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  1. That the only way? okay, cheers
  2. Hi Just needing advice. I've started my own Celtic League DB and want to include national cups, I want to have Scottish teams compete for a Scottish FA cup, Welsh teams etc etc. But How do I separate the teams for these competitions if theyre in the top flight and playing with teams from the other nations? It'll be easy enough with the regional leagues further down the pyramid. Cheers Matt
  3. Nobody seems to be getting into the box for you is the one thing that sticks out instantly. Cm support will hold outside the area, Same as ap. And DLF s will also drop.
  4. Cheers, tried a few switches and went for a Trequartista and IF on support, started attacking and went 1-0 up vs Hull after 12 minutes, switched to counter and won in the end 4-1, Standard for me for a few weeks.
  5. Hi there, new to FM15, all instructions now, bit different from FM13... as well as 2 years of ME development. The trouble Im having is a consistent attacking threat playing as Everton, im playing 4-1-2-2-1 or 4-3-3, whichever way you see it. I have a DLF (S) (Lukaku or Eto) in the middle, IF(A) (Mirallas or McGeady) on the left and W(A) ((Pienaar or McGeady) on the right. in centre mid I have CM(A) (Gibson# or Osman) and AP(S) (Barry or Osman). I hvae a lot of support from 2 full backs on automatic in Baines and Coleman. Dont like Wing Backs as they seem to hang back and not get forward with someone else playing wide with them. The problem im encountering is that the box is getting very crowded and finding it hard to get a finishing chance away before a defender sticks a foot out and clears. Im playing with an attacking style and balance philosophy. Any tips or dissections?
  6. Well.... this game is getting on top of me! Very impotent in attack... ------------CF(s) IF(A)--------------------W(A) --------AP(S)--CM(A)--- -------------A(D) WB(A)-CD(D)-CD(D)-FB(S) Full backs dont get forward enough, they can be open and players dont pass... this is my preferred method as it stretches them and I have Leighton Baines... It just lacks penetration and my CM(A) doesnt run beyond the CF(s). Any suggestions as how I can adapt to this new game from FM13?
  7. They used to be called touchline shouts, I dont mean the team talk bit, I mean the ability to change stuff like 'pump ball into box'
  8. The first thing that jumps out at me is BWM-D, just set it to CM-D. and get one of your mids on A.
  9. Can someone point me in the right direction? im looking for a discussion or site which gives information on developing touchline shouts in FM15... or whatever theyre called now. Cheers
  10. Avast is removing the helper.exe to the vault... this is whats stopping it. Trying to get it onto the allowed list.
  11. Hi there, Still on Fm13 as running a business means I dont have much time to keep up with the latest FM's Anyway, had a day off and went to run the game and got presented with this notification. Does anyone have any tips?
  12. I play a 41221/433 formation with a Cf support and a cm attack to do just that with a DC. Think tempo would be the best bet. Cheers.
  13. How do you crack the opposition when you play a short passing game and the opposition are on you like a rash and close you down quicker than you can deal with the ball at your feet. Increase tempo? Increase passing length?
  14. They were frigged, had to go to a bog standard 442 to see the season out as I couldnt rotate the central 3 properly so had to reduce it to 2 midfielders to rotate 1. Few more tweaks. GK - GK D DR - FB A DC - CD D DC - CD D DL - FB A DM - Anchor D MC(L) - AP S MC ® - CM A AMR - IF A AML - IF A S - CF S Balanced/Attacking Shorter Passing/ More Expressive/ Drill Crosses MC ® set as playmaker. Shouts; Play out of defense Work Ball into box Pass into space.
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