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  1. Anyone knows if players i demote to Perelada count as Formed at Club? I'm managing Girona.
  2. So I found a bug, as I'm approaching the end of the first season with Girona I came to Fixture 38 in a title race with Barcelona, the thing is they'll be playing on the 19th of May and I'm playing in the 22nd of May. This would NEVER, NEVER happen in real life.
  3. How come? Doesn't the Mac start crazy with the fans? What Mac do you have btw? I'm on rMBP 15 late 2015 with i7, 16gb ram and amd, can I turn on the retina without my Mac goin berserk?
  4. FMT Mobile:Only thing i'm missing is some add/remove leagues. Is it on your plans to add it on? Or at least don't limit to 3 leagues, 5 would be fine. Or let us load up more players. If it gets slow it's our damn fault, this would be really helpful.
  5. doing this we will demand more from the CPU, because software rendering uses CPU, and GPU only uses the graphic card.. i have much better performance if i run FM16 in a virtual machine on parallels than in OS X...
  6. KUBI, i do that all the ****ing time. Retina OFF, Windowed Mode and 3D disabled.
  7. Not this discussion again. I don't know if you use Mac for a long time or if do you even had played previous games of this saga, but FM 2015 and 2014 would run extremely well on my macbook. Don't try to change the subject: This. Is. A. Football Manager 2016. Issue. This useless piece of crap turns my fans on with just a hit on "Continue" button. Puts my ****ing Mac on fire. Just to process two days in the game. And that happened.
  8. I thinks is absolutely outrageous that we are with almost 6 months since the launch of the game and you have still not given us a solution for our problem. My macbook heats till 99ºC overtime i hit the spacebar to continue my save game. With retina disabled with 1280*800 resolution VERY VERY LOW. With 3D disabled, with kinetic scrolling disabled. my netbook with an ATOM processor run FM 2016 better than my top macbook. this is ridiculous
  9. Hey guys i'm having blurry text and pictures on FM 14 windowed mode... With El Capitan. On full screen is everything ok, but on windowed mode not...
  10. Lucas i respect you so much and all of your work. And your solution worked partially. i could run the game smoothly in a small window, but for such a reputed game on a pricey computer we expect better performance, this never happened to me with previous games from the series... Also, in the match, it goes to 100ºC and almost 6000RPM on TG Pro... with your instructions..
  11. I have windowed mode always on. I use retina untucked to improve performance, but still at some points make the fans go nut.. and this do not happen with FM15, i don't know what more to do...
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