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  1. Certainly looks that way bud. Its now included on the opening credits 😁
  2. Having the same issue buddy, it's really putting me off playing Fm19. Its has to be a ME problem I just can't get my head round it.
  3. Sucks right!! Had some success on FM19 albeit Man United. I'd take their success with pinch of salt mate
  4. Ok, so these over paid prima donnas want to disrespect me, make me look like I'm going crazy well guess what I'm DONE!! A success of complaints have led to numerous manager and player interactions and training methods to suit each individual player. Why?? Because I'm a manager that is fed up of morngy brats complaining about flipping everything. Ok... so I may not have the international experience of Steven Gerrard with a plethora of coaching badges like Sir Alex but give me some fricking Respect... Respect man!! 2-0 down at half-time... walks into the dressing room with his assistant. The ass man informs me I shouldn't say anything because the players are disinterested and not bothered what I have to say... REALLY!!! Aggressively demands more and wants strikers to do better. All players react badly motivation levels drop into the red!! GREAT!! Mr director has called a meeting. "Why have you lost the dressing room?" "The players are SH.... I need more time." "Ok we accept you need more time we will have another meeting in a months time to re-asess. If things don't change we will have to Sack you. "Ok Mr director my players are up to the challenge" 8 games later W:0 D:2 L:6 Lewis has called a meeting. "Die" Unemployment is great. No experience no coaching badges just me and my bitter ego applying for jobs that are clearly out my league. Ah well let's see how Catania are getting on... 6 games W:5 D:1 L:0 F$$K OFF!!
  5. I haven't removed anything... apart from a real name fix that's the only thing that has been edited. I've deleted the fix but still missing.
  6. Need some assistance... The Ukraine League is missing when loading a new career on fm19. Hovering over the Red warning sign brings up a text: u21 and u19 divisions require 12 teams only 9 and 10 are available. Any help would be great.
  7. Marcos Llorente... young, cheap and consistent
  8. I moved out to Guangzhou a few years ago, I travelled to HK whilst I was there. I bought FM15, the entire game was in English so I wouldn't panic. PS4/pc games are dirt cheap in HK all in English. Good luck out there mate.
  9. Marcos Llorente from Madrid usually ends up on the transfer list for less than 2 mill and he's quality.
  10. Work rate and teamwork are key attributes and define how I play. I do like a good free kick taker tho...
  11. I don't have access to FM at the moment... Dennis Bonaventure (Nigeria) starts at Club Brugge plays Winger Right and an accomplished Striker.
  12. Thanks for the in-depth insight appreciate that. I'll take that on-board mate. To answer your question my volante is on Support, however my main man is out injured so now I'm playing with either regista or a DM depending on opponent.
  13. I'l be starting my 2019 beta save with Malaga. They've been relegated irl I was looking at their current squad and its not bad.
  14. Ok so I'm continuing my beta save with Sporting Lisbon. I'm 3rd in the league in my third season in charge coming off back to back league titles i decided to mix my tactic up slightly just tweaking certain areas to accommodate players. So my tactic is as follows: GK Patricio RBS L Jara BPDC T Jedjav BPDD D Reyes LBA Gaya Segundo V Marcos Llorente DLP A Gomes IFS M Acuna IFS Pavon CFA Bendietto CFS Paulino TIs: Play out of defence Look for overlap Mixed passing and crossing Prevent short goal kick Normal defensive line offside trap Flexible, control mentality. Basically my IFS are the catalyst to our freedom and control with our full backs offering the width. The reason for this post is simple... consistency! Any advice on mentality and TIs are welcome.
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