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  1. Me and another person have already answered your question in another thread.
  2. A week ago it changed to 8th November. Weird. I forgot to take a screenshot.
  3. You can get it from anywhere. I think shopto.com is the cheapest one available.
  4. Yes, if they are in the league below the last playable league. If they are lower, the chances are very, very slim, maybe zero.
  5. There are many ways to increase the game difficulty. I just stated one example so people that demand a difficulty modifier can open their eyes and see there already are things in game that can increase the difficulty of your save. You can also start with low reputation and national level coaching license and choose Real Madrid as your team. Now try and keep these players in line. There's also an attribute that makes the board like you more and listen to your suggestions and demands.
  6. The game needs a complete overhaul of how ability and potential works.
  7. The way I see it, you choose your difficulty by choosing a bigger or smaller club to manage.
  8. YES!!! This! Please open a suggestion thread! I'm sick of answering all these useless questions. I'm here to answer questions about *my team*.
  9. How many leagues/nations do you recommend for Ryzen 5 3750H with 16gb of ram for a smooth experience? My old laptop had a i3 2350m with 4gb of ram, so I was loading only the top 5-6 european leagues + english championship, Brazil and Argentina and it was kinda slow.
  10. This has been a known issue for a very long time. The season has to actually reset for other players and coaches to see you as promoted.
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