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  1. Only issues I've had so far are, when I tab out of the game and tab back in I just get a black screen, I then have to re-tab out and in again to get the game back. Also I'm finding the load/save screen extremely sensitive like one click and it loads/saves the game, It's caused me to save over games or load a game without saving previously. Other than that its good so far
  2. Does Wolves researcher get hold on Afobe's stats for FM16 or does MK/Arsenal's do them ?
  3. Default database with all leagues selected with enhanced view start date US 7th September
  4. Short and simple really, every time I've tried to start a new game with 'Fog Of War' disabled the game crashed whilst making the database. But if you leave Fog Of War enabled the database loads and you can play. This is happening to me, not sure if anyone else, obviously i cant really provide a save game because I cant get into game unless i have fog of war enabled.
  5. Skin is that Taz ? Yeah this guy tore Serie A apart on my Milan game between 2016-2020 I think always score against me, quality signing if you can get him
  6. Planning on starting with Liverpool later on, on the new update any tips on signings, tactics and player roles ?
  7. Bit bored of FM atm, so i want to start a game away from Europe, starting in America's. I dont want a massive club, but some sort of club that has a challenge whilst developing youth, maybe a fallen giant challenge. What do you guys think ?
  8. All Belgian youth Koke - 21 but still young and is tearing La Liga apart atm
  9. Yeah it said he would i didnt get it either not sure why ? maybe a rule in Australia i dont know
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/download/bz8aot3b96egdd2/Central+Coast.rar Owner allows for facilities to be upgraded etc. i dont think you have to ask he did just do it on mine, he wants you to sign high profile players and make Central Coast a dominant force. The save uses one of Nik's summer updates cant remember which but its not the latest may be the one before Bale transfer. I could attract players like Klasnic, Bikey, Simeon Jackson. But you already have a Marquee signing who isnt the best and i dont think he's worth that spot but here it is ! Have fun
  11. Central Coast Mariners got taken over by a tycoon right at the start of one of my games, got around £12.75m to spend which is pretty useless in Australia but still interesting
  12. Nice to see Wolves a popular choice, as it should be aslong as the Wolves researcher gets the youth players correct, Ill be starting with them obviously
  13. Well im excited to be using the Wolves team from this season .. thats if you've completely done them
  14. Im going to enjoy seeing the Wolves squad from this season ! Broadbent, Flowers, Deeley, Murray and Stan Cullis as manager KIU ! Oh and Wolves were in Europe during this season !
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