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  1. Well it’s been a while since I last updated but I was able to get my Hereford team promoted to the National League at the second attempt and then took 2 cracks at the playoffs to get promoted to League 2. Currently nearing April of my first season in League 2 and we’ve already secured promotion to League 1 with Liam Cullen and a Regen called Nathan Dent leading the charge with 28 and 32 league goals and 40 and 39 goals overall respectively.
  2. Well due to currently being at work and also in the process of doing a computer course I don’t have any screenshots to post but I will give a quick run down of my second season with Hereford FC. Right so after the disappointment of losing in the play offs last season and with some shrewd reinforcements during the preseason we were initially made favourites to win the league (we were replaced by York as favourites at around Christmas). We started the season ok with a couple of wins, some draws and 2 losses but after slightly tweaking our tactic we went on a 27 game unbeaten run in the
  3. Hey all, Not sure if this is a known bug or not but here goes. So i play FM21 on Windowed mode with scaling set to 85%. Now the issue is that every time i close the game down and then start up another session the game automatically starts up in full screen mode with regular scaling. If anyone knows a way i can ge the game to keep my Viewing mode settings that would be great as its not really a problem but it is annoying to have to redo the viewing settings every time i play the game.
  4. Cheers fellas. Its been a nice change of pace I normally do a year long save with Man Utd as whenever I try a lower league save I can’t get any tactics to work and then I quit the save within a month or 2 but I’ve been really enjoying this one. Gateshead ran away with the league but I was more than happy with getting into the playoff especially as the board weren’t wanting me to be doing that well until the 23/24 season
  5. I hope no one minds but I thought I’d share how my first season with my hometown Hereford FC went (even though they are in the National League North) Well after a bit of a mixed start to the season I managed to get them to a 5th place finish and got to the Play offs but lost in the first play off game to York FC. Overall I’m pretty happy with how the season went, brought in a couple of players that really helped us push on after a so-so start to the season. I brought in Sam Ackeroyd to be my main striker and he did the business with 32 goals for the season as well as Jake Kenyon who
  6. Hey all, I’ve never really be one for lower league but I thought for FM21 I’d play as my hometown team of Hereford FC. Now the issue really is that I cannot get anything to work tactically in the Vanarama North. 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 DM, control/counter, positive/cautious. Nothing seems to work all that really seems to happen is 1. I get battered for 90 minutes and lose 3-0 or I dominate for 90 minutes and lose to 1 half attempt by the opposition team or they get a draw in the last 10 minutes. Does anyone have any advice on how to actually get a team to play in the lower le
  7. Haaland was £30m upfront then between £50-£60m in instalments and 50% of profit from selling him on. Sancho was £37m upfront then like £70m in instalments and 50% of profit from sell on again
  8. Well it was a moot point, loaded up a new game and McNeil was a 4 star potential so just stuck with that. Brought in Haaland and Sancho and preseason has been a doddle. Ive had injuries to Maguire and Axel and Mengi is out on loan so McTominay is currently and auxiliary CB, might train him as one as he’s done well there
  9. Well I’m not gonna use the editor as I don’t want to physically change anything I just want to re-roll the potential of 2 players, and I’m not looking for them to have specific attributes just the potential.
  10. I’ve been thinking of a 4-4-2 as a secondary tactic but I’ll probably have it asymmetrical with the left winger in the AML as an IW and then the right as a straight up W
  11. Ah well I’ll give it 3 goes and use the best one as my save. I wanna use them as when I was younger I’d alway just buy players and would kinda neglect the youth players unless they were proper wonder kid new gens but as I’ve got older I enjoy using the players that start at the club. Shoretire looks great and I want to use Hugil and McNeil as my youth prospect strikers. Probably gonna start a new save and bring in Haaland and Sancho then get rid of the usual suspects and Martial if I’m honest
  12. Yeah I know it’s gonna be a bugger and I’m not looking for them to be perfect but some thing like 3 1/2 or above star potential would do
  13. Well with the release of the full game I shall be starting a proper United save mainly because I only ran a small database and England loaded in the beta so there’s not a great deal of top quality staff knocking about but also because I screwed my beta save by trying to move on players that I ended up relying on such as lindelof (relegated him to the reserves to get Axel and Mengi in the squad and it just didn’t work). Question is it considered bad/cheating/against the spirit of the game if I keep starting new games until Joe Hugil and Charlie McNeil get decent potential (due to them havi
  14. Anyone else notice that United start with no Affiliated clubs
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