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  1. That's what I also do. Wider, lower tempo and more expressive. This way you'll drag them out of position. Sometimes I add in shoot on sight.
  2. Doesn't matter if that is the AMC. Even a central defender should have passed the ball in that situation. Then people come at you saying the tactic is not working because of your wingers when you clearly show that the ME needs an upgrade... it's really comical.
  3. You can't apply tactics logically in this game, you always have to look for workarounds and experiment because the game says something does this but it does a completely different thing. That's why many people struggle with tactics plus watching games is a horrendous task, it doesn't look like football.
  4. Stop buying and playing the game if you want change. I'm sorry to say this, but it's the only way to change something. When you see the same bugs year after year after they had been reported for many years is just a mockery. They are not able to fix the bug that shows a offside/disallowed goal before the referee decides is an offside, and other UI bugs, how do you expect to fix the match engine?
  5. I think the gamepass ended on 2 April.
  6. Green circles don't matter! Only attributes!
  7. Could you post some pictures with the whole tactic?
  8. Both of your mezzalas will stray wide, leaving a lot of space in the middle. I'd change the supporting mezzala to a DLP(in this case, maybe you'll have to change the defensive midfielder's role) or even a CM-S and add a WB(a) on the left side. But without knowing all your setup and what style you want to play, it's hard to say. If things are going well, why would you want to change your system just so one player can get a better rating?
  9. I'd say Reflexes and Positioning are the most important, along with other attributes. I always look for high reflexes in my keepers.
  10. What about shots ricocheting 50 yards away when it gets blocked by players, but when it hits the post, it stops?
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