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  1. Shouldn't Xia's name be Tony Xia rather than Xia Tony, or at least should be Xià Jiàntǒng if it's using the Chinese naming order?
  2. Buying/Selling: Selling Player Name: Breel Emoblo Your Team: Villa Buyer/Seller: PSG Player's Value: £25m Offer: £60m (all upfront) Transfer/Wage Budget: £19.25m/£1.556m pw Patch: 16.1.1 Season: 3rd (Summer 2017) He's my first choice striker, though I have Benteke as second choice as well as Zach Clough and a regen that need blooding, but he is just sooo good. I also signed Muniain, but plan to play him LW. Plus, I finished 4th last year, so about to have my first season in the CL and he is one year from being Home Grown. No idea what I should do.
  3. SI's views on 2022 perhaps? Never seen a World Cup be moved before!
  4. Just shy of highest scoring game, but how about Highest Scoring Defeat? So annoying
  5. Ahh OK, thanks a lot. Will just have to hire more coaches then
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but a lot of my players have "Feels he is not getting enough coaching attention during tactics training" in the negatives section of their happiness, how do I rectify this? Is there a specific way to increase it in the training screen or do I just have to focus on tactics? Is it just increasing the intensity? It's not a huge problem for me right now, but my morale is not great and if I can sort this it would help me out loads on that front, so does anyone know what I should do?
  7. Jeez, I feel silly now, just logged back in and the values are roughly £20-30m lower, looks like it changed to $ without me noticing, which is odd as it happens to me quite a lot so don't know how I missed it :o I blame tiredness after Uni work! But still, Kagawa for £36.5m! That can't be right
  8. In 2016 on my save I decided to take a look at one of my former Gks, Gary Woods, who I'd sold to Man Utd in the summer for £550k, and something odd caught my eye, David De Gea was valued at £40m!!! Obviously he's one of the best GKs in the game, but that is a crazy value! Then I notice he's only the 4th highest valued player in Utd's squad, behind Kagawa (£57m), Pastore (£54m) and Rafael (£43.5m). Usually on previous FMs this would put these 4 as probably in the top 7-8 players in the world so I decided to check out whether they were or not, and these are the 20 highest valued players in the world; Eden Hazard - £87m Sergio Aguero - £81m Lionel Messi - £80m Isco - £77m Gareth Bale - £74m Neymar - £69m Robert Lewandowski - £67m Javi Martinez - £62m Erik Lamela - £61m Marco Reus - £61m Raphael Varane - £60m Ilkay Gundogan - £58m Mario Gotze - £58m Diego Costa - £57m Shiniji Kagawa - £57m Julian Draxler - £57m Toni Kroos - £56m Thomas Muller - £55m Christian Eriksen - £54m Javier Pastore - £54m Now with some of those, I wouldn't be surprised if that was how much they got bought for, but their base value! That just seems wrong to me, I usually take it that at least double the value would be required to buy a player, if not more, so am I to presume bids of +£100m will be required to buy these players? I'd bite your hand off at those base values for a lot of those players! It all just seems a bit extreme to me. Does anyone else have such high values for players on their saves? This is literally the first time I've seen players with such high values, is it just standard now for values to inflate so much?
  9. Personally, I think a lot of the player interaction is badly broken. Another example, I accidentally put my starting GK on the transfer list by clicking the wrong button, but removed remove instantly. He comes to asking about it and my only options are, "We want you to leave [insert reason here]", "We should leave this for now" or totally ignoring it. Also, I rejected a pretty low bid for my starting LB from Liverpool, said the offer wasn't high enough and he replied, "I don't care to be honest, I just want to leave". Eh? Why would they say that after one, below his value offer? It's very frustrating as saying the wrong thing can destroy morale, and it often doesn't make sense why what you said is wrong. You're constantly walking on eggshells if you want to speak to a player.
  10. Specifically, promising a player you'll sign better players. In my 3rd season with Villa (finished 4th last season but missed out CL due to 5th winning CL) and both Okore and Benteke want to join bigger clubs. I told them I'd sign more and better players to improve the squad. I've spent ~£38m including Barkley and Morata, two continental rep players, plus four 4.5 star and above regens, one of which played for R. Madrid, with more more signings still to come. However both players feel I haven't strengthened enough and I'm apparently running out of time to do so properly. But what do they want me to do though? I've improved the squad and spent a lot of money. I have Rodrigo Gomez coming in for £8m and I won't have the budget left to buy many more players, and I'm guessing he isn't what those two are wanting me to bring in (despite him improving my squad). Who do they want me to sign? Is there are certain formula to do this promise correctly?
  11. Does anybody else feel it's a little too easy to keep hold of players who play well? Example; I just finished my first season with Southampton, finished 8th, and one of my key players was undoubtedly Jay Rodriguez, scored 21 league goals and was the top scorer for the league. He was valued at roughly £5m and had no asking price set, surely he would attract interest, but I had no offers at all. Now I'm not complaining as I get to keep my best striker, but I want to at least be tempted to sell him. Chelsea finished 4th and only scored 44 goals, just over double what Rodriguez got on his own, surely they would consider a bid of around £10-12m. Arsenal finished 5th and lost Chamakh, Bendtner and Park Chu-Young, again would they not consider bidding for the league top goalscorer? Champions Man Utd sold Welbeck for £12m, they would surely consider getting Rodriguez as a replacement. And that's just three teams who could do with a striker, there are plenty of teams who could use a 20 goal a season striker. As I say i'm not unhappy I didn't sell Rodriguez or even receive bids, but I would like to at least have my resolve tested with a few bids of ~£10m. I understand it's a fine line for SI to tread between making it realistic and having your best players consistently poached and making the game fun and possible to build a team over time, but I would like to receive bids for players who are performing well so that i can make the decision to sell them or not for a good fee, without having to offer them to clubs. I suppose what I'm getting at is for FM14, could I receive more bids for my players that might tempt me to sell them please?
  12. Across the Continent England Barclays Premier League - 1st Arsenal, 2nd Man Utd, 3rd Tottenham, 18th West Ham, 19th Sunderland, 20th Everton nPower Championship - 1st QPR, 2nd Reading, Play-Offs Peterborough, 22nd Crewe, 23rd Birmingham, 24th Blackpool nPower League 1 - 1st Watford, 2nd Leeds, Play-Offs Preston, 21st Rochdale, 22nd Torquay, 23rd Coventry, 24th Swindon nPower League 2 - 1st Oxford, 2nd Crawley, 3rd Cambridge, Play-Offs Chester, 23rd Cheltenham, 24th Grimsby Blue Square Bet Premier - 1st AFC Wimbledon, Play-Offs Macclesfield, 21st Halifax, 22nd Hyde, 23rd Gateshead, 24th Altrincham Blue Square Bet North - 1st Stalybridge, Play-Offs AFC Telford, 20th Bury Town, 21st Bedford, 22nd AFC Fylde Blue Square Bet South - 1st Eastbourne Boro, Play-Offs Dover, 20th Boreham Wood, 21st Carshalton, 22nd Bishop's Stortford FA Cup - Winner Liverpool, Runner-Up Man Utd League Cup - Winner Fulham, Runner-Up Tottenham Germany Bundesliga - 1st FC Bayern, 2nd Dortmund, 3rd Schalke, 16th Furth, 17th Koln, 18th Werder Bremen Zweite Bundesliga - 1st Augsburg, 2nd St. Pauli, 3rd Duisburg, 17th Erfurt, 18th Braunschweig German Cup - Winner Stutgart, Runner-Up Mainz Spain Liga BBVA - 1st Real Madrid, 2nd Barcelona, 3rd Sevilla, 18th Valladolid, 19th Getafe, 20th Almeria Liga Adelente - 1st Betis, 2nd Sporting, Play-Offs Numancia, 19th Alaves, 20th Sabadell, 21st Cartagena, 22nd Murcia Copa del Rey - Winner Valencia, Runner-Up Sevilla France Ligue 1 - 1st PSG, 2nd Lyon, 3rd AS Monaco, 18th SC Bastia, 19th AS Nancy Lorraine, 20th AJ Auxerre Ligue 2 - 1st CS Sedan Ardennes, 2nd Havre AC, Play-Offs Stade Brestois 29, 18th AC Arles-Avignon, 19th AS Cannes, 20th Tours FC French Cup - Winner Evian TG FC, Runner-Up LOSC Lille Coupe de la Ligue - Winner LOSC Lille, Runner-Up PSG Italy Serie A TIM - 1st Sampdoria, 2nd Juventus, 3rd Fiorentina, 18th Palermo, 19th Cagliari, 20th Novaro Serie bwin - 1st Ceserna, 2nd Nocerina, Play-Offs Pescara, 19th Padova, 20th Cremonese, 21st Frosinone, 22nd Grosetto TIM Cup - Winner Sampdoria, Runner-Up Bologna Portugal Liga Zon Sagres - 1st Benfica, 2nd FC Porto, 3rd Sporting Lisbon, 15th Moreirense, 16th P. Ferreira Liga Orangina - 1st Academica, 2nd Leiria, 20th Gondomar, 21st Penafiel, 22nd Lousada Taca de Portugal - Winners Estoril, Runner Up Moreirense Portuguese League Cup - Winner Nacional de Madeira, Runner-Up Marítimo Holland Eredivisie - 1st Vitesse, 2nd Ajax, 3rd FC Twente, 16th Sparta, 17th NEC, 18th MVV Jupiler League - 1st De Graafschap, Play-Offs (1) FC Den Bosch, Play-Offs (2) Telstar, 18th FC Oss Dutch Cup - Winner FC Twente, Runner-Up Ajax Scotland Clydesdale Bank Premier League - 1st Celtic, 2nd Inverness, 3rd Hamilton, 12th Livingston First Division - 1st Partick Thistle, 10th Montrose Second Division - 1st Moton, 9th Ayr, 10th Stenhousemuir Third Division - 1st Annan, 2nd Elgin City Scottish Cup - Winner Celtic, Runner-Up Rangers League Cup - Winner Celtic, Runner-Up Hamilton UEFA Competitions Champion's League - Winner Man Utd, Runner's Up Barcelona Europa League - Winner Ajax, Runner's Up FC Porto
  13. End of Season Review 2019 - Sampdoria Serie A TIM Table Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Final Position: 1st Another fantastic season, again won on the last day, but managed to eradicate my drawing problem from last season (ish), but at the cost of not being as unbeatable as last season. Highlight of the season has to be beating Fiorentina 5-0 away, or beating Inter 4-1 at home, two convincing wins that really asserted my dominance over the rest of the league. Often felt that Juve would pip me to the title, but managed to get over the line in the end and secure back to back titles. Coppa Italia TIM Fixtures - Final Final Position: Winner Happy I got this cup under my belt, now I feel I have done everything I can with Sampdoria, and will have no regrets if and when I leave. Only Juventus posed a real challenge in the run in and in the end Bologna weren't even a challenge, emphatically won and I don't think anyone could question whether I deserved to win this. Champions League Fixtures Final Position: Semi Final Extremely happy with my European adventure this season, although I was disappointed with my exit. Never thought I would make it this far, especially after being drawn such a tough group. Unfortunately I think it will take something special to repeat this run, let alone better it, I feel this won't be a competition I'll win in Italy. Player of the Seaon Surprised Romac got this, although he was important to my team this year, when I bought him I saw him very much as a back up to Vrabl and Cesar, but he forced his way into the team, and was a rock at the back. Was expecting Vrabl to get this again, but it just shows how much of an impact Romac has had on the team. He has a huge potential, and I think this guy could well be the best CB in the world at some point. Top Goalscorer Not sure what to say about Hartmann. Definitely got my 20 goals a season man, but his league tally was disappointing, but this was probably mainly due to him receiving a pretty big injury half way through the season, if he had been fit, he definitely could have gotten more goals. Most Assists Diaz wins again with an astonishing 22 assists, twice what he got last season. Having chipped in with 12 goals too, this guy was by far and away my most important player this season. Squad + Best Eleven Had to really rotate this season due to having a lot of injuries, but the squad coped well with only three players getting an average rating of less than 7. The squad has really stepped up to the challenge of retaining the title, as well as the continued challenge of Juventus. Personal Decided to leave for Man City, as if I'm going to play this realistically, I don't think I would reject that offer in real life. It gives me an opportunity to win the Premier League, as well as the League Cup, FA Cup and another stab at the Europa League (although I would've preferred to be in the Champions League). City have a fantastic squad, that with a few additions they could be a dominant force in the league. Slightly sad to leave Sampdoria, but feel I have achieved all I can achieve there, and if I was to chase the Champions League here, I would take up a considerable amount of my career trying to win a competition that it is very unlikely I'll win, this season was a very good run which I don't think i could have repeated. (Just noticed Man City aren't in the Europa League, God Damn Liverpool and Fulham with their cup wins!) Next Season's Aims -Challenge for the League Title -Qualify for Champions League -Win FA Cup -Win League Cup
  14. And Finally... A bit out of the blue, but I am very tempted. The only thing left for me to win in Italy is the Champions League and I'm not sure whether I can do it next season. Man City have a bit of an old squad though, and are not in the Champion's League, but with that budget I feel I can probably win the Premier League, and some cups too. I'm really torn.
  15. Coppa Italia Final 2019 - Sampdoria How I got there A relatively easy run to the final, with the exception of Juve, that I couldn't see anything else but me getting to the final. Reggina as said before were needlessly tricky, but was confident of going through throughout all game, and Fiorentina was a dominant performance from start to finish. The only scare came when juve took a 2-1 aggregate lead in the second leg, but as soon as I got back into the game i was confident of going through. The Final Bologna were no challenge in the end, Diaz had an absolute screamer, and we scored almost every time we threatened the Bologna goal, the defence was superb to hold off their attack and support when getting forward, but Diaz just tore Bologna to shreds, if anything he won this final rather than Sampdoria. His performance was even more important considering Arrigoni was given an early bath when i was only 1-0 up. Very happy I got this trophy under my belt.