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  1. I'd imagine some will say it's too hard and some will say it's too easy. As with every other release.
  2. Always wanted to do a save with Paris FC. Except to use only French players to try eventually rival the big boy in town. Or harder still a combination of players from Paris and my academy.
  3. Maybe they had difficulties processing it or it clashed with something else they were introducing?
  4. Where are they now? Well https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/what-happened-football-managers-50-19893674.amp 50 of the best prospects of the time according to our favourite game. Names include from Aguero Benzema and Di Maria to a former Russian hot prospect who is currently "benched" in prison.
  5. You go attacking? In what way. You're playing into a brick wall possibly. There are no highlights because it's them blocking everything you do before you even have a chance to do it.
  6. If you're getting pummelled away from home then you'll have to change up your tactic on away days because it's the reason for it.
  7. Loving my save trying to make Berlin a feared footballing powerhouse so no need for new game.
  8. I'm same age and boat. On FM18 and unlikely I'll be getting a new one soon. Wouldn't have even got this one but my wife got it for me. I think 18 is one of the better newer ones. Wouldn't be that much of a jump for you. Fondly remember FM09. It took me a while to accept the fact that if I'm going to play the full game it will just have to be slowly. That's what we all have to do eventually. Just play when you can. We still have lots of gametime ahead.
  9. Well are you a fit players to your tactics guy or change tactics depending on what players you have guy generally?
  10. Cold dry air dries up your nose allowing viruses easier entry. We're more likely to spend time in crowded spaces because of cold weather. Perfect for the spread of viruses too. Supposedly most people catch a cold 2 or 3 times each winter with varying severity. Most people won't be hit by flu each winter. Colds like cold and dry air. But they also love humid air. In hot humid countries colds are spread year round. I don't think FM needs to be too accurate though.
  11. It's been for me when I leave a bit of a gap. Nothing to do with the game just human failings. After a long gap I forget some of the things I was doing or planning and can affect results.
  12. Your two center mids would want to be quick defensive absolute workhorses otherwise I'd be killing you down the wing.
  13. Traits probably playing a big role. Scoring player seems to have a strength and dribbling advantage. Are any of these useful to your striker's role in the team?
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