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  1. I spent around £150m on Dybala on an early save of FM19. I didn’t actually need him as I was using youth players and a couple of wonderkids thats I brought doing well for me but City were trying to sign him and I didn’t want my rivals improving their squad to challenge my 3rd straight title attempt with United. Also I must add that I had been looking at signing Dybala originally at the end of the first season but with Gomes and Chong in the squad I wanted to give them a chance. End of the second season I nearly went for him again but chose not to again due to having Gomes and Ching as well as some wonderkids. I only got him in January of the 3rd season due to City having an offer accepted
  2. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of him anymore as it was on an old laptop but I had an absolute beast of a CB on FM11. he was labelled as the next Franco Baresi, 6ft8” Strength, jumping, heading and marking all 20. Tackling 19 and then pace and acceleration of around15/16 and passing of 15 with 15+ for positioning, decisions and anticipation. I only had him for 2 seasons before my laptop died but he scores over 20 goals in that time, I’d just aim my corners for the back post and watch I’m dominate
  3. Ah bugger the only thing I can suggest is to try and offer him a contract every couple of days once a the transfer window closes
  4. Ah one of those, normally if they ask to leave I tell them that they’re integral to the squad (or something like that) and they want to stay. is there an option for an automatic contract extension? That’s usually a good stop gap to get them to stay a year longer and then you can usually offer them a new contract a bit later when the transfer windows close
  5. Personally I don’t see the need to cash in on players. I’ll sell players I don’t need but I’ve never sold one of my top players before, I’ve never run into FFP issues and with United I alway end up with more money then o could possibly spend on both wages and transfers. So unless De Ligt is refusing a contract extension then keep him, especially if he’s the best in the world
  6. I’d personally stay until the end of the season. Doing well in the Champions League and an above expectations league finish will increase your reputation and there should be more jobs available at the end of the season when clubs sack their managers
  7. Thanks for the response FrazT. I wasn’t getting at the game or the transfers as a while more of just venting really. i don’t tend to do lower league games but with my hometown club (Hereford FC) available in the game again I’d thought I’d give it a go and I’m enjoying the save just noticed the issues with trying to get players who are never going to play for their club but would be Key Players for me being priced at well well over their valuation. That and noticing transfers to other AI clubs can be very different to buying them yourself. But it’s good to know that it’s at least noticed and acknowledged that it does need some improvement.....not a whole lot of changes but just some minor amendments
  8. Well I understand where your coming from but I’m the case I provided I would be managing Hereford FC in the National League and the player I was after was from Aalborg
  9. I understand that but in all honest how many clubs do that for players that they clearly have no interest in using if even they’re youth teams aren’t playing them?
  10. Hey all, just curious how everyone one is finding transfers within the game. Personally I find them inconsistent at best and annoying and tedious at worst. It seems that AI teams (in my experience anyway) seem to find it easier to get deals for players than I do. For example on a few of my saves Ajax will take nothing less than £40M for De Ligt (I was Man Utd) and yet on another save using the same database when playing as a lower league team they sold him to Arsenal for £27M. Same type of thing has happened with other players and other clubs and it just seems that the AI always want more for a player from a human controlled club than they do from another AI club. This also seems to be the case with selling players as the AI will very rarely pay over what a player is valued at. All of this is just annoying but I think the biggest pain is trying to buy young players. Now I can understand a young player who is part of an international youth team being valued by the club at more than what they’re actual value is but why the hell is a 16 year old who hasn’t played a single game for a clubs u18s who is valued at 4K suddenly worth £3M to that club? Its all so vexing and while this will not stop me from playing the game as it is another fantastic entry in the series it just becomes annoying when trying to build a lower league club. Also I must say that I’m not suggesting that we go back to how the series used to be where you could buy wonderkids for pennies but as I said being quoted £3M for a player who would only be classed as a decent National League player is ridiculous
  11. Fantastic stuff AndyChar!! Quality career and read. KUTGW
  12. Fair enough hope he does you well until the regents take over
  13. As your in the year 2024, couldn’t you get a regen of similar quality but with more potential and who is younger than them for less? Also what’s the specifics of your transfer dealing? Like who are you managing, what specific role are you after I.e. inside forward or a winger and who are you wanting to replace?
  14. As far as I’m aware other than offering them a contract in the final 6 months (if they play abroad from the country you managing in) then there is no way to convince a player to run down his contract. the only think I can think of would be to continually declare your interest in him and hope that he doesn’t sign a new contract in the mean time
  15. This is where I struggle when making tactics. i want players available for easy passes when I need to recycle possession without going for long passes that may get intercepted so having them close together is a good thing but I don’t want them to be all occupying the same space and there for there’s not space to actually attack or it’s too congested in terms of having the BBM, W, F9 and IWB all near each other means that there could also be 4 or so defenders in the same area as well
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