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  1. England National League North – Level 6

    On Jordan Downing, he was transferred post submission by another researcher without any clear information in his profile. The reason he is down as on £275 p/w is because there is no figure in his contract in the game. This has now been rectified. @Mark Farrell - @demonpreacher is our resident Stockport researcher and I'm sure he welcomes your input either on here or via private message.
  2. England National League North – Level 6

    Thanks for the input, I have made notes on everything raised so far and will attend to it in due course. Please remember that this is a place for Data issues, not a transfer thread. Myself and the research team are well aware of the latest transfers, this is not a data issue. @Mark Farrell - Thanks for your thoughts on Stockport. To better explain why you feel these attributes need to be looked at, look at the attributes you feel could be changed and tell us what you would change them to and why. For instance if Odejayi is frequently offside, and his anticipation and concentration stats are 14 and 15 respectively, perhaps these attributes should be reduced to 7 and 8.
  3. England National League North – Level 6

    Thankyou, All the above including Darlington, Spencer and Sweeney should be done for the release.
  4. England National League North – Level 6

    Thanks for these, we need an official researcher for Darlo if you are interested let me know.
  5. Kidderminster Harriers transfer problem

    This is odd as he was at Kidderminster in the data I submitted. Can you grab the unique ID of the Sweeney at Bristol City, please.
  6. Turning professional in LLM

    i know its beside the point but are you sure its accrington you are managing?
  7. Nice little addition.....

    I remember this feature in LMA Manager for the PSX, I would imagine it may be very difficult to incorporate.
  8. holidaying till 2999

    No Pics yet? Nothing?
  9. Free Agents

    Riggott at Cardiff. Seth Johnson retired, think Malcolm Chrsitie has about given up as well.
  10. Free Agents

    Steve Finnan Calum Davenport
  11. FM2010 blog day 11 - data editor part 1

    'Unibond League Manager 2010'. Yep, I'm very happy
  12. Offer Open Trials One feature that I think would be a great addition for FM2008 would be the ability to advertise an open trial for your club. What this means is players who are free agents would approach you with a view to joining your club on trial, usually in the summer for pre seasobn training. It could be implemented in a similar way for advertising for staff. I know this system is used regularly in real life and would be particularly useful for lower division clubs where player turnover is high.
  13. Short Term Contracts I would like to see the return of the short term, weekly to week 'rolling' contracts that appeared in earlier versions of the series (Champ Man 2001-2002 for instance), and/or the ability to sign players on a non contract basis, with no compensation if you decide to release the player. This would be very helpful and very realistic when managing in the lower leagues, where most players are already registered on a non contract basis, and thus you can bring in and try out many players. It would be helpful as well as you could sign a player on an extended trial period as a non contract or a short term player. Look at Dean Gordon (Torquay), Danny Thomas (Hereford), Danny Cadamarteri (Leicester) and Danny Boshell (Grimsby) for examples of league clubs brining in non contract players.