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  1. I remember there being lots of discussion about the barca tiki taka tactic back in the day.. It has been proven that i'm not a very good judge of TI's.. but imo they played low risk up untill they approached the opp box.. i always tought low risk= slow tempo but i could be wrong
  2. I'm thinking Barcelona. They usually pressed high up the pitch and then played slow combo football. Mainly under Pep I will definatly use the info you are giving me! Maybe I am sometimes thinking a bit to much that TI's will do what I want, when PI's sometimes could do a better job. Thx a lot
  3. Ok I will do that.. Yh i can imagine that most websites' info is wrong. But wich ones are correct then? I really would like a source of info that eg: tells me the pro's and con's of a TI, and wich attributes a player needs to be able to be succesfull.
  4. Yh it all seems so logical when you explain it. Also on your youtube channel. When i'm putting on TI's it is also with an idea behind it. To bad it seems to be the wrong ones. Myself i would never risk playing an offside trap with slow defenders. If the trap failes they could never pick up that player. My idea from your formation would be that the central midfielder would always be alone against the opp? Since the HB DM would play way lower?
  5. I know that a winger needs space, but doenst his PI make him wider anyway? I dont get what a low tempo had to do with the defensive side of things? Isn't the tempo for when you have the ball? Considering the comments i'm sure im dumb lucking my way to succes It seems that the TI's are still anything but clear to me. And that pretty frustrating, just because i spend a looong time trying to figure out how to play. For this i try to look for info on this and other forums, youtube or websites like "guide to fm". I've been playing since Champ man 97-98 and still i'
  6. Well my main idea is to pass the ball trough the opp defense. furthermore i want to press the opp and force them to make a mistake. With these 2 main ideas i can group the TI's as following: Control Fluid work ball in the box Play narrower be more expresive Roam from position Lower tempo For the shorter passing play Closing down more Get stuck in Use tighter marking Much hugher D-line Prevent short GK distribution For the high press When i noticed losing games i should have won I tried changing the ideas. I tried sitting back a bit more.
  7. Sorry for the late reply.. I have been kinda busy. Allready thanks to everyone for the replies. The intention of asking for help was: To check if I could be a bit more carefull in my tacs. Especially away from home. Or if anyone had experience with this phenomenon and knew how to handle it. The posting of my tactic was to show wich one I am using and wich philosophy I'm trying to keep: quick press and ball circulation. I did not think it beeing usefull to show wich other tacts I used because it was a lot and all of them equally unsuccesfull. I've been a bit more succe
  8. Hi, I'm playing Schalke and after taking over last year i was able te play champions. This year however, for some reason I just can't seem to win any away games. My home form has been excellent so far. This is the tactic im generaly using: Altough I have tried many different approaches, tactics, teamtalks,... I just keep on losing. I noticed that on away games I have much more difficulties close marking the opposition( also tried loose marking), the players make way more errors (tried low presurre team talks) I'm really stuck and cluel
  9. Is this list still valid after the last patch KNAP? Or are some tactics obsolete now? Grts
  10. I try to stay away from 'all the time' and 'every game' as much as possible.. Frustration usually clears right after the game/sigarette. So i have a question for you. Imagine you are playing a team that , according to the media, going to end up in the lower half of the league. The overal reputation of the team is average compared to the rest of the league. You have a good time and by newyear you are leading 7 points clear of the 2nd spot. Suddenly you drawing, losing or winning games just barely. You have difficulties breaking up opposition, who sit very deep. Mostly havin
  11. I said I was going to show you another HUGE chance: This is a game we won 1-0 (penalty) There is a free kick in the box and immediatly you see 2 unmarked players at the second post. The kick taker sees this to and lofts it towards the second post. Here my player had a lot of space to tap it in He kicks it, and granted, it should have been more towards to corner. That beeing said, the keeper manages to make a great save, pushing the ball against his post. My player reacts good and has an easy tap in.... or does he?? Nope, he kicks it b
  12. Completely agree on the fact that the game does not have to give all the answer.. :-) About strikers finishing the chances under pressure: I dont think it happens a lot that strikers have that much space in the box. but if this is really the case then it is nearly impossible to get out of the slump. If you are performing good, teams tends to sit back a lot more. Thus strikers get way less space to work in.. as a result it would be difficult to even score a goal..
  13. Well written and funded post! If a mod needs to point out what a decent chance is and my own eyes can't... then either I dont know **** about football or it is displayed wrong. This for me is a HUGE chance: ( i have to do it screen by screen because i do not have a nice video compilation like the one you showed me in your post) My left fullback has been sent deep by a nice pass of my striker. He gives a paced cross in the box. My striker finds himself with some nice space at the edge of the 6-yard box. My striker has 14 finishing, 13 composure, is left foote
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