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  1. but in the Dutch league 5,7,9 is common Any tips to change this for the Dutch file?
  2. @Fredrik @Unknown Hacker no problem! I’ve found it. The minimum age for players to go on loan didn’t change does it? That’s still 18 yrs?
  3. @Unknown Hacker @Fredrik thanks! so Youth minimum age set at 16 is enough to solve ‘this problem’? Or the Minimum age for senior matches?
  4. Hey Guys! can someone tell me how i can change the debut age in German conpetitions? it always was after a player turned 18 but now they can make there debut at the age of 16. i can’t find this option in the pre-game editor. hope someone can help me! https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/new-minimum-age-for-players-of-the-future-youssoufa-moukoko-10723
  5. Thanks for your reaction! Can you tell me where i can change that in the editor?
  6. Hey guys! Does anyone know if SI updated the debut age for German Leagues? Youngsters can make there debut at the age of 16 now, instead of 18. Does anyone know if this is fixed? Want to now for sure before I start my Werder Bremen save Thanks
  7. Hi guys! is there a way to remove the brexit from happening without the Editor changing the promotion/relegation for lower leagues? (Bury situation) When i download a file or disable it myself the League One wil always play with 23 teams instead of 24 after season 1. I hope someone wil or can help me out!
  8. @Timo61 mate, you gave me a thumb up for my question but i didn’t get an answer?😜
  9. @Timo61 GREAT WORK! But i have one question: Why the card rules 3,6,9 instead of 5,7,9?
  10. Sorry, just one question :p. Can I enable / download / use the ingame editor in an excisting save or should I start a new save to use it? @Wolf_pd
  11. Hmm I dont have the in game editor. For now I will start a save without any money! Maybe i can generate some money to sell players and play pre-season games. Hopefully someone can look in-to it for an update in the future. allthough many thanks for watching! @Wolf_pd
  12. Well, I also tried multiple files without any other editor files. Again I can change everything (Liverpool, Milan, Cagliari, Villarreal, HSV, Bayern, Leeds...) without any problems. I tried this the same way for Ingolstadt, 1860 Munich and Rostock. Again all the transferbudgets are 0€, although they say Ingolstadt should have a start budget off 250K... It doesn’t care which amount I fill in. Every transferbudget is 0€... Maybe it has something to do with the 3. Bundesliga? Changes I make for 1. or 2. Bundesliga all work..
  13. Thanks, I posted the question in the wrong forum. Thats why there are 2 topics! hope you can help me! :)
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