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  1. I saw an issue, realised my central defenders aren’t the fastest so I made a change to correct that. That helped shore up the defence a bit and now we concede other types of goals. i agree that making random changes isn’t a good thing but making changes based on information and ideas isnt random. Number one rule of any test isn’t to change everything, it’s to change one variable and see how that works. By changing my duties on one or two of players is something I would like to try because it looks like it’s been identified that I’m running too much attack duties in the final 3rd.
  2. Thanks @Experienced Defender! I can appreciate we are doing well for what we are, I could clearly see that there was an issue with my tactic as my striker wasn’t involved at all. I wanted to try and rectify that. I started the season with a standard defensive line but had to drop it after we conceded a lot of over the top balls which resulted in goals. I think partly my issue is that in FM (both this and past editions) I’ve primarily played a 4-4-2 and 4-4-1-1, meaning I’ve never really used advanced wide players. I can clearly see now that I need to try and use more sup
  3. Here you are! I’m in the Danish Super Liga so he’s not going to be Prem or perhaps even Championship qualify, but his stats indicate he should be okay at this level. He’s not slow but he’s hardly a speedster in my eyes.
  4. Yeah I think you are right - probably need more support duties. I guess I’m just worried that as my IW’s are pretty much the only ones contributing to attacking moves that if I take them off attack we will have nothing going forwards. ive used cautious with a 4-4-1-1 for a counter attack system and it blew the opposition away. We scored an unbelievable amount of goals from long balls on the counter. This used a standard defensive line but a lower line of engagement with the idea that would bring the opposition out of their half to give us space to run in behind.
  5. Hmm. My understanding was that IW should offer enough support even on an attack for an AF. In the past I’ve run standard wingers on attack with a flat 4 which have given me plenty of support. I see what you are saying with cautious but for me I see cautious as the most counter attacking mentality (when you drive up directness and tempo anyway) when that’s your main outlet of attack.
  6. Mostly lack of quality. The team I inherited are newly promoted to the top division and we are currently mid table. We started the season well with the 4-2-3-1 (the right IW scored 75% of our goals) playing that tactic but have started leaking a lot of goals, hence the switch to 4-3-3. My thinking on the 4-2-3-1 is as is as follows: Balanced -> dont see the need to change it. My players arent really fast enough to play total counter attacking football (ala cautious) Transistion -> I want to channel play through the DLP to try and play balls to higher up the pitch and I dont tru
  7. I’m really struggling with tactics. Due to personnel I have to play a 1 striker system. This should not be a problem as my striker is a good striker at my league level and young enough to improve. However I’m struggling to get anything out of him after almost a whole season. I’ve tried a 4-3-3 with both an AMC and a DM, different AMC roles to support him and even tried him to run him as a support role (DLF and F9) with a SS behind him. The only thing I havent tried is playing him as a TM because he isnt a great header nor powerful enough imo. My issue is that he just doesn’t get inv
  8. Okay this has been doing my head in so I’ve come to the forums to ask for help. In prior FMs I let my staff handle the assignments and as such got inundated with reports for players that didn’t really fit what I was after. This was the case in FM21 so I decided to take the plunge and set my own assignments up. I started a new save in the German 3rd Division and set up some simple assignments during the pre season. My scouts are limited so both were set up to scout Germany ongoing to get the ball rolling. One month later and they have recommended... 3 players. I mu
  9. Have you managed to fill the promise with other players? I have about 5 players with this promise and they are all the same.
  10. Hi all I started a new save at a club and figured I would have to rebuild the backroom staff. As such I thought I would promise the players to improve the coaching team as I planned to do that anyway. I removed nearly all the coaches apart from 1 and hired enough good coachs to fill all the slots. However on my promises screen it just says 'player is looking forward to seeing an improvement in the clubs coaching team'. Is this a bug? Have I missed something? Is this just one more not working thing in FM? Some of my best players are seeing this a promise and id rather not m
  11. Just to add my own thoughts. I run a 4-4-1-1 counter attacking system which the game lables as 'fluid counter attack' for the English League 2/1. I use the below. But my WM act more like wingers on attack but without the crossing from the byline, I want them crossing from deep but getting further forward when our DLP has the ball. The AF scores nearly all the goals but the wingers and AMC chip in with a few as well. Most of the assists come from the wingers and DLP. If I am dominating a game but not scoring I switch to a positive mentality or change passing to be more direct. I can also l
  12. Thanks @keysi! Very almost there. I added your code and replaced the code in FME xml and its almost working. Looks like its filling it in correctly for everything apart from the best role. Any ideas? EDIT: Hold on my friend I fixed it! I hadnt set up the start of the widget quite right, once I fixed that (and just after I posted the above, as is always the case lol), its working just fine. Thank you so much for your help and your code!
  13. Hi all! Ive been using the FME skin but it looks like the creater has discontinued the support for it. After the winter update I noticed that role and duty part of the player screen has changed from stars to circles (like they were in FM20). They used to be stars like they are in the default skin. Does anyone know where to check to change it back? Ive looked in the attributes panel.xml but I cant see anything that jumps out at me, but there is a positions panel.xml that looks a little more promising. I think its relating to: <widget class="position_role_duty_suitability_pie"
  14. I am not sure if this has been asked before (or has been tested) but while looking at the English FAs official rules I had a few questions about its implementation in FM21: 1. The rules sort leagues into bands with higher rep leagues giving more points. Currently these are static in the FAs rules but is this case in Football Manager? For example lets say the reputation of the Portuguese top division sky rockets does this mean that they will replace one of the top tier leagues in the games implementation of the rules? If this isnt the case, would it be a feature people would like to see i
  15. It looks like Ryan Griffiths is missing from the database. His brothers (Joel and Adam) are both in game but not Ryan! Wikipedia lists him as being at Lambton Jaffas FC in 2017 but it also lists him as having found work outside of football https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryan_Griffiths_(soccer)#Personal_life I am not sure what the stance is on this, is his record held on a database not seen by us? I feel like his brothers should have him listed as a favourite person as he was a real player.
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