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  1. I'm prepared for a revolution, although I won't be disappointed even if the changes are minimal.
  2. I often see teams that change to 433 with 3 strikers or other very offensive formations from whatever formation they were using at the start of the game.
  3. That's exactly what I said. This is how the game works. Maybe you can try to use the situation in your advantage and unsettle them.
  4. If they promoted from seguna division and you had only primera as playable, then the game will generate players based on the league's reputation. In this case, Spain's top league, which is the top league at the start of the first season.
  5. This should be added to work with a minimum release fee aswell. Neymar had a reported release fee of 220m euros, but PSG payed only around 170m euros upfront, the rest up to 220m was included as certain clauses. Now if you have a budget of 20m and want to buy a player with a release clause of 25m you can't offer 20m now and 5m next year. I believe many clubs do business this way in real life.
  6. Maybe try improving the young players' role in the squad (from backup to rotation, rotation to first team etc.) and promote youth from u19 by actually moving them from u19 to senior squad via development tab iirc.
  7. Vali184

    A "Take a Breather" dilemma

    I guess you can use it in the last 20 minutes if you are winning by 2+ goals and in 3 days you have an important match in CL or EL and need your players as fresh as possible if you couldn't afford to rotate them.
  8. Whenever I play against 3 central defenders formations and I struggle to score, I switch to Counter mentality, wider and higher tempo while dropping my defense line. You can try to change your striker's role to an attack duty one.
  9. Vali184

    Fm packs

    IDs are the same. I use the same pack with updates from fm15 to fm18.
  10. Vali184

    Fm packs

    If you mean packs like player faces, team crests and other graphic related stuff, yes, they will work on FM19.
  11. This really stops me from enjoying the game if I can't upgrade the facilities to develop better players.
  12. As the title says, I cannot upgrade the club's facilities. You can see more details in this topic In the season 2018/19 I asked the board to upgrade the youth facilities. They agreed and should have been ready in October 2022. When I reached 2022/2023 season I just noticed the progress bar disappeared and I can't ask the board to upgrade any facilities now. PS: I uploaded a save from before this to the FTP server. Its name is 'huesca (v03).fm'
  13. I uploaded the save from the last screenshot I posted on the FTP server.
  14. The youth facilities were upgrading and they just stopped one day without any notice. Last time I asked about the facilities was in 2018/19 season. The club is listed as 'rich'.