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  1. I'd wish for him to teach us so we can do this ourselves
  2. Hello guys, as announced on the WWDC by Apple iOS 14 will come with full support for Keyboard and Mouse on games. I’m unsure about this support on android but from my experience i could use keyboard and a mouse for some games there too, can we expect this to be implemented in our FM Touch? It would make our game much more immersive and we could finally use space bar to continue, with the new keyboards launching for compatible tablets i think this would be a must have feature on the next version, or maybe even on FM2020 considering we still have a good couple of months to play it. https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2020/10617/
  3. Well our transfer for season 2 has been so much fun. I don't know if this is a touch thing but I found easy to sign some youngsters on a free. I signed a overload of midfielders because they seemed good and I could loan some out to get some profit right away in a way to turn the club into green. I had so much luck in selling some of the older players, and got surprised to see some of them making to Ligue 1. Yayi Mpie is banging goals for fun at the end of August with 6 in 4 games.
  4. Well since my computer decided to go berserk I moved from the Italy thread to here and also to FM Touch on my phone. I chose Red Star to try and dethrone PSG and also because I've been to one of their matches and I fell in love with the club. With that being said, I started this week there. With no first season signings and got the promotion really easy. My challenge will be to build a decent squad for Ligue 2 as not many of my players want to renew their contract, except for Said Arab which I tied at the beginning of the save. I got some expiring contract youngsters on my watch, such as Lihadji, Godart or Aouchiche. All of them didn't renew their contracts so far, and since I'm one month away from their being run out I'll follow those with attention and also some other really cool prospects such as Mustafa Kapi which I'm unsure if I can get him to sign because of the wages.
  5. Can anyone send me the United logo into my pms?
  6. Finally mounted the team to Serie B! I recommend everyone to take a look at teams in Portugal as they tend to offload the wonder kids for cheap prices when they're not part of the Senior team. Managed to retain all loans i got on Serie C so we're off to something here. Let's go lads.
  7. Maldini is a true underrated player. Cangiano on the other hand seemed to underperform
  8. Yes. They had a takeover on the first season and got pro on Serie D I guess. That Croatian man still injected money in this year which got me some salary money for loans, but now he wants to leave
  9. I forgot how much fun it was to play in Italy. Just finished my first season, I was totally hooked on since yesterday. There's really not much of a story. We've on it all and by a big margin. Esposito and Maldini were true legends around Serie C and I hope I can manage to retain them for the Serie B season. There's been ongoing talks for a takeover at my club but I don't really know how's it going to end. It's the second time we go under a takeover, with the first being on the first season with a Croatian man leading the consortium and wanting to sell them in like 7 months
  10. Big signing on loan in January!
  11. @Weston You can always save before you join Juventus and if you feel it's going backwards step back?
  12. it's going well. 10 in 8 games so far didn't have that much of a budget so this is what I managed to bring in to Sicilia.
  13. I just managed to get Esposito for Serie C thanks to the affiliation with Inter. Damn I hope he bang goal after goal in this division!
  14. After one season of holiday I finally managed to get Palermo into Serie C! Nice thing the board managed to get an affiliation with Inter to loan players maybe I'll get some youngsters off to start our climbing to Serie A
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