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  1. Carrillero will do that if the only wide players are wingbacks.
  2. you have cm attack and fb attack on the same flank. the first thing to try is to switch either the central midfielders or the fullbacks.
  3. Vali184

    Spanish club B team

    i promoted to the first division, but from the start of the save the B team is not playing in any competitions. Which could be the problem? I can see that english teams from L2(and even below L2) are in the L2 championship without having the L1 and L2 loaded, only EPL and Championship, but when I click on my B team it says they have not entered any competition. For the moment I am creating friendlies every month, but I would like to know if it's possible for the B team to promote to 2nd division and how.
  4. @hoppo1982 you can't expect to reach some tactical stability in FM without understanding how a basic 442 works in real life. I'm seeing very often people complaining on the forum that their tactic is not working and their defense is pure ****. They think if they are a top team and have 6-7 attack duties they should score 5-6 games and match. And if they somehow manage to create a balanced tactic then they come on the forum complaining that they can't score 3+ goals everygame. Like herne79 said, almost everything in the game is just a label, you have to know how actual football works to create something in the game.
  5. For the OP. The days when you plugged in a tactic and won almost everything are long gone. In real life, no manager uses the same tactic every match, they give their players instructions on how to act in different situations. You have a bunch of analysis tools to use. Read Cleon's threads and watch Rashidi's videos. Managers don't tell players 'OK, today you're a trequartista, but if it's not working, just play like an attacking midfielder on support'. I can't even explain why you thought this... They give them instructons: 'You have freedom to roam from position, but only to recieve the ball. Don't press, just find the space'. This is what a manager would say to a player if he wanted him to play like a trequartista. There's a lot of content on google and videos on youtube explaining basic football principles. Please read some of them and then try playing FM, otherwise you'll just be angry.
  6. Vali184

    Spanish club B team

    I know that already. But why would assistant recommend me to move players to B team if they don't play any official games, only friendlies? How are players supposed to develop if friendly match game time doesn't count too much for youth development? The point of B team is giving your youth players game time at a higher level against older, tougher opponents instead of u19 leagues. This thing is very bad implemented in the game.
  7. I started a save a few days ago with SD Huesca, a team from Spanish 2nd division. Until now I have managed only English clubs without B teams. I just realized I can't hire any staff for the B team and they also don't play any fixtures. My assistant recommended me at the start of first season to move a few players from u19 to B team as they are 'ready for the next level'. They spent more than a season without playing a fixture, all players are 65-68% fit. I tried making my assistant to create friendlies but I can't find that option. Is the only solution creating friendlies for the B team manually?
  8. Go to the player's profile and under Overview tab you have 'Send on coaching course'. My french is not so good but I think this is what you want.
  9. Left IF and CM(a) will bump into each other. Change the left IF to a winger as ferrarinseb said and experiment more with the striker's role. Try a false9. edit: I noticed the the MCL is cm(auto). You have a standard mentality, so that means he is on a support duty. You might want to give him a more attacking role, like a mezzala or cm(a).
  10. Vali184

    FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    Thank you! He is the same one. His contract expired at the end of the season and he retired. I couldn't get rig of him earlier, not even for free or on loan. I just signed Gabriel Jesus and I'm looking for a strong, aggressive midfielder and a central defender. Asensio was transfer listed for 25m but he didn't want to join because we don't match his ambitions. He joined Chelsea instead... but I have some good youngsters so I'll give them play time instead.
  11. Vali184

    FM18: Nottingham Forest Thread

    We're back to the Champions League!
  12. Vali184

    Developing talented youth players

    If you have better senior facilities and coaches, move him to senior squad and make him available for u18 matches. @herne79 I thought that youth facilities meant youth training facilities and not academy facilities like where youngsters live, eat, sleep, go to school etc. Thanks for enlightening me.
  13. Take into consideration Firmino's PPMs too when thinking what role to give him. His workrate is pretty high too, so he'll press more.
  14. I changed his training again to jumping reach and Central Defender. Like craigd84 said, maybe he didn't start to improve physically yet.