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  1. Absolutely, however, it is a support role and therefore less aggressive than a CCa. It runs more forward than a standard role.
  2. The study you did was very interesting. I thought the consistency increases more as you get older and instead levels off almost immediately. Also interesting to note how it varies based on reputation, I had never taken it into consideration. I believe that it still varies a lot from the actual time played, I remember in this thread when you took a 24 year old player, theoretically out of development age, but he grew up anyway from playing continuously. Here is this, having played little up to that moment with the experience of the match he was able to grow. This happens in my opinion with
  3. I have read all your topics and the great quality of content that you bring to youth development especially for the personality of the players. I have never commented because I have always tried to learn from you. In this case, having had a similar situation, I wanted to intervene. After this premise I can tell you that I am very curious about this fact you want to investigate. Because it's something I've noticed too. Younger players with better qualities who perform less than poorer but more experienced players. So experience has such an important value in the game? The answer is yes but
  4. This is the situation that happens in these careers (happened in Italian Serie B with the team of my city like you), you get to a point that either you resign yourself to mediocre seasons but of growth of your players hoping to make money with their development to upgrade facilities or take trained players to attempt promotion. More than anything else I understand how being anchored is frustrating and how the desire to go where there is money is so great. I do not advise you either, I tell you to evaluate well based on what you intend to do and who you would like to see play the fight for the
  5. It doesn't convince me that much. The attacking midfielder will go deep but attracts the ball so no. I would give the False 9 a chance. In the past years I have often used it in the 4-4-2 and I had a great time, it acts as an AMC basically.
  6. In fact, I thought about the fact that the more intense generalized pressing could still affect a classic role.
  7. Absolutely, mine was a question about what he saw on the pitch precisely because I avoid using that role to have a more disciplined one. Instead I still used a BWMsu to maybe cover a WBsu
  8. Great post as always. The only doubt is about the BWMde. Aren't you likely to leave the position too often in a very delicate role?
  9. Does anyone know if there is a database for South American lower leagues? Even in databases divided between them. I only found the Brazilian one. Thanks
  10. I play in the lower leagues and my players are far from good even compared to their opponents. In fact, from a quick first analysis, playing with an aggressive low block like Simeone, counter-press with "Get stuck in" creates some risky situations that end with a foul and a card.
  11. You are right, I need to analyze what leads to this situation. Perhaps happy with the results, I left out this fact that has created problems for me in the long run
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