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  1. Is BEOWULF 4411 NEWCASTLE updated for the latest match engine?
  2. https://steamdb.info/app/872790/depots/ you can all see here that they are testing things everyday.
  3. The amount of missed 1vs1 is out of this world. It's very frustrating to miss 4-5 clear cut chances per match and lose 1-0 after the opposition scores in the last 5 minutes. Sometimes this game just feels scripted. Every time when there is a chance to score 1vs1, the players shoot straight at the goalkeeper. When there is an opportunity to cross, players either stop and wait to get closed down or hit the defender with the ball, doesn't matter if the wide defender is NOT between the opposition's box and the winger, he manages to hit him... It's like to goal of this game is to hit the gks and wide defenders. What's the point of spending days and days of tweaking to develop a tactic? This is a fu***ng game, do I need to go to the fu***ng university for a diploma to be able to enjoy it?
  4. Vali184

    Team meeting

    You will get a message in your inbox from your assistant telling you now it's the moment to hold a team meeting. It usually happens when the morale is low or you need a few points more to secure your objective. You have to think very good about the way you approach it as it's very easy to lower the morale of the squad. For example, if your team was predicted to get relegated and you are midtable with with a few games to play, I think it was a succesful season. If you are Juventus or Bayern Munchen and you are 2nd with 2 games to play, it's another story.
  5. It's been bugged for ages. Why do you complain only now? Make sure you buy FM20.
  6. Take direct free kicks. Just like in real football.
  7. I notices this too. Also, when a player scored an offside goal, im the past editions it appeared like a normal goal until the referee would blow his whistle and say is was from offside, then the notice changed to Disallowed Goal. Now it appears straight as a disallowed goal. I won't bother posting it in the bugs forum as it is not a game breaking bug, other people made long reports on game breaking bugs and SI barely tried to fix them and failed.
  8. Vali184

    Man Utd have 65 scouts

    How many of them are 'freelancers', working for more than one club?
  9. Its not a bug. You can sign players at the end of the transfer window.
  10. Vali184


    It isn't.
  11. A few games here and there. I got the impression that it's different. I saw a few risky passes from my midfielders which resulted in good scoring opportunities. I am yet to play with AMC in public 19.2.0. I'm playing with the weakest team in La Liga, SD Huesca and my main playmaker has 14 for passing, technique,first touch, vision and 13 for agility. I would like to test how different playmaking roles (roaming, deep-laying, enganche etc.) act when they have high attributes in all the necessary attributes but I don't have much time. It's logical that players with high mental stats and agility would turn better and make the decision of taking a risky pass more often. I also think Dynamics have a great role in how your players understand each other on the pitch. You have to practice a lot a move to do it without thinking. When you receive the ball, you should not even think where your teammate is and to where he started moving, you should already know it from training. It becomes instinct. I saw something like this in Tottenham's game against Barcelona. Fast counters and passes without looking. Better results. 'Good' is still good. It's not 'Bad'.
  12. After experimenting with the match engine after the update, I can say it is very close to perfection. All issues are related to players' turning speed. I saw some good off the ball movement from my strikers, one of them has ppm plays with back to goal and is fantastic in DLF-S role. Too many corners? This issue would disappear if central midfielders would play the ball more central. Strikers not moving? Their movement is linked to anticipation attribute, so maybe they don't move because they don't anticipate the ball coming to them, they only anticipate crosses coming into the box. Everything is linked to midfielders notplaying the ball more centrally, not necessarily a through ball, maybe I want my striker to get the ball at his feet and then to hold it, waiting for wingers/IFs getting into position and then he can launch a through ball. I hope the devs can fix this problem. Everything else will fall into place after, I'm sure of it. edit. I believe turning speed is linked to agility attribute. I didn't test to look for differences between players with 12 agility or 18+
  13. What do you guys recommend playing until March between FM15, FM16, FM17 and FM18?
  14. No. The transfer update will come in the 19.3.0 version, which will come out around February-March.
  15. that's because they updated today everything to the latest build ID. believe me, yesterday was a public beta update and it had a different build ID than today. public-beta 3365831 about 2 hours ago ext-test 3372826 about 2 hours ago they conducted a test shortly after the public beta went online. It's the same build ID as today's version.