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  1. Yes, it will apply, but there hasn't been any changes to the match engine. You can see the different versions here https://steamdb.info/app/872790/depots/ Right now, the public version is the same as the public beta version.
  2. Once your fm19 updates, it will be on the public beta version. you can start a new save if you want the fixed database issues (see changelist)
  3. i don't think they work on a saturday.
  4. Please post a gif or video. I really need the dopamine rush.
  5. Probably in the 19.2.0 patch. I remember someone from staff said they are rechecking all roles, so that will take some time.
  6. i think database issues and bugs are relatively easy to fix. Match engine tweaking is another story. I assume it needs much testing and tweaking to reach a balanced state. I don't know much about testing, but I heard that when you fix a bug, a couple more pop up. For now we just have to be patient.
  7. Are we going to acknowledge that, in 4 patches, SI didn't fix a simple mistake like the default attacking corner routine where the central defenders stay back instead of the fullbacks?
  8. the problem is not multiple players asking for contracts, the problem is ONE player asking multiple times a season for a new contract after signing one. things like this happen very rarely in real life, if ever.
  9. This is what happens when you don't have any competition.
  10. it's not working for saves started on a previous version like 19.1.2. New saves works just fine.
  11. They said that they are focusing on stability and DB fixes for now.
  12. Exactly!!! You can play with a low block, high tempo and fast forwards and win most games. When it comes to implementing a certain style, you bump into many problems. After the full release I started a new save (needed the editor for some db changes) and in the preseason I could barely beat amateur sides 1-0 or 2-0 with a replica of my FM2018 tactic, there was absolutely no movement in the opposition's third. After I experimented more with the post-beta match engine I scored 12+ each game against the same teams using low block and high tempo, managing a mid-table Championship side.
  13. His team won, so the match engine must be perfect!
  14. Believe me, buddy, I tried everything you can do with the match engine, players just hoof the ball in front of the striker, even if you tell them not to counter when they get the ball. Bugs forum is full of examples. I stopped playing after about 25 league games. The problem isn't losing, as I am first in the championship, but not being able to recreate a style in this match engine. I had zero problems in 17 and 18 as far as I can remember. At least they fixed the injuries.
  15. now try and play a possession game with the static front three and clueless midfielders. everything is about the transition to attack in this me. if you don't score at the end of it, you'll just get a blocked shot/long shot/corner. now i'm not saying we should win every game 5-0 or 10-0, but it's kinda annoying to get 30+ shots and 10-15 shots on target while the opposition has below 5 shots in total and you lose 1-0 or draw. AI either goes full rambo with the pressing or parks the bus.