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  1. Dlp s and cm d is a very good combination, coupled with an attacking role in AMC. I would change the AML to W-a and the AMR to IF-s, make the striker a PF-a, increase tempo because you want fast transitions if the opponent is parking the bus and go wider. If they sit deep, lower the line of engagement to draw them out. Experiment with the offside trap.
  2. You can start a NEW save with any database (19.0 or winter transfer update which is 19.3). BUT the issue will be fixed only if you updated your game to the version the bug was fixed in AND start a new save(with whatever database you desire).
  3. I have no control over the staff, as in I can't fire or sign any staff members. I can't control individual training, even if I set it so in staff responsibilities (sign/fire staff is also assigned to me). I can't control who plays more, who starts matches. I found a tip online that said to move your best youths to B team. Or another one that said to increase the B team's reputation with the editor. Neither worked. These are what I can remember, I have another LLM save now that I play. I'm not being negative, I enjoyed that save a lot, but I never managed to promote the B team to a playable league and got bored, I wanted to have control over the B team. I have to say that they were not in the next league below the last playable one.
  4. I hope that unplayable spanish B teams can promote through the divisions in FM20. I was hoping that the B team news would include general B team behavior, not only some updates for how B teams work in the MLS. If you start a save with a spanish team that has a B team in an unplayable division, then it is almost impossible to develop quality players for the future. They get to play only with u19 players. The point of B teams is that the reserves players can play against higher quality opponents and not other kids.
  5. The roles are still there because new players to the FM series will understand better how they work from the different descriptions, than having a generic role for each position and customizing it with player instructions. I would love to get rid of the roles and duties and just give each player specific instructions (the ones we have are IMO limited in numbers), but this wouldn't work if you want to attract more players each year.
  6. I hope the defenders won't head the ball away when they are not in any danger. Now that would be a good feature.
  7. You can clearly see in a video posted on twitter that you can select the coach that suggests the best XI... But i think it's irrelevant. The coach will always suggest the player that has a green circle (or close to that) for a certain position and role.
  8. Of course he tells me how the opposition plays, and according to him everyone plays a mixed tempo short passing game. Every single report is like that.
  9. My scout that is assigned to scout the next opposition has 14 for Tactical Knowledge and is bringing the same report every time. Mixed tempo, short passing. I don't think the scout reports are working as intended.
  10. Again, someone that mistakes SI's inability to code a better behavior for the central defenders with a 'tactical issue'... (the crossing issue stems from the inability of strikers to move and lose their marker in the final third or drag a defender with them to create space, and of attacking midfielders to turn around with the ball and pass it forward. They pass it to wide players more often.) The result? Insane amounts of long shots and crosses.
  11. Nobody would wait that much to cross with 3 players in the box and then just shoot into the fullback. I thought the attributes represent footballers on different levels, not 6 year old kids. They added this on purpose because they couldn't make the strikers to move more and the midfielders to turn and send a pass forward so we would see some central play, instead the ball gets on the wings much more than it should and the number of completed crosses was absurd in the first version of the ME because how hard was for defenders to defend crosses. Keeping my fingers crossed for FM20. This year I just felt robbed.
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