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  1. Thanks dude. Yeah I realised I packed a bunch in there but I'd be attempting to write it for ages so I decided that once it was up I would leave it. Thank you for the advice. Guide lines, gotta remember they're guide lines. I will do. I actually really enjoy drawing out tactics. For whatever reason, I find it relaxing. So I'll maybe give it another bash and try to keep it simple.
  2. Howdy folks, so yeah, I’m still playing FM17. I can’t stop. I can’t stop because i have yet to feel success in it. I’ve won things but never felt successful. To be honest at this point it’s probably more a sickness than anything else. Seriously, i suffer from anxiety and even making this post is making me feel grim for various reasons. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube (Thanks @Rashidi especially) and i’ve read a lot. And i feel like I’m almost there. Like, I’m *this* close. So here it is, nothing ground breaking I know but this is the result of hours or playing, watching, thinki
  3. Could someone be so kind and tell me, ignoring player instructions, what setting for a Inverted Wingback would be best if all I want him to do is to cut inside and sit centrally? Not bombing to far forward or running to much with the ball. Maybe acting as an auxiliary playmaker? Support sounds like it would maybe make the most sense but that setting on Fm17 pushed them too far forward. Ta ta
  4. I didn't know this and was always trying to get kids on the pitch as early as possible. Thanks for sharing Seb!
  5. Hi guys, Would anyone have any advice on what roles best suit the two midfielders in a 41221 DM with narrow, attacking inside forwards and a DLP Support, False 9 or Treq? I'm thinking probably about keeping and starting them with as CM Supports and seeing what happens but i'm worried that might cause the area in front of the oppositions defense to be crowded and restrict space for the two inside forwards and forward. I don't really read the ME that well so thought i'd ask here. Finally, if i want the DM to be a Ball Winning Defender, i assume at least one of my centre mi
  6. I've a question about Team Shape and player responsibility; Take for example Structure - 'Central defenders are responsible only for the defensive phase' What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that the player will not move forward when a counter attack is on? Where as, if i had the team set to Fluid - 'However, players from each unit are expected to move into the transition phase when the right opportunity arises' means that they will move forward if a counter attack is on? But only in the right opportunity? Which is what? Am i over complicating this? I've always wondered and, as i'm
  7. I know how that feels. My daughter also doesn't understand her fathers need to get frustrated at Football Manager. She will though... May I ask, does the player have Moves Into Channels? Is that part of how you have gotten success with Henry's movement? I'm going to tick the Moves Into Channels instruction on the Complete Forward Support instructions and see what his movement is like. Cheers
  8. Nice! It must be a pretty good feeling when things start to come together. If i may ask a question about that goal, but the Henry role; Have you told him to move into the channels as it looks like that's what he is doing and i don't think (though, i could be wrong) that the Complete Forward Support has this instruction by default. Still struggling with Henry so very much looking forward to the write up you do on him, if you get a chance to do one. Are you still enjoying the save by the way?
  9. Speaking about crosses.. I'm seeing something relatively odd. Almost all of my left back crosses are being block...and it's the exact same way every time; the ball isn't beating the first man. I'm watching the games on comprehensive. Here are some stats: Against - Man City - Intercepted 16 : Completed 1 PSG - 12 : 1 Leicester - 7 : 3 Spurs - 23 : 10 Swansea - 15 : 4 PSG again - 15 : 1 Hull - 20 : 7 And it's turtles all the way down. Is a symptom of having Whipped Crosses set as active? They're pretty much all Leighton Baines' figures there and he isn't exactly rubbish. I've
  10. You're right, there wasn't. Apologies pal. In my defence, my 8 month old has had a cold for 6 days which as resulted in very little sleep. Even still, twas pretty dicky of me.
  11. Maybe he checked himself with better scouts? Or maybe he's had him before? Or maybe he used the editor? Or the in-game editor? Or a third party in-game editor. I'm not sure why it's an issue.
  12. So, I still wasn't seeing the movement from Henry that i *think* he should be making. So, i went back to reading the articles again, went and watched a lot of goals from that season and decided to make some changes. What i did was move Henry out to the left flank and set him as an Inside Forward Attack with the PPI's Stay Wide, Roaming and Cut inside. I also move Bergkamp into the middle of the pitch and gave him the Roaming and Move Into Channels PPI (as well as Dribble Less). Finally, I pushed the Defensive line up and focused the passing down the left flank. It looks ridiculous on 'pap
  13. Him that's a good idea. My man marking the oppo left back didn't work as planned as he didn't drift out wide so much as stay out wide...which is what you'd expect. Had some success with the Bergkamp as a DFD but he wasn't anywhere near as creative enough so changed back to a DLP - S but gave him the Dribble Less PPI in an effort to try and get him to be more of a creator. Also, haven't seen any movement on the right hand side yet for the WMA so will look at that when i'm happy with everything else. As i'm typing this i'm just wondering something. I've signed two new strikers as my front
  14. @Cleon This is really excellent. I've been wanting to try this for sometime with Everton so this will be a great help (Brendan Galloway could be the perfect modern day Viera. We'll see). Thanks especially for the links as they proved very informative. A few quick questions though; 1. What about a False 9 for Bergkamp? The description seems to fit quite well but the role has Runs with Ball often so i assume thats why you went with the DLF Support? 2. Similarly, i was thinking about trying (when my child allows me 5 seconds) with the Defensive Forward on Defend but having the player know
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