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  1. Transportation to away games? Maybe you need to travel longer distances now that you're not in the south/north league. Hotel rooms also cost the club. Healthy food provided by the club? There could be many things.
  2. Try and go on holiday for a day. I also noticed a lot of UI bugs this year, all reported and almost none fixed in the last updates, so good luck!
  3. Looks like there is a new patch out. When can we expect the patchnotes?
  4. And you have to be at the club for x years at least.
  5. Well, Neil is right. It's just that every version of the ME favors a certain tactical style, which we may like or may not like. If they somehow manage to make players pass more or cross the ball in counters(can this be related to players' partnerships?) and improve defending against long balls, I'll be happy.
  6. In my opinion no. EA stated that FIFA20 has more than 10 million players. Someone used the same argument for FM19, when there were 60k players. How could a game that has 60k players be bad? Obviously, the critics are wrong.
  7. How many of those 45k use downloaded tactics every year, their main objective being just winning? More than half of them don't even follow FM on twitter or this forum. This is what happens when you use your customers to test the game for yourself to save some cash.
  8. The last 10 videos posted here look like it's the same goal, different kits and mirrored image sometimes.
  9. It doesn't mean anything. Just keep playing him. It's not affecting your tactic at all. It's just the game's way to tell you your player is not 100% natural in that role which, again, doesn't matter.
  10. What do you mean by 'full competence'? If it's the color of the circle next to his role, it has no effects on how he plays, it's just a visual representation of the attributes needed for that role according to the game, but we all know some of them are set wrong. Only you know what you want from your player, so judge his attributes from your point of view and not what the game says a regista needs.
  11. The theory is good, the ME can't replicate any style this year, only hoof ball and route one. It's like kindergarden football. Also, the defensive line it's always high, even if you set it on lower/much lower.
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