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  1. What should I shout when my team score in the beginning of a game they're expected to lose so that they don't get complacent? Every time I shout "Concentrate", they get " Overwhelmed by the feedback"
  2. Does increasing the urgency of press also increase the intensity of challenges? For ex, will players tackle harder in extremely urgent press than in less urgent?
  3. Another great idea! Thanks I'll definitely try that.
  4. Yes I tried and the DM did drop in and FBs did push up but the CDs didn't split wide and seemed to form a flat back three with the DM. But nevermind, I'm satisfied with the results.
  5. I apologize, I was really frustrated when I posted this.
  6. But if I remove play out of defence then during goalkicks the CBs won't split wide and full backs won't push up and a DM won't drop in, am I correct? Because as I said I want to build from the back. Is there any other way I could play from back without the play out of defence TI?
  7. The tactical familiarity is around 75% and yes he does have roam from position as a PI. Could this be because of Wilshere's trait "plays one twos" And he was looking to play one two with Snodgrass and not make forward runs?
  8. Thanks I'll do that. And I think he has gets forward trait as I mentioned and also tries one two and maybe curls ball
  9. It's just a goalkeeper instruction it shouldn't affect the whole team if I'm not wrong?
  10. My bad I misread your comment. Were you talking about the overlap right instruction when you said that I'm slowing down the transition?
  11. Oh I'm sorry my fault I didn't notice it. And is there any reason Wilshere was walking and not running past Snodgrass.
  12. Yeah that could be the reason. But I really want to play out of defence. And also there has to be some improvisation, as football is quite random and I can't plan everything. So when the MR got the ball, the CMa should've made the run in that situation even if I am playing out of defense. Anything else you would suggest?
  13. No I didn't ask Snodgrass to hold up the ball. Although I do agree that maybe that rushing midfielder might have been the reason he didn't pass it to Wilshere. But Wilshere should be running forward instead of just walking and ball watching as he's on attack duty and has the trait. What do you suggest I do?
  14. Changing that messes up my passing when I have successfully transitioned from defence to attack. But I'll give it a try though.
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