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  1. Does anyone know if there is a database for South American lower leagues? Even in databases divided between them. I only found the Brazilian one. Thanks
  2. I play in the lower leagues and my players are far from good even compared to their opponents. In fact, from a quick first analysis, playing with an aggressive low block like Simeone, counter-press with "Get stuck in" creates some risky situations that end with a foul and a card.
  3. You are right, I need to analyze what leads to this situation. Perhaps happy with the results, I left out this fact that has created problems for me in the long run
  4. I am playing 4-4-1-1 low block with "get stuck in" and in the long run it has caused me problems with the cards. Especially for the fact that I found myself with 3-4 excluded in some games.
  5. @ Rashidi have you got a problem with "get stuck in"? You've had too many yellow cards?
  6. Seedorf's movement in action was not a constant in his game, as mentioned he was more of a link so I'd say the support task is the best. Also in the game it could happen that he does these movements, not often and adds PI's. If you wanted to recreate a precise replica you would have to go with asymmetrical formations. Like @Rashidi you did for the athletico.
  7. The movements of the two attacking midfielders in Milan started from wide positions. So a 4-3-3 might still work. And if I think about Seedorf I remember the many goals from distance or from the edge of the area. For this solution I would say IFsu or IWsu for Seedorf and IFat for Kakà. If instead we want to revive the Christmas tree, Kakà SSat and Seedorf AMsu.
  8. Very interesting topic. I see myself a little in your path. By not coaching reputable teams that fight for prestigious positions, I tend to avoid heavy formations offensively. I have also always had a nuisance seeing players in AM positions not defending or not positioning themselves correctly during defensive transitions (even with marking). At the same time I still managed to get lucky with heavy formations when the conditions were right for it. Using formations like yours I could see some problems especially against deep formations. - Many long balls that bypass the defense (even
  9. Dribble more ok doesn't have much influence even though Muller carries very little of the ball and plays more within a few touches. I don't think muller actually attracts the ball to himself, quite the contrary. His role is to find the right space and in that moment receive the ball and make the play. He will not always be given the ball, even in difficulty.
  10. @Rashidi I have a doubt about Muller as a Trequartista. The role set "dribble more" but Muller does not have a good value in dribbling and also in reality very hardly dribbles the man. Wouldn't it be appropriate, also given its exceptional mental attributes, to set it as AMsu with roam from position?
  11. But no one in the community disapproves of using certain solutions. It is always said that if it works to continue like this. The difference between "weird" tactics and exploit ones is that the latter, as you have already been told, work on bugs or errors in the ME. They are not tactics conceived and derived from an idea. This is the big difference and I believe that here you want to help most people think and make logical choices based on what you expect from your team on the pitch.
  12. Short passages and wide width are compelling instuctions. If you want to play with short passes the players can be close together so that you always have someone to pass to.
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