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  1. I'm done with this now. Haven't played it for weeks. It was ok for a while with the 'new' match engine but it's still got the same flaws as the previous handheld versions. Going to give it a miss from now on unless there's a major overhaul .
  2. I think the transfer system is a bit of a fix and you just can't sign some players
  3. Game says financial state secure. Far from the truth
  4. Attendances are well out. Fylde get 1400, Dover get 4000 and Fleetwood get 1000. In reality Fylde get 250 and Fleetwood get 3500
  5. If Altrincham get relegated the get put in the conference south.
  6. Will the iPad 3 and iPhone 4S run the new match engine?
  7. Unfortunately not. I've been trying to get these interested players since middle of July but they would always reject. As soon as it said willing to talk to Carmarthen I knew what was going to happen so I did the screenshot . I think the transfer market is orchestrated
  8. The transfers are daft. These guys had no club so I offered them a contract but they preferred to have half the amount and to play for Camarthen in the sheep league instead of Hinckley in league 2
  9. Altrincham placed in the south! I bet Histon are well chuffed
  10. The highlights are sometimes stupid This one has happened a few times. Player runs into the box and just stands on the goal line without scoring. Bonkers
  11. Can you do Football Manager Classic on the iPad?
  12. Rising to £1.7m with the clauses
  13. It didn't work. I added a new manager who took control at the new club and it said my job application was unsuccessful but it still moved me the club anyhow and the new club had 2 managers!
  14. If I resign straight away at my new club will it effect my reputation and will my old club take me back?
  15. I really wish I hadn't accepted the other job offer. I just got my current club promoted and will be in euro cup next year. I'm due to move to my new club in a few days time which will now be a backwards step. Is there anything I can do?