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  1. Nicely done. On the player born in Ghana, with the size of your club it wouldn't be as though you've scouts in Ghana who picked him up. Considering he's also got German nationality the likely narrative of his story is he moved to Berlin as a boy. Could easily be considered a Berliner, rather than the 'came through the academy' group of players you'll have.
  2. It's there but when you pick it, it shows in the box "MF Unflappable". I think it's unflappable. It skews the attributes then. Unless it's just when I'm on my phone with it
  3. A couple of the media handling options are off. Can't get Media Friendly on its own for example.
  4. But maybe the personalities are more likely to be set? You'd have to see if next year's intake has 2 or 3 players with a very good personality. Is your youth manager fairly loyal?
  5. I'm thinking of the exact same save so I'll be following you if you keep going. Mine will be a continuation of a Hertha save in the future though. Did you put all the Brandenburg places into the search or just keeping an eye on all the teams? On FM18 the editor informs me there's 80 something places in the database in the State. Thankfully Berlin much simpler!
  6. Watch your youth manager's personality. I seem to get a lot of his exact personality coming through too.
  7. Some fans would prefer their team go down with style.
  8. Far too many. Though it is exaggerated greatly including the times the game is sitting in the background and I'm not even looking at it.
  9. If you want him to only be the guy who brings players to your attention for youth intake all attributes are mute? All about personality formation and style?
  10. A newly created b team would likely not see the light of day. B teams that already exist can be promoted from a nothing league to a playable one. Someone mentioned Germany I think it was FM16 I had my second team promoted at one point.
  11. As a German team once my second team find their way to the third tier I do the following. 2 years in youth football. Around 17 then they'll play my tactic in the third tier in my second team. You have to be 17 to play as per the league rules. You have to be 18 to go on loan so if I've no spot for the guy who did his third tier stint and he's good enough for as least 2nd division he'll go on loan. They could go on loan again to a top division team the following year if need be. Some might skip straight to first division or indeed my first team. All loan teams must have
  12. I highly doubt that. Beauty of the game is you can do it yourself.
  13. I usually see this when I'm trying to offload a player but nobody is interested. It's like a lazy way of getting an ability to sell your player.
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