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    I live on Earth, I like football and... that's my life

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    Football, Football and, Oh... Football

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  1. I'll do it. Don't mind what team we do.
  2. Yeah I think it is time to move. I seem to work better alone
  3. Looks like the Juve front 2 are best around. Makes your Ant and Dec joke look stupid now @Sunny K Though my goal tally this season is a bit of a let down.
  4. Have I ever heard of something called loyalty? Looks like @Citizen Kane and I are going to tear up the Serie A. Do you know if we play together @Gizzy or is it only one up top?
  5. Who? Do you mean me? I left Kobenhavn for Atletico
  6. I am better than I thought
  7. Decent fee but will I start at Kobenhavn? I know they are one of the better clubs in Denmark.
  8. Seattle...I've already retired
  9. 55 chc and doing pretty well too looks like I might have some interest in me Could you show the league 1 table?
  10. Ah so my man can score as well then!
  11. What's going on with my stats then? 3 POM in 2 games and apparently scored 1! What's that about?
  12. Only thing my guy does is dribble
  13. My guy cannot seriously need a rest only 6 goals in 33 games all comps
  14. Eh why have I got 1 strength. Guess it's cuz I'm ginger