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  1. What could be better, that to have Ultra Wide Monitor and Football Manager designed for it? Imagine the opportunities. You will have many windows open and in every window you can track some infos. When you simulate a game, you can see the game itself, in other window statistics about the game, ind another window what is going on in the league, in another window performance of every player, in another window(s) detailed performance about specific player(s). As it is a revolutionary idea never seen before, im asking for free copy.
  2. Perfect game, played it veeeeery very long. But posted 2 crash reports in last month and there is zero reply to that. If you could at least write, that you will check it. Then we will see, it is not dead.
  3. On 9. January 2155 i became this Error report. The game actually could continue. But i have to click maybe 30-times to this window. But it appears again. Usually every morning. It would be very very sad, if i should stop play this Save. After so many seasons. Game is on FTP: Roster_Manager_error.sav Its packed into RAR file. The game was created after the first update i think.
  4. That is a game i started with the first release. Dont know exactly. Or maybe it was the first Update.
  5. Hi folks, Have played this game for very long time. Also former EHM researcher. I have now a game, that is already in season 2147/2148. Now i dont know exactly when it began, but for some seasons it is really really hard to sign scouts, Assistant GM, Head coach ... Also it seems, that staff members for some reason simply disappear from the game. Have look to this 2 game saved data (uploaded to FTP): Staff_members_disappear_Vanc2 Staff_members_disappear_Vanc3 On 30.12.2147 i signed to my team Taylor Curry as Assistant GM. He was there already on 8.1.2148. But then he suddenly disappeared. When you load the "Staff_members_disappear_ Vanc3" (middle of January) you cant find him anymore. Is not in my team, and also is not to find with Search funktion. (look for the picture game-screenshots/Staff_members_disappear_Taylor_Curry.jpg) Also, when you look to Scouting Window and see the Staff guys, there you can see only Physio and GM/Head coach. No scout, No Assistants ... Very bad.
  6. Im in 2147/2148 season. Only one bug, what really annoying me, is the very significant drop of available staff. Want to post it also in Bugs forum. Dont know exactly when it occurred, but i think after the year 2100.
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