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  1. Hi @TheFatbellyFred thanks for posting - Wombwell did not have any data set for his appearance and therefore it is randomised in game, I have set the correct data for him now so he will be correct for the release database. As for his playing positions, he did indeed play right back/right wing back for Gateshead versus Guiseley so I have added this to his positions.
  2. Hi again @phoenixnfl, thanks for your follow up posts regarding Spennymoor. Pleased to see any feedback at all so please continue to post any issues you see! I will lower Graydon's rating and make him "favoured personnel" as suggested. I think with regards to Miller snr he does merit remaining on staff at Spennymoor as he is clearly still helping out at the club even in an unofficial capacity. With regards to the missing youth team players, unfortunately we do not have a Spennymoor researcher so unfortunately we've not been able to include the youth players, although I can consider adding both Hindson and Petterson for a future update. Have you ever considered applying to become Spennymoor researcher yourself? Thanks.
  3. Hi this is excellent info, thankyou for posting - I cannot promise these will be added for the release database but I will certainly consider adding these for the next data update, and if you have any more info you are welcome to post on here or dm me
  4. Thanks @phoenixnfl for the feedback on Spennymoor Town - as @Timma has said in his reply, Miller snr is confirmed to still be working at Spennymoor as of last month, if you can provide evidence he has left the club please let us know. Regarding the other points raised, Ryan Hall being transfer listed is not a data issue, we do not set who is transfer listed, it is how the game is interpreting the data - with Miller jnr using a 5-3-2 wing back formation, as a winger he may be seen as surplus to requirements. I'll look at Johnson, Kennedy and Chandler (Kennedy doesn't have a favoured role set, so his non playing role will be randomised at the start of the game, on another play through his preferred role will be different). Any reason why Graydon should be removed as a favoured person entirely? Thanks again for the feedback,
  5. Thanks @FROSTIE 1987 Harrison Neal's loan at Kettering has not been included (yet) because it is not known what the length of the loan is, you have posted that it is a season long loan but can you provide some evidence to support this? I have seen interviews with Neal and read the press releases and posts on social media when the loan was confirmed and it has not mentioned the length of the loan, we do not include short term loans in Football Manager and we cannot request loans unless we are certain of the length.
  6. Thanks Jordan, I can confirm this has been done and will show in the release database.
  7. Can you list the data you believe to be incorrect and your suggested changes, please?
  8. Thanks, his position was changed to Goalkeeper in a recent update when moving him to Alfreton, although this isn't showing in the beta. His name is correct - the Frickley website is wrong.
  9. Thanks for this, I believe Hereford disbanded their youth teams in the summer as a covid cost cutting measure, @Timma will confirm.
  10. Thanks Ryan hasn't featured in a matchday squad for Guiseley since the opening day and then went on a dual registration with Tamworth, it was therefore decided he should be set there on a season long loan deal, he can be recalled after 28 days when playing as Guiseley. Danny Ellis is player and captain at Farsley Celtic and remains there, we'd love to include Walker and Wilson but it is extremely difficult to find reliable info such as date of birth etc for academy coaches at this level.
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