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  1. I've noticed Scott Boden is missing his 2018-19 history for Chesterfield, it should be 15 games 10 goals.
  2. Thanks for this, this has been updated for the next update. I have found multiple sources that suggest a capacity of 1,118 and the non-league directory has 118 seats down so I have set this and updated the latitude/longitude.
  3. Bit of a small one, but I've noticed the US Collegiate System (club - id 981817) is set for NFE, this results in it not showing in player histories for players who have it set (which is quite a few players in English non league!).
  4. Thanks - his full name has been set, but Panos is set as his "common name" like Cristiano Ronaldo etc.
  5. The Godfrey transfer fee was undisclosed but there are plenty of sources that were quoting £20m - £25m, most transfer fees are paid in installments and I would be 99% certain that this is the case for Godfrey, York have been given a cash boost in game but this is representative of a percentage of the add on rather than the full amount being in the bank, which would be unrealistic.
  6. Thanks Jordan, I can confirm this has been done and will show in the release database.
  7. Can you list the data you believe to be incorrect and your suggested changes, please?
  8. Thanks, his position was changed to Goalkeeper in a recent update when moving him to Alfreton, although this isn't showing in the beta. His name is correct - the Frickley website is wrong.
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