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  1. Better leave him in u19. They have a lesser influence than the senior team.
  2. I can even make myself the b team's manager, but I still can't take control of the training. All players are currently training in their playing position, not in a specific role and duty.
  3. I can transfer players at any time between the two squads, I can also set tactics. Why I am not able to set up training, more importantly the individual training. I bet that the first team manager and staff can tell to the B team staff how to tailor a player's training to suit their philosophy in real life. Like Barcelona is doing. The first team and B team even share the same facilities.
  4. Quick question. I play with a team from the spanish first division and we have the B team system. How can I take control of the B team training? I tried making me the B team's manager but the individual training is still greyed out. The B team is in the league below the last playable league, so the spanish 4th division. Will I be able to control the training only if they promote to a playable league and after I hire a few coaches? Right now, the only people in the B team's staff are the chairman, HOYD, and DoF. I want to do it because I read about an experiment that someone did, and he couldn't get his B team promoted. He tried raising their reputation with the editor, which I also did, but only the non-B teams were getting promoted. Then the next season he moved his best youth prospects to the B team and didn't touch the schedule anymore, he didn't arrange any friendly game, and at the end of the season they got promoted to the playable league without modifying the team's reputation.
  5. Did anyone notice a dribbling attempt when the players are 1vs1 with the opposition's fullback? They usually stop and cross straight into the them. My players don't even try to get into a better position for crossing. I have never ever seen one. It's impossible for me to believe this is happening game after game. Not even Messi tries to dribble when he is 1vs1.
  6. It will run very well. Don't listen to the other guys. Ryzen 3 is a decent cpu. Everybody will recommend the i7, of course. That's wasted money when you load only England. The ryzen 3 can certainly handle a big database.
  7. I also start saves with the default database always. It adds to the realism. I can always try and buy the same players in the winter transfer window if I need them, or bring others in.
  8. Downloading from steam right now. FM15 and 17 were the best for me.
  9. After 4 years I reached the conclusion that this is just a game and will never ever be able to replicate real life football, not even come close to it. I bet there are people out there that have been playing it for a long time and are still enjoying the game, but I can't enjoy something that is fake. I will still play the game from time to time, but its mechanics are not working as they are supposed to. You want to play counter attack? Choose attacking mentality. You want to play a controlled possession game? Counter mentality is the way to go. Every year I played the game, the same things happened. Buy the game, wait for a few months for a stable version and then you can finally get into a longer, more complex save. I don't know how it was before FM15, but I believe it was the same. I can't understand how each and every version has messed up rules about subs, league playoffs, registration rules, youth teams etc. each year. People are suggesting really good things that will improve the game much more than what we get each year. Instead we see the same things in every FM: a 'new' and 'innovative' UI, minimal tactic creator tweaks and updated database and that's it. It's like Apple, selling the same product each year under a new design. The mezzala role was introduced in fm18. I have never seen it go out wide, while an inside forward cuts inside, and get the ball while the defense was busy with the inside forward. positional play = 0(zero). Yeah, it's cool at first, it completes the fantasy of being a real life football manager, but all the matches look the same. You win the league easily with a mid table club, leading in goals, possession, passes etc... Just like in real life. There are a lot more things to say. Maybe my post will get deleted again and I'll suddenly get muted again without any notice or the mods knowing anything about it. This forum feels like 1984 at times, you are not allowed to think what you want about the game, you are only allowed to express the positive things about it. It's the best football sim in the world (because it's the only one, duh). But I guess it's all good since the money keeps coming. Panem et circenses. This is not a rant. Maybe someone good at reverse engineering can help SI to bring the game to a better state. I'm sorry if I didn't use the correct tenses, English is not my first language, but I'm sure the message will get across. Panem et circenses.
  10. Change the AP-A to RPM and give Messi AP-A with shoot more often player instruction while changing Dembele to a W/IF-A. I would also experiment with Suarez's role.
  11. I always think about the training facilities like real training facilities where all my teams train (field, gym, equipment etc.) and about the youth facilities like the building/rooms where junior players from other towns/countries sleep, the place where they eat, what I can offer them throughout their junior years (clothes, stuff for school, football kits etc.).
  12. I always add the first divisions from Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. Then I go to the advanced database options and add all players up to players with international reputation. The first 2 options from each continent I let them unticked. I don't know if you understand me. By doing this, the game will load a lot of players, but not leagues that are useless for my savegames, like Ukraine's league because I won't manage there anyway. You can add whatever leagues you want besides the ones I specified.
  13. The role doesn't matter, the duty is what matters here. Players will defend according to their duty, not their role. Wingbacks simply offer more width than a traditional fullback. The wingbacks have hardcoded PI to run wide with ball. FB(S) has the same mentality as a WB(S), same with FB(A)/(D) and WB(A)/(D). A good starting point is looking at the player instructions for each role and decide how you want them to play when you have the ball.
  14. I would give a kidney if I could make crosses less accurate(going out for a throw in or being intercepted by the opposing side full back, headed away by the central defendera etc.) than 90% of them being blocked and going out for a corner kick(from where is also very easy to score).
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