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  1. Also when will you put it on sale? The current price is absurd given the price on steam.
  2. Yes mate, my eyes appreciate your effort. Been using since u launched it
  3. He shouldn't be on loan at all i guess. He just never makes an appearence on FM Touch. Tried to load up to 70k players with all frenchmans and not in FM Touch
  4. i can't load moussa sylla on the game. fm touch. even with all leagues from france and managing monaco what's happening???
  5. How do I change the bar to a transparent color, and the boxes that still are purple? all of them are, only buttons stayed transparent.
  6. Yes. It has to be touchscreen. You have the base around here, i'm already trying but i'm not having success
  7. I second this on galaxy tab a 8 2019. Cant play games only instant result
  8. Yeah that's facts, i had a recent twitter thread with someone from the development team, and i still think there's something to improve. iPad base model is not an iPad Pro, and managed a lot more than what you might be expected. I got a couple two or three Android tablet as well I would be delighted to test this out. Your development team could always implement some fall safe if the game consumes too much memory, u can release some resources. And this is something that can be easily achieved with a ddt file retaining all players and simulating until the game crashes, I'm gonna show it to you until it drains my base Model battery that it dosen't crash. I think you underestimate the good things you've down processing the FMT. Cheers.
  9. I started on Athletic a little bit before the year ran out, i'm playing on Touch tho and managed already two seasons in. Somehow I could literally rob Ansu Fati and Pedri from FC Barcelona for like 20/30M and 4.5M and they've been class. Other spaniards were bought by my HOYD like Rodri, Miguel Rodríguez, David La Vibora and another bunch. This on the first season. I just bought Roberto López as it was all I needed, idk if it's just me but Sociedad sells players really easy to me. Second season on and managed to get Oroz, Elizondo and Pardo on a freebie, and Barrentxea and Odriozola got transfer-listed and snatched both of them for 6M and 22.5M, and for the third season I got: Iván Martinez and Iker Muñoz on a freebie too. On the other hand i sold Mikel Vesga to Madrid (wtf Zidane) for like 10M, Kodro to China for 7M, Leuke for 16M, Ander Capa for it's release clause, San Jose for 19M and De Marcos for 7M. Raul Garcia, Beñat and Herrerín are leaving on bosman on the beginning of the third season. The only youngster that made to the first team so far was Dani Vivian And Nolaskoain, Sancet is loaned out and the other ones are not ready yet. I won the league these two seasons and two copas too. Barcelona and Real were miserable on the first season but I was caught napping on the second one, and won the title by two points. On the UCL (2nd season) managed to get 6W on a group with Dortmund, Inter and Lokomotiv Moscow, but went on to lose 1-4 to Benfica, only to smash them at home by 5-0, then i beat Juventus by an aggregate of 5-1 only to lose on the semis with Liverpool 2-3 aggregate. Where i cameback from 2-0 in 45min and Salah went to score at the 87min. Now I got my third season to start and a lot to work on. I'll post some screenshots later.
  10. Thank you @Harrison Modeste for the quick reply. When you guys have a fix for this particular bug please mention if it's save compatible so i can know what to do to my two main saves that are on hold right now because of this
  11. I'm gonna bump this thread again because of this post. While the second paragraph is actually true, the first one is entirely false, because if you load like 120k players into a FMT save (and you can do this with one league only) the number of clubs retained is gonna be high because you have 120k players. I actually have two or three saves FMT18 that got up to 15/16 seasons with 120k players and no crashes at all on an entry level iPad. I recently updated to iPad Pro and now i have the same 120k players on a FMT20 save and doing just fine on my 6th season and counting. You guys should really look up deep into this.
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