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  1. Some screenshots attached. Are we ever going to see this game fully working as it should?
  2. Hey guys, the title is pretty much self-explainatory. I can’t control any individual training of players on a B team (not a reserve, just B teams) and i can’t even choose for them to use my tactic so the players will be used on the same formation. This last one is a bug that’s coming from FM Touch 2020. I wonder if this is ever going to be fixed. I can’t see why from 20 to 21 we lost the ability to control individual players training.
  3. @Harry Dunning I know that as a developer myself, but even though i get that we could have a bit some extra battery drain this year due to extra features, I find it odd that it occurs only on matches. 3D or 2D or Text Only. Other than that the game is perfectly fine and normal. And i would say the device running super hot may be a bit more worrying since I don't use a cover when playing, just the device and holding it while on a match is very uncomfortable . Thanks though, this should be enough until we get another update. It's reassuring to know you're still dealing with this and was
  4. Thanks @Harry Dunning and sorry for the multiple tags. It was just frustrating having no response. Now we wait for a patch.
  5. @Neil Brock@Harrison Modeste Are we going to have updates to this issue here? Losing 10-15% a match is not a good metric. Loaded up FMT20 to compare and lose about 3% a match. This also cause the iPad to be extremely hot for no reason. Which is harming my battery status in the long run. iPad Pro 2018 11’. Please tell us something
  6. Hello, I'm playing on PC/iPad but i second this issue. But i'm playing on South American teams. 1 year in, and not one regen generated.
  7. Nice feedback, do you feel your device running mad hot while playing matches? I'm sorry to bother with all those questions because I bought it at launch but had to refund it because of the issues, and want to know if it was fixed to buy again
  8. @Neil Brock Is this one addressed on the latest update?
  9. None of them apartof the 5 will be reviewed on Xbox. Or Touch/Xbox Edition for that matter, maybe 2 in the future. This game is supposed to be more streamlined, if you want all that play the full PC version.
  10. you're lucky. iPad Pro 2018 > 2020 been playing since 2018 version, never had a regen face
  11. No updates regarding this subject? I’m on the fence of asking for a refund
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