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  1. You can train with a permit while taking the course. Thiago Motta completed the course with Pirlo but has already trained last year. I'm not talking about tactics or movements on the pitch. Pirlo has a staff that helps him in preparing for matches and training. I am only talking about what I read in your thesis. I stop here. And I am disappointed. I was expecting something more. I believe in Pirlo, I'm a Juventus fan, my name is Andrea and I come from Brescia in Italy like him. :P
  2. Absolutely not, he could have easily trained without giving the thesis like so many others do. The reality is that having no direct experience on the pitch (as a coach) he has only included elements in theory that do not always match what actually happens on the pitch.
  3. I'm not talking about tactics! I'm talking about the ideas inside in a thesis written to become a coach. I would expect something more. There are theses of much less famous coaches that are much more interesting and with some ideas to take into consideration.
  4. The thesis is very elementary, there is nothing original or particularly complex. There are discussions on this forum that are far better and more interesting.
  5. You have to use FB with cut inside. WB's have the instruction Run wide with the ball.
  6. In my tactic, i use a 4-1dm-4midfielder-1 Liverpool's klopp style, i use CWBs and IWs in support to implement the same mentality (positive). I use PI for IWs get further forward.
  7. The next step could be for every instruction (team and individual) associate the right player attributes. Example: more risky passes - player attributes: good creativity ( anticipation, decisions, flair, teamwork, vision); good passing ability (passing, technique)
  8. For your example on flanks. I think it's a base for start to work on your tactic, as a preset tactics in the game.
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