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  1. I would say that if you look at almost all top manager, they have been inspired by someone else's tactical ideas, and they have used them to benefit their own tactics. So I definitely wouldn't call it cheating
  2. The first thing I notice with your tactic is that there isn’t a single player on an attack duty. Considering you are playing with a TM, I would imagine that you are potentially suffering with the attacking midfielders not getting up in support quickly and effectively and trying to attack any space in the final third that he might create
  3. That makes perfect sense. I feel like I’m stripping away the team instructions to the point where my tactic is lacking purpose and identity, and this may be the root of my issues. I started with the idea of playing attacking, possession oriented football with a purpose (hence the short passing approach), but have tried to adapt this to the quality of my players and seemingly failed. Can you see any ways in which I can make this tactic more efficient going forward?
  4. I didn’t explain that very clearly did I! I removed shorter passing because we were having a lot of meaningless possession around the half way line, and didn’t seem to be moving the ball forward effectively. However, as I am playing with a lone striker who is not technically gifted, the logic behind choosing Work Ball into Box was to slow the tempo around the box to allow for the midfield players to get up and support the striker. The logic may be wrong though
  5. I have not watched any of Rashidi's videos for a while, but I think I may start again based on how I'm doing. In regards to my tactical changes, I will refer to these stats; As you can see, my passing and possession stats are the highest in the league, which in itself is as achievement. However, I'm not using it productively, and from viewing matches I cannot put my finger on what changes to make to change this. I do not want possession for possession's sake, I want possession with penetration. So the changes I have made have been in an attempt to use the ball more effectively rather than short passing between our players around the half way line with no forward movement. I may be wrong in the changes I've made, but I do not know what else to do, hence why I am asking for help here. As you can see from this page, we do not score many goals. Even more worrying is that 11 of the goals have come from corners - the joint highest in the league. So currently, my combination of tactics and players seem ineffective at scoring from open play, despite often controlling the ball - which is a big problem that is about to get me sacked.
  6. Hello again. I appreciate all the guidance I have been given so far, however I'm returning to ask for a little more. I have continued through the season and results stayed fairly similar, and we were hanging between 10th and 13th. However I've just gone on a run of 1 win in 9 games and the board are giving me 1 month to turn things around or face getting the sack. Personally, I don't think im doing an awful job considering Gillingham are not blessed with talented players, however the board seems to think a top-half finish is a minimum requirement. My defence has started to leak more goals, and I still haven't solved the goal scoring issue, in fact goals have almost completely dried up except for the odd game where we score a few, and often still do not win. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ive attached my schedule and current set up
  7. Great, thank you! I'm still learning about a lot of aspects of the game. I think my hardest challenge will be improving the team, as there is no transfer or wage budget and not too many promising young players, so I may need to sell in order to buy.
  8. This is Tom Eaves. As you can see, he has some very good attributes, especially for league 1. I'm not entirely sure why he has the amount of red arrows that he does. So far in 23 competitive games he has just the 6 goals and 0 assists which is disappointing. Thank you both for the feedback you have given me. It's incredibly helpful
  9. That pretty much is the reason, yes. He is not the most creative. I will upload a screenshot later as i am at work. Also, being the lone forward I chose the DLF(s) role to bring him closer to the midfield while building attacks and to try and prevent him from being isolated, and I am assuming the PF would still do this? Herne mentioned using an attack duty forward, would this possibly lead to more isolation? How could I negate this?
  10. It’s funny you should say that actually, because for the last two games I’ve played, including the game against in form Scunthorpe away from home, I had counter on and I’ve won them both, so I’ll definitely be sticking with it for now! Based on attributes and coach reports, Tom Eaves is my best striker, and probably one of my best players, however he doesn’t really seem to suit my striker role. He’s very big and strong, and excellent in the air. Is there any way I could potentially accommodate him with a different role perhaps that doesn’t detract from the overall system? Failing that, I may look to sell him in order to get some transfer funds
  11. Thank you for your reply Herne, I have read a lot of what you have posted which formed my motivation to try and get back into the game! I understand what you're saying about personnel, our media prediction is 13/14th I believe. After posting this I actually lost the next 3 game conceding 8 goals in the process, but apart from one of the games which was just a poor performance, they seemed like lucky goals from the opposition. E.g. hopeful balls over the top finished off, free-kicks, speculative longshots etc. And I was scoring goals in these games so arguably could have picked up points. Surprisingly, I switched to an attacking mentality for an away game against Scunthorpe who were 2nd and had won 5 in a row, and switched the DLP to CM(s). We won 2-0 and bossed the game. When the players perform, the system does exactly what I want, so I'm persevering for now! 12th in the league after 22 games, 6 points off the play-offs and 10 points above the relegation zone.
  12. Hello everyone. I have been a long term lurker on the forums, despite only purchasing one football manager game in the last 6 years (FM16). I gave up trying to play the game after 400+ hours on FM16 plus, probably just as much time reading and researching, because I just did not see any progress in my tactic building capabilities. However, I have continued to follow the forums over the last few years because I want to be able to play the game successfully, and this year I had read enough to spark my motivation again and purchase FM19. So, I have read plenty of guides from all the leading contributors. And I have decided to take over my local side Gillingham in League 1 and attempted to build a tactic with a few ideas in mind: - - Play attractive, passing, attacking football whilst still remaining solid in defence - - Create plenty of options in the attacking phase for a variety of goalscoring opportunities Seems pretty basic, and probably what everyone wants to do in some way, and to some extend I feel like I am getting there. Gillingham are not one of the strongest squads in League 1 by any means, however we seem to have a wealth of average players with no real amazing stand out players. Therefore, I am trying to achieve the basic ideas listed above whilst taking into consideration the quality of my players, and the fact I have absolutely no transfer budget to improve this in the short term. This brings me to the reason I am posting here. The football my team plays in possession is, for the most part, attractive. There is a hell of a lot of passing, and possession, which is great. We are very solid in defence, and would’ve drawn 2 of the 5 games we have lost if it wasn’t for conceding injury time penalties. However, we just do not score any goals. Bar one game away to Portsmouth where after going 2-0 after the hour mark, we brought it back to 2-2, then 3-3. But lost due to one of those penalties I mentioned. Other than that, in 17 league games we haven’t scored more than 2 in a game except for the Portsmouth game. We have 5 wins and 5 losses, with the other 7 being predominantly low scoring draws. My tactic: My main thinking here is: - - 4-1-4-1 suits the players I have - - The DM provides good defensive stability (achieving a solid defence) - - Having a DM means my full-backs can advance more frequently (more attacking options) - - The LM is set to sit narrower and cut inside. (Suits Holmes who is arguably my best player, gives support to the lone striker) while my RM stays wide. (different options in attack) - - The CM(a) provides an option to break the lines and support the striker, and again, is another option in attack. - - The aim of the DLP(s) is to bridge the gap between the defence and the attack minded midfielders, starting the majority of the attacks and allowing the other players to start their different movement patterns. As you can see, I don’t use a lot of Team Instructions at the moment, mainly because I don’t want to overcomplicate the tactic. Also, I have set the ST, LM, RM, CM(a) to close down more to try an implement a Split Block. I feel like some of my ideas of how I’m trying to implement my plan make sense, however the likelihood is that some of them don’t, which is where I’d like some advice. Also, GOALS. I would like my tactic to be more penetrative, using the possession I am achieving more effectively. I have avoided team instructions such as Work Ball into Box to try and avoid unnecessary extra possession while attacking, but this still happens anyway, and I do not know the game well enough to find a way around this yet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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