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  1. Just to add my own thoughts. I run a 4-4-1-1 counter attacking system which the game lables as 'fluid counter attack' for the English League 2/1. I use the below. But my WM act more like wingers on attack but without the crossing from the byline, I want them crossing from deep but getting further forward when our DLP has the ball. The AF scores nearly all the goals but the wingers and AMC chip in with a few as well. Most of the assists come from the wingers and DLP. If I am dominating a game but not scoring I switch to a positive mentality or change passing to be more direct. I can also l
  2. Thanks @keysi! Very almost there. I added your code and replaced the code in FME xml and its almost working. Looks like its filling it in correctly for everything apart from the best role. Any ideas? EDIT: Hold on my friend I fixed it! I hadnt set up the start of the widget quite right, once I fixed that (and just after I posted the above, as is always the case lol), its working just fine. Thank you so much for your help and your code!
  3. Hi all! Ive been using the FME skin but it looks like the creater has discontinued the support for it. After the winter update I noticed that role and duty part of the player screen has changed from stars to circles (like they were in FM20). They used to be stars like they are in the default skin. Does anyone know where to check to change it back? Ive looked in the attributes panel.xml but I cant see anything that jumps out at me, but there is a positions panel.xml that looks a little more promising. I think its relating to: <widget class="position_role_duty_suitability_pie"
  4. I am not sure if this has been asked before (or has been tested) but while looking at the English FAs official rules I had a few questions about its implementation in FM21: 1. The rules sort leagues into bands with higher rep leagues giving more points. Currently these are static in the FAs rules but is this case in Football Manager? For example lets say the reputation of the Portuguese top division sky rockets does this mean that they will replace one of the top tier leagues in the games implementation of the rules? If this isnt the case, would it be a feature people would like to see i
  5. It looks like Ryan Griffiths is missing from the database. His brothers (Joel and Adam) are both in game but not Ryan! Wikipedia lists him as being at Lambton Jaffas FC in 2017 but it also lists him as having found work outside of football https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Griffiths_(soccer)#Personal_life I am not sure what the stance is on this, is his record held on a database not seen by us? I feel like his brothers should have him listed as a favourite person as he was a real player.
  6. Hmm so I just loaded my FM13 save back up. In 2022 Tunisia have 275 players who are able to play for them. In 2012 they have 241 (so they increased!) For Egypt it 2022 its 197 and in 2012 its 175. To me this suggests that something has changed in how new players are generated. I am going to assume the solution isnt as simple as database starts with X players of X nationality therefore every year check that that new value remains within 10% of starting value. If not generate new players with that nationality. Of course I am comparing a very old game to the new version and much ha
  7. Hi guys. The comments made from SI about it being this way in previous years (although obviously a bigger issue this year) made me want to check out a much earlier version of FM which I had a 10 season save with. In FM13 I had a save that stretched from 2012 to 2022 that used a large database with tons of leagues from all over the world. Most leagues had at least 2 tiers playable with the big leagues having more (eg England down to the national leagues north/south). The player count at the start was 133K (rough estimate from the add/remove league count). In 2022 the player
  8. Rivers United manager, this chaps salary doesn’t look right at all! posted on Reddit by someone else but I didn’t see it raised here.
  9. Thank you for your response! That makes complete sense
  10. DERBY I was looking at Derby and I noticed that Wayne Rooney isn’t a natural ST! Considering he played there for the bulk of his career at United I would have thought we would have remained a natural ST (even if his attributes don’t reflect that). I haven’t played FM20/FM19 so if he’s like that in those games fair enough but I just thought it was odd.
  11. I very much agree that there should be some room for scouts error and I would love to see 'we think the player will get X points'. It would also highlight those we might want to keep an eye on if the situation for that player changes. For those of us who really care we can always perform the calculations ourselves (assuming SI follows the same calculation the FA will be using)
  12. With the English FA sending out their official document on how to calculate work permits I had a look through in regards to how that could effect our FM experience and how we play the game. I also thought it would be good to go through each table for those who might be a bit confused. In short a player needs 15 points OR to be auto approved based on international appearances. Basically it should be easy to sign players from the most reputable leagues who are also playing some international games. Table 1 - % of Potential International Appearances vs % of Actual International Appear
  13. Just tried my save and still the same, not appearing :(
  14. Ah hopefully that means the partnership is still active even if its not showing in the match engine.
  15. I am hoping it just a visual glitch and that the partnership is still active. I want to keep playing but its hard with that nagging feeling that I am missing out on an important part of team building. I dont know a way of proving its still working though as the partnership still gets mentioned its available even if the partner isnt linking up (which is working as expected).
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