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  1. Thanks dude. Yeah I realised I packed a bunch in there but I'd be attempting to write it for ages so I decided that once it was up I would leave it. Thank you for the advice. Guide lines, gotta remember they're guide lines. I will do. I actually really enjoy drawing out tactics. For whatever reason, I find it relaxing. So I'll maybe give it another bash and try to keep it simple.
  2. Howdy folks, so yeah, I’m still playing FM17. I can’t stop. I can’t stop because i have yet to feel success in it. I’ve won things but never felt successful. To be honest at this point it’s probably more a sickness than anything else. Seriously, i suffer from anxiety and even making this post is making me feel grim for various reasons. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube (Thanks @Rashidi especially) and i’ve read a lot. And i feel like I’m almost there. Like, I’m *this* close. So here it is, nothing ground breaking I know but this is the result of hours or playing, watching, thinking (lots of thinking) and tweaking. An explanation. I really wanna use a 433 as i like playing with a DM (plus i always play as Everton and they start the game with loads). I really love the movement of the Advanced Playmaker on the wing and the overlapping the left back. Most of my goals, in theory would come from an overlapping run by the left back with a cross into the near post for the Centre Mid. My main problem is I really wanna make the CF the main goal scorer, potentially an Advanced Forward attack or Complete Forward Attack but I think playing a lone cf on attack could lead to him being isolated, plus I like playing with an Inside Forward attack and don’t feel like these two work together. So that means i put have to put the CF on a support role. But then i feel like i need to put a centre mid on attack and it can’t be the right side because it will get in the Inside Forwards way and it can’t be the left because i feel like it would in the way of the Advanced Playmaker and then the spiral of anxiety happens again and again.. Or i could go a 4231 deep, which would give me my defensive midfielder (two in fact) and still have my advanced playmaker on the wing but then whats best for my number 10 and and does it need to be on attack because if not the midfield triangle will have 1 def and 2 support which isn’t balanced. So i have to play it as an attack duty but then that means i can’t play the cf on attack which gets me back to the main problem of having to play a support duty up front And the spiral of anxiety happens again and again.. So, help i guess. Can i play an number 10 on attack behind a attacking centre forward. Or is playing two support duties in a midfield 3 ok? I’m sorry for the word dump but I’ve been putting off writing this for months (no idea why) so it’s just all sort of came out. Happy to answer any questions if the above isn’t clear. Thanks all.
  3. Could someone be so kind and tell me, ignoring player instructions, what setting for a Inverted Wingback would be best if all I want him to do is to cut inside and sit centrally? Not bombing to far forward or running to much with the ball. Maybe acting as an auxiliary playmaker? Support sounds like it would maybe make the most sense but that setting on Fm17 pushed them too far forward. Ta ta
  4. How frustrating did you find it? Lot of long balls to nowhere? I presume you didn’t score a lot of goals?
  5. Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. I’m really not that good at this game (been trying to get better for a long time) so no point in making things more complicated or difficult for myself
  6. Ive a question on sitting deep and staying compact. I’m in my second season with Everton and finally have some pace on the wings and up top (still littered wit amc’s though). Id like to play a defensive/counter 4411 focusing on remaining stubborn and compact at the back with two banks of four then using the wide ares to break with pace. Ive two questions on this 1. I’d like my two lines to stay quite close together to either force the opposition wide or into taking a long shot. As far as I know, the shape that does this the most is very fluid. But having a very fluid defensive system just seems off somehow. Is that a fair assessment or is very fluid defensive football a thing? 2. I know how I want to score one type of goal but can’t think what I would like to do if the counter isn’t on. Keeping the ball deep to allow the opposition to come on to me in an effort to force the counter seems best but I’m not sure how to do this. Anytime I try and do defensive football I’m pressed into hoofing the ball long. Does anyone have any tips on playing keep ball near your own area to open up space for wingers/forward to exploit? thanks ally
  7. I see this happen quite a lot and wondering if anyone knows the reason for this? Here's the latest example Bought 22 year old Lascelles from Newcastle and gave him status of back up. He has a balanced personality. Ask Jagielka, squad status of Rotation and personality of Resolute to tutor him. Everyone agrees this is a good idea. 2 days later i get a notification stating that no way Lascelles could learn anything due to 'clear difference in personality'. This isn't the first time i've seen this exact thing but it's the most annoying as i planned to turn Lescelles into my future captain. I know i can still do this but my head cannon is a bit ruined now. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  8. I think showing a star rating system/bar graph, relative to the team the user is managing is a fantastic idea. One of the reasons I generally avoid playing lower league games is due to finding it difficult to gauge is a player is good for that level. I know that a user can technically already do this by using the team report and figure it out from there but having it on the player screen would make things much easier. Great idea
  9. First of all, i'd say to the people on here who are complaining about 'x being poorly coded' and 'y just fix the bugs etc' are doing a disservice to the people who work hard at SI. I'm 100% sure they work very hard to try and limit the amount of issues that get out the door. In saying that, I do personally feel that the media side, including how players react to the things you say as a manager is...well, just not very fun. I hope SI have been looking at it and something changes in the next few iterations.
  10. I understand a lot of people are sceptical about PSG failing FFP due to various reasons but from what I read, UEFA are going to be investigating the deal so they might face a charge yet. Plus, I also thought it would be a cool experiment eg would PSG offload a lot of high earners to fall back in line with FFP? Or would they do nout and take the punishment.
  11. Hi guys, Know my way around the editor a bit but I'm struggling to have the Neymar transfer impact PSG as it should. What I would like to see - PSG have zero transfer budget left this summer - Barcelona to have 220 million plus transfer budget this season (done). - Transfer having a massive impact on PSG ability to pass FFP. Now, I've tried setting the transfer up as a future transfer to happen on the first of July but it doesn't seem to have any impact on the above three criteria. Ive also tried moving him to PSG and editing the finances of both clubs directly (190m from PSG balance, 190m to Barcelona, adding minus deficit to PSG FFP, adding positive value to Barcelona FFP) and, while this does effect Barcelonas balance properly* it doesn't seem to impact PSG to starting balance and they still seem set to pass FFP. Anyone had any luck with this? Thanks Ally *the projection balance for the club is the same as it was before the edit but I assume that's because I made the whole 190m available to the transfer budget
  12. I didn't know this and was always trying to get kids on the pitch as early as possible. Thanks for sharing Seb!
  13. Hi guys, Would anyone have any advice on what roles best suit the two midfielders in a 41221 DM with narrow, attacking inside forwards and a DLP Support, False 9 or Treq? I'm thinking probably about keeping and starting them with as CM Supports and seeing what happens but i'm worried that might cause the area in front of the oppositions defense to be crowded and restrict space for the two inside forwards and forward. I don't really read the ME that well so thought i'd ask here. Finally, if i want the DM to be a Ball Winning Defender, i assume at least one of my centre mids should be on defend? Tactic will most likely be balanced/standard with no TI's to begin with. Thanks al
  14. Hey guys, recently upgraded my gpu to a Asus strix 1080ti and noticed some issues with 2016; Anyone seen anything like this before? GPU is the only thing that's been upgraded recently and other games appear to be working fine as does matches when in 3d or the newer 2d mode. Also, i didn't see this issue on my old gpu (strix 980ti) Specs (from memory as not in front of computer) 6700k stable overclocked to 4.3ghz 1080ti Strix gpu 16gb ddr4 ram The monitor is a rog 27 inch gsync (which should be turned no globally). Let me know if you need anymore and i'll try to update when i get home. Thanks guys Ally
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