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  1. Thanks for the advice. Do you have any other data points that you search for different positions e.g. perhaps Interceptions and something else for a ball winning midfielder? Or, if you don't mind, perhaps you could recommend some reading if you know any? Im currently reading The Numbers Game but it was written in 2011
  2. Great work. I never thought to add a Mins data point and allow it to change the size of the dots. Im new to this sort of thing Im trying to use data like this instead of the normal player search e.g. Dribbling > 15 etc. This seems more fun Dont suppose you know the difference between Key pass Clear Cut Chance Created Like what does the game consider a key pass?
  3. Inspired by a post by Tifo, I wanted to see if I could create a scatter graph of the best dribblers and key passers in a season on fm21. I did the following In player search, I added a filter that looked for players with at least a 1 in key passes per 90 and dribbles per 90 I edited the view to contain only Name, Keypasses and dribbles (as well as the other default columns) I clicked ctrl+p to export to a webpage Expected result The export should contain the names, key passes and dribbles per 90 Actual result The export only contains the names up to the first player in the list that is on loan and after that, no player names are exported. Rest of the data intact Anyone seen this before? I've attached the export file I used but really should be quite easy to reproduce the steps and see if its a bug or something im doing wrong. KeyPassAndDribbles.html
  4. Cheers pal! thats this mornings reading sorted
  5. This is a great write up, thank you! One thing I’m curious about, does the game treat the SV as a playmaker eg is it a ball magnet?
  6. Interesting point about having to go direct due to their defensive positioning. Did you try putting both the DMC's on Support perhaps? Or even a Segundo Valante on Attack. Ive always been a single pivot guy in FM but in 21, Ive found I've really enjoyed using the two so now curious about the dynamics or each variant
  7. Morning all, what is everyones feelings on a 4-2-3-1 with a standard double pivot vs its deep counterpart? I presume the deep, depending on roles, will give greater solidity at the expense of penetration up front (though the formation still has the 4 top players doing their thing so maybe not). Does anyone have any strong feelings on either? I realise that player roles form a massive part of this debate and its something I haven't really decided on as of right now (If I were to go with the deep version). Cheers all Hope you're well
  8. So I agree about the team should start on the positive mentality more than they shouldn't if I want to meet this requirement but that's a guess. The other stuff im not sure. TBF there are two Preferred culture requests that I play Possession ("high" levels of possession and pass completion) and Attacking football (again "high" goals and shots to games) but I still do not like this at all I see what they've tried to go for here but the tool tips should tell you exactly what is required e.g. Possession Football "Majority of games team should have >X% possession and >x% pass completion. The flavour can stay in the Club Culture title
  9. The tool tip reads "The team will be expected to play expansive and attractive football to keep the fans entertained" I love this game but with respect, who defined this requirement? Attractiveness and entertainment are subjective, no? Expansive I presume means, wide? But could also mean vertical? In video games there is a time for flavour and a time for specifics. As this is a desired requirement from my board, I feel this is a time for specifics
  10. Ok, yep solid points. On the gap in midfield, the other thing I was thinking about was dropping the AMC down to MC and playing him as a Advance Playmaker Support. Its James so I suspect he could do it well. Then perhaps changing the Advance Forward to A Deeplying Forward Attack. Though with a lot of support roles behind him, perhaps he could still play as a Advanced Forward. Just keep an eye on that to see if he's being left adrift from everyone else
  11. Hi folks, thinking about starting a new game with Everton and wondering if anyone could give advice on this starting set up? My briefs from the board are Playing attacking football (I presume Positive will satisfy this) Play possession football (hence the short passing) Play "entertaining" football (which really is a stupid requirement because entertainment is subjective but whatever) Set up is as follows No player instructions other telling Ben Godfrey (The Ball Playing Defender) to Dribble more. Will hopefully training the Inside Forward to Arrive Late and the Vol At to Get into the Box Other than that, what I'd expect to see is The Advance Forward is the main goal threat, being supplied by the various players on support behind him The Vol exploiting the space between the EG and Winger by receiving through balls by the EG The Inside Forward arriving late The Wingback and Winger stretching the play Thats really it. The Fullback (Coleman) isn't as athletic as he once was but can still cross a ball so might ask him to cross from deep and often. Obviously this won't work every time but as Plan A's go, is there any obvious flaws that I'm missing? And yes, I know "why don't you try it and report back". I get that advice, I truly do. But I have limited time to play this game and there is very little worst from an FM perspective than spending the only evening you get that week getting through Pre-season only to find that your base idea for the tactic is bobbins and you have to start again. Edit Meant to say, one thing that concerns me is the gap in Midfield between the dms and the amc so maybe will drop the Higher Line of Engagement and settle with the Push Higher up. That should allow space in behind as well
  12. Hi all, In training, does the value in the Position/Role/Duty training dropdown train the player in whatever position they're playing on the pitch? Ive noticed that playing a player in a different role from what they're asked to do on the pitch effects their Position/Role/Duty attribute value in the Tactical Familiarity popup and its winding me up If I leave each players training on Playing Position, will their training be aligned with that e.g if I play my CF as a Deep Lying Forward and set his Position/Role/Duty to Playing Position, will he be trained as a Deep Lying Forward? if so, what happens if I have 3 tactics and in 2 of them, the player plays a Deep Lying Forward but in 1 he plays a Target Man? Thanks
  13. Hi, so in FM21 I would like to be able to go into a previous match and view the analysis for all players at the same time, while also being able to highlight/select specific players? In the Team Report > Match Analysis > Match > Individual Match Analysis you can only view the whole teams stats but are unable to break those out via player (like you could in the old games) e.g. if I wanna see completed passes I can select passes, which displays all completed passes in the right handsome pitch BUT I then can't see how that breaks down per player. You can view the individual player stats by going into player > Report > analysis BUT you can't see how the other players did in this screen. I thought you could go into the actual match but I can't seem to figure out how to view the match analysis from here (all I see is the score line on the left (with the high level stats e.g. shots, passes etc). Am I being silly? Thanks EDIT Never mind, if you click on View Match in the schedule screen instead of simply clicking on the score (which I did) you can bring up the analytical data then. Seems like you should probably be able to do this from the Team Report > Match Analysis > Match > Individual Match Analysis but what are you gonna do
  14. Thanks dude. Yeah I realised I packed a bunch in there but I'd be attempting to write it for ages so I decided that once it was up I would leave it. Thank you for the advice. Guide lines, gotta remember they're guide lines. I will do. I actually really enjoy drawing out tactics. For whatever reason, I find it relaxing. So I'll maybe give it another bash and try to keep it simple.
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