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  1. Unless it's changed promotion from non playable leagues is reputation based. You may never see them.
  2. Modern German (sometimes true sometimes not so much) stereotypes most would be aware of is the idea of them as being efficient, orderly industrious, austere and aloof. Many of these stereotypes passed from the stereotype of the Prussian which came from both German and non-German States. It is also from the Prussians Germany picked up other more negative stereotypes in the early 20th century as militaristic and expansionist. We'll try put some of these old stereotypes to work in our general tactical goals. The tactic will gradually work towards requiring players who are extremely hard working, professional, proficient and aggressive. We will want to press, remain disciplined and structured and be able to back ourselves up physically. Discipline and professionalism off the match pitch will be expected and enforced. Harshly if need be. Total loyalty is a must, Our budget in every way will cut its cloth according to our situation. The man to begin this process is the man himself, 44 year old Georg Friedrich. He is the great-great grandson of Wilhelm II. The last Kaiser who abdicated after defeat in WW1. He is the current head of the Prussian branch of the House of Hohenzollern and as a result would be the choice to become King of Prussia or Kaiser of Germany if they ever ran the run of themselves. And this is the team he inherits. A who's who of young right wingers and right backs..... They are a flexble sort though and some may have a role elsewhere on the pitch. The players of the first team are consisted of: 13 players from Berlin 2 from Brandenburg an der Havel (It's along the River Havel) 1 from Siegburg (outside our geographical criteria) 1 from Belgrade 1 from Ramallah in the Middle East. Playing with the second team are mostly Berliners with one player from Atlanta in the USA.
  3. Saved. This is my first time sharing an FM story online so apologies if images are slightly all over the place.
  4. Tennis Borussia Berlin are also known as simply TeBe or The Violets. Initially a tennis and ping pong sports club founded in 1902, in 1903 a football team was added. They've been chosen because: -They're based in Berlin -They have a high number of Berlin players already. -Borussia is in their name. It is the latin version of Prussia. Have similar connotations -The purple is just gorgeous and the reason BFC Preussen in the Berlin Liga weren't picked despite being obvious for the save. After a brief post WW2 stint as Berlin's top club it fell into obscurity, failing to make the cut for the Bundesliga formation in the 60s. In the mid 70s they made a brief appearance in the Bundesliga before again falling through the cracks. In the late 90s they made it back to the 2nd tier of German football under heavy financial backing from investors. Those investors ended up being not quite what was expected and the club was left in financial ruin. They were also punished by authorities with relegation. After another mini revival since the club once again fell into financial difficulty falling to their lowest point ever playing the 2011-12 season in the Berlin Liga in the 6th tier. Today we find them on that revival path again. Promoted this year to the Regionalliga NordOst (4th tier) it's up to us to keep them up without financially wrecking ourselves. The club prides itself on developing youth on and off the pitch and joins the fans in activities against Homophobia Racism and anti-Semitism. It holds a strong Jewish influence on its history. The fans are a mix of rebellious alternative lifestylers and a more middle class stuffier group (being located in a wealthier part of Berlin). However they unite under their love for the club and at least some shared politics. With the club taking a more Prussian Monarchist route we can expect a fan shift in our coming years you would think...... The club play at the Mommsenstadion which can hold 15,005 spectators (1,805 seated). It is shared with SCC Berlin and the Berlin Rebels and named for the historian and politician Theodor Mommsen. Next post will be getting into the nitty gritty of the save.
  5. Prussia 1740 The Prussian period I speak of is in the deeper purple on this map. The Kingdom of Prussia in 1740. The Kingdom of Prussia was formed in 1701, the successor of the union of the Margraviate of Brandenburg (central) and the Duchy of Prussia (east). Its capital was Berlin. Its King was the head of the House of Hohenzollern. The Hohenzollern family were first mentioned several hundreds years earlier in 1061. They would eventually go on to become the Kaisers (Emperors) of Germany. Their power ended with the defeat of Germany in World War One. However the family line lives on. This save intends reinvigorating the Hohenzollern line through the medium of football. Hopefully taking a Berlin club that sits in the 4th tier to the Bundesliga, to topple the current German footballing royalty. It will be a self limiting save. To sign a player he must have been born within 1740 Prussian territory. Other players allowed be at the club are those who appear from our youth setup who can be our naturalised Prussians if born outside the territory. Players currently at the club are also welcome to stay. The Kingdom includes today's German States of Berlin and Brandenburg. Parts of the State of Saxony Anhalt. Smaller scattered territories within the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. The Polish Voivodeship (Province) of West Pomerania. Parts of the Voivodeships of Pomerania and Lubusz. The Russian exclave of Kaliningrad Oblast. And also a small portion of Lithuania. Next up, the club chosen!
  6. Never. Would only not accept unrealistic job offers as a way of handicapping myself.
  7. Is there a point in the calendar the teams for promotion are chosen? Could try save there and make it happen.
  8. Hamburg 2 seasons in the 2.Bundesliga having spent their entire existence in the top league since the Bundesliga's creation. 2nd biggest city in Germany. They're long removed from their glory days of the late 70s, early 80s. Plenty of scope here for a rebuild of a team which should be bigger. And all in your own image.
  9. I could have sworn I read that they didnt matter as much. Anecdotally they didnt to me. Guess I better pay attention to them!
  10. Buy to sell. Sell to buy. Invest in youth. Get more out of your players to maintain that challenge. If you sort your players by wage and someone on higher wages isnt a first teamer, seriously, sell them.
  11. I'm about to move from FM18. In the past only their personality mattered. Do the other attributes affect the HOYD now?
  12. Nicely done. On the player born in Ghana, with the size of your club it wouldn't be as though you've scouts in Ghana who picked him up. Considering he's also got German nationality the likely narrative of his story is he moved to Berlin as a boy. Could easily be considered a Berliner, rather than the 'came through the academy' group of players you'll have.
  13. It's there but when you pick it, it shows in the box "MF Unflappable". I think it's unflappable. It skews the attributes then. Unless it's just when I'm on my phone with it
  14. A couple of the media handling options are off. Can't get Media Friendly on its own for example.
  15. But maybe the personalities are more likely to be set? You'd have to see if next year's intake has 2 or 3 players with a very good personality. Is your youth manager fairly loyal?
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