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  1. Always play as Hertha myself. Same reasons. Berlin deserves to be a European powerhouse. That's one excellent HOYD you got there. He's a keeper for years to come.
  2. What new league to try?

    I'd put up Serbia too.
  3. Youth faciities or training facilities

    Can we confirm that this information is applicable to FM18? Still the old consensus seems to prevail about what each means. Hopefully bumping this thread can help that if more can see it.
  4. German B team promotion

    I know I'm a bit late but it's the day before the season summary screen. When you see that you've moved onto the next season. Usually get a message 7 days earlier that new fixtures are coming out then. On fm16 at least anyway. So save the day before it happens.
  5. Hard

    Some harsh responses on this. Im in the same boat. FM touch is not the same thing. As a suggestion for somebody who likes to play the full simulation it's a non goer. However the game has moved on and has to move on. Meanwhile the older players have less time. Generally gamers are the younger generation after all. Well I'm only 33 myself so more the 'have less responsibility' gamers. As for me I try play one game of the season each evening. Or a certain length of time if it's post or pre season. Yes it's slow going but that's just how it is. OP just needs to play a slower game. Small but regular on full simulation. I'd suggest the OP does similar. Maybe even leave notes for himself that he can look at at some point in the day so he spends less time thinking at the screen as time runs out on that day's session.
  6. Well I'm off to sack my guy too upon this information. I sacrificed personality for good JPA and JPP. Where's that Raul fella!
  7. Awful computer turning form against you

    You'll have to look at your whole tactic if teams have learned the best way to counter you. Increase the number of highlights you see might help if you're on key or extended.
  8. I Hate Cup Games! (Gripe alert)

    Maybe the players have the same attitude you have. Win this easy game and quickly get back to the league. Except your opposition are insane up for the game against you and you think you only have to show up.
  9. Young or Experienced GK

    Would agree with this. There are some keepers happy enough to pick up the paycheck without playing. Maybe the lower their ambition stay the more they should be happy as second fiddle. Though I'd imagine it's already in the game...
  10. Transfer Budget slashed advice

    Looks like you're selling to buy this year. Hope you get a kind playoff draw.
  11. The heavy majority of players in a youth setup don't make it. Why? Because they are not good enough or are one dimensional. If you don't like your defender wannabe's ability to mark anyone try him in a different position or tell him where to go because he won't make it at your club he can go play lower down the leagues where his marking doesn't need to be so high. Vast majority of teenagers do not make it at their clubs.
  12. Game strategies

    Of course it has a place depending on what you're trying to do. The difference between your striker sitting up top as an outlet versus getting back and chasing mids down for example. Defend and contain are less risky safer play rather than simply get back and defend. Tactics forum knows way better than me.
  13. strange formation

    What are you asking. How to beat it or play it?
  14. difficulty levels

    I don't understand your first paragraph. ME would still do what it does except treat your team as though the players have certain attributes higher. No change. Or am I missing something? It wouldn't guarantee success but it would surely increase the players chances of overachieving compared to their knowledge level. The core principal of the game would be alive and well for those who play the full simulated game. I think it would get them sales from people who otherwise wouldn't bother. For little cost too.
  15. difficulty levels

    It's not compulsory it's optional. Those, me and you included, who want the simulation can safely ignore it. Those who want it can play it.