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  1. Interesting post mate. I'm working on a similar Pep 4-3-3 back on FM18 so naturally, I'm looking for similar positioning from my wingers. Stay wide in the build up phase - Stretch the opposition defence horizontally, creating more room in the 'half spaces' for my CMs (and inverted wing backs) to play in. Stay high in the build up phase - Pin the opposition full back, forcing the defence backwards allows the CMs to join the offensive players, making the 2-3-5 shape in attack. - Staying higher puts him in a position to make a run in behind the full back if the space opens up
  2. Hi fellas, Been working on a few different systems across a couple of versions of FM, most recently a Pep style 4-3-3 (2-3-5 in attack) on FM18. One slight issue I've ran into in all of them is the positioning of my wide players. Ideally I'd like to have wingers who play as high as possible, stay wide through the build up play look to run in behind. I'd like them to really stretch out the opposition back line and pin their full backs, in order to create space in other areas. Similar to how City's wingers play. The problem I've found is that they often don't push up right to the last
  3. Yeah I'm a big fan of the system too. As good as rampaging wing backs are, there's something very appealing to me about having a dynamic front 3 supported by a couple of technically excellent, creative, attack minded midfield players. Would love to get the creative output of the 8s to real life David Silva/De Bruyne levels. Was thinking something like this once the team is at the required level to give them greater fluidity/freedom. Mentalities are according to the calculator, but I think the 11 on the DLP might be an error, seems to be 14 in game. As much as your preferenc
  4. This is just incredible. As a Liverpool fan, our inability to break teams down coupled with Pep's City looking so dominant has left me massively frustrated. It's also made me get back on FM to try and implement Guardiola's 433. I notice that you used it at the start of your current save when the squad was very young. The last time you showed it (pg 14) it was Highly Structured/Control with a midfield/forward line of DM/D/6, RPM/S/10, MEZ/A/16, W/S/11, SS/A/17, W/S/11. Following the move from Highly Structured to Very Fluid, I don't think we saw the "Pep 433" again. Is this because y
  5. What do you guys think of tutoring young players who already have good personalities and high determination? Unless I'm looking for them to develop specific traits, is it better to leave it alone? I've had a really good youth in take at Lyon. I've got a young striker, for example, Gautier Merlet. His personality is driven and his determination is 19 at just 15 years of age. Is there any real benefit to having a senior pro mentor him off the pitch? My inclination would be that it would potentially do more harm than good, and that I'd be better off having someone 'help develop his game' (i.
  6. Interesting idea to have the front 3 as strikers. I haven't personally used a shape like that so wouldn't be sure on how it would play out in game. What I would say though is that Liverpool's midfield 3 is typically much more conservative than BBM/Mez. A combination of having no player in the AMR/AML position, adventurous midfield roles and attacking full backs would leave me worried about defensive stability on the flanks.
  7. How have people found the FM21 match engine now you've had a couple of weeks to get used to it? I haven't made the switch over yet. I've actually gone back to FM18 as I found the ME much more enjoyable. One thing that has really jumped out is the positioning of 'attacking' central midfield players in possession based systems. "Here's one I made earlier" - a few posts up I demonstrated how the positioning of my MCL/MCR was not as aggressive or adventurous as I'd like it to be, to the extent that they'd be standing on the toes of my inverted wing backs and utilising the space ahead of
  8. I've lost count of the amount of times I've read through this thread. On my latest read through, one thing that interested me was the '10 year reflection' post. You mention a few things about how you'd alter the individual training to further develop specific attributes e.g. finishing. You also mention potentially using more fitness training (combined with individually training roles such as defensive forward and defensive winger) to help with developing attributes for pressing. Other than that, did your team training generally stay fairly similar the second time around i.e. heavy tactica
  9. Not 100% sure if this is the right place for this to go, if not then obviously feel free to move/delete. Anyway, I've got all of the faces, kits, badges etc that I need on FM20, but I'm thinking of going back and playing FM18 again. Can I simply copy and paste the documents from 'Sports Interactive > FM20 > graphics' to 'Sports Interactive > FM18 > graphics' ? Not too bothered if a few players are missing, just want to know if it would work in general? The downloads obviously take a long time and I don't want to go though it all over again if I can help it! Thanks g
  10. Both defensive line and LOE are higher. I hadn't actually considered altering these. I've always been worried that increasing the space would make it easier for teams to play through my midfield. Changing it in order to increase the spaces between the lines for myself offensively literally hadn't crossed my mind. Haven't tried Mezzala or Roaming Playmaker yet, again slightly concerned that it'd compromise my defensive structure. I think I'd be more inclined to make this switch if we were dominating possession but despite being set up to do so, I'm not having as much of the ball as I'd exp
  11. Hi guys, Just done a post on the Caixa thread which kind of relates to this, but don't want to go off topic too much on there so thought it'd be best to pop this one in here. I'm currently at Inter using a 4-3-3 (2 IWBs, DLP and 2 CMs), attempting to create that 2-3-5 shape in attack that we have seen be so effective. My issue however, as you will see below, is the positioning of the 2 central midfield players. Firstly, that they rarely position themselves as high up the pitch as I would like. Secondly, this leads to them standing on the toes of my IWBs. Here, we have secu
  12. Doing one of my regular read through of this thread and this perked my interest. Particularly what you say about opposition needing to press in order to make 'Play Out Of Defence' really necessary. It interested me as I've quite often found my CMs (in a 433) dropping far deeper than I need them to be when building out from a goal kick. I've also seen the problem this causes in that it leaves a big gap in the centre of the pitch and as a result we end up playing longer, riskier passes to forwards/wingers who are then isolated due to the lack of support from the '8s'. It goes against o
  13. Ah, I see. In that case it's probably much more simple than it was in my head (that's a bit of a theme for these threads). Thanks!
  14. Question for the main man @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! (and anyone else who might be able to help) - this might have been asked/discussed before, but I couldn't find it with the search function. What is your view on the 'Dictates Tempo' PPM? For context, after a few days of 1990s/2000s Serie A nostalgia, I've just started a save with Inter Milan (FM20). With this thread as the inspiration, I'm looking to implement an attacking, possession based philosophy. I am probably going to be selling Eriksen and Brosovic in order to raise funds and build the midfield (and the team as a whole) around Stef
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