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  1. Is that the record attendance for the National League South? Your post doesn't make this clear.
  2. Hi just saw that this had been posted, we've been discussing this in the National League North thread - it is a data issue. Both of the Turner's were out with what was described as "long term" injuries but the nature of the injuries were not known and I could not find them. Unfortunately we do not have a designated researcher for Farsley. Thankfully our Hereford researcher found a news article that shed some light on this and I've now got more information on the two injuries. I've raised the issue on TT with the correct info, but I'll post it in here as well: Lewis Turner - Damaged Cruciate Ligaments - From 23/2/19 Until 1/12/19 Nathan Turner - Damaged Cruciate Ligaments - From 1/9/18 Until 1/11/19. Damaged cruciates are the closest injury we have that reflects their current injury. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Firstly it's great that you are playing as Farsley and to have some feedback on the club. Regarding Bower, the Mark Bower in FM20 is not the same one who is at Farsley, he's the manager of Bradford Park Avenue. The Bower who is at Farsley is a goalkeeper who also hails from Yorkshire. I did not add Bower to FM20 as I was unable to source any reliable information on his age. He's described as either an "Experienced" or "Veteran" keeper and has played the majority of his non league career at Step 5 or below. I would put his age based on his picture on the Farsley website as in his mid 40s, and as he's not even featured on the bench this season and only played once last as a sub it would not be sensible to add someone so old as a player who does not feature and with so little information on him. The stadium name (It's The Citadel, not The Capital) as @Gripper says we do not change stadia names for sponsorship purposes and I could not be 100% that it wasn't due to this. Having said that I think there is definitely a case for changing it as it would appear to be a genuine name change in line with the change of kit and badge (A very unpopular one as well amongst Farsley fans!). The Turner brothers injuries are one of the enduring mysteries of this season. I set both with undisclosed injuries as they were clearly injured but I did not know what the injuries were. @Timma has found an article that clears this up. The article describes them as suffering from a "Ruptured Patella Tendon" (Lewis) and a "Similar Injury" (Nathan). Whilst not exactly definitive it looks like Damaged Cruciate Ligaments is the closest injury we have for these in terms of description and recovery time. Thanks.
  4. Hi, would be helpful if you posted which club Callum players for! I presume this is the Solihull Moors player - we had him on loan at Grantham Town briefly last season. Thanks.
  5. Well spotted on Morgan he did indeed play at right back last season for Nantwich. I'll have a chat to the Chester researcher and see if he agrees we should change his dominant position to right back. Grand already has an accomplished rating for DL, Hughes is down as a natural Striker, an accomplished AMR and a competent AMC and Dudley is down as a natural SC and AMR and an accomplished AMC. Are you playing the game with attribute masking on? This would explain why the positions are not showing. As Scott explained we do not currently allow for Joint Managers in game. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Thanks. The takeover occurred very recently and the only information coming out at the time was that Lane was the new owner so Lane was added and replaced Colin Gordon in game. I'll be happy to add the new board members as soon as possible (Could you PM me with the new board members please). The conversation I had with our Kidderminster researcher was that he told us O'Connor and Penn were essentially retired and would unlikely play but would remain active as a player pending an official announcement. Ultimately it gives the player the opportunity to use them as players if necessary in game in an emergency in the game. Shenton came into the file very late in the day from Stoke and I'd expect Andrew (Kidderminster researcher) will take the opportunity to revise and update his stats in January.
  7. This is odd as he was at Kidderminster in the data I submitted. Can you grab the unique ID of the Sweeney at Bristol City, please.
  8. Offer Open Trials One feature that I think would be a great addition for FM2008 would be the ability to advertise an open trial for your club. What this means is players who are free agents would approach you with a view to joining your club on trial, usually in the summer for pre seasobn training. It could be implemented in a similar way for advertising for staff. I know this system is used regularly in real life and would be particularly useful for lower division clubs where player turnover is high.
  9. Short Term Contracts I would like to see the return of the short term, weekly to week 'rolling' contracts that appeared in earlier versions of the series (Champ Man 2001-2002 for instance), and/or the ability to sign players on a non contract basis, with no compensation if you decide to release the player. This would be very helpful and very realistic when managing in the lower leagues, where most players are already registered on a non contract basis, and thus you can bring in and try out many players. It would be helpful as well as you could sign a player on an extended trial period as a non contract or a short term player. Look at Dean Gordon (Torquay), Danny Thomas (Hereford), Danny Cadamarteri (Leicester) and Danny Boshell (Grimsby) for examples of league clubs brining in non contract players.
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