’m gonna avoid that by combining the 2. Basically I’ve added down to the National League North/South and when they become active at the end of the season I shall be adding a second manager to take over the mighty Hereford FC and will be aiming to lead them to PL and CL glory. There will be some restrictions in place with this, I will allow some of my U18s and U23s to go on loan to Hereford once active but only 2 a season and that’s if they choose to go but other than that all potential transfers there must be legit. So if I have a player with a value of £2m then then I have to pay £2m to get him. This way I get the best of both, I continue my united save and I can play as Hereford without having to choose between one or the other. Oh I’m also hoping to get an international job to run along side being United boss
  11. Season 4 continues to go well I’m undefeated in all comps so far (bar the Community shield and the super cup) winning my first 3 CL group games and winning all bar one league game which was a draw. For the first time in the save I’ve been top of the league for more than one match and Haaland has come back from injury in fine form with 8 goals in 6 matches. Hubbard his really knocking on the door for a starting position with only his pace and his acceleration stopping me from dropping him in along side De Ligt. Still having trouble with the AML and the AMR but I’m currently switching between a 4-2-3-1 and a 4-3-1-2 (wide) so the goals are still flowing due to the opposition not knowing which formation we’re going to use. Also we beat Liverpool for the first time in the league with a 4-1 drumming and even with Mpabbe, Salah, Mane, Fermino, Tonoli, VVD and Upamencano. This could be the year boys that we finally wrestle the League back to Old Trafford and start an era of domination!
  12. As the title suggests I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a transfer update to the 2019/2020 season for FM17
  13. Regarding your non existent CB months ago I read that players could be poached by other teams before your intake day but the game should tell you it happened. if it does happen it should be in the players history that your one of his former clubs without you ever getting him. having said that I saw this before the winter patch so it might have been removed
  14. Mixed start to the 4 season. Im 3 for 3 in the league beating Bournemouth, Tottenham and Chelsea but lost to Liverpool and Juventus in the Charity shield and the super cup. I fell that both of those were winnable, we were Liverpool’s equal but lost to a 89th minute Origi 30 yarder and we had better and more chances than Juventus but couldn’t put them away, having said that both Haaland and Greenwood are out injured so we’re suffering up front as we only have Martial to play up front (I still have Rashford but he’s not delivered up top and martial currently has 8 in 6 only failing to score against Liverpool.
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