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    Hi there ma name is charles and i love sex wif boyz am here to meet aw da sexy men who like da football and balls as much as ah do. Mail me if you also enjoy da bumsekz.

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  1. @Morrissey hiya mate just checking before I try this. Is there an issue with fixtures loading a few seasons in as someone has asked previously? Also so how far down does your promotions go (I.e how low can you take a team from to the SPL for instance.) look forward to trying it. Cheers.
  2. Ouch. That's not exactly ideal. Would the in-game editor enable me to change the finances etc when the full release is out?
  3. OK. But, and I know I asked this earlier. If I play so far into the game and then the data is fixed for the final release, the new data won't fix that by overwriting old data?? Or am I wrong?
  4. Anyone else playing as Rangers and confused as to why the game still has the club as 'In Recievership'? We have been out of Administration for ages now, have no debt and have £14m in the bank, according to the club financial report that was released last week.
  5. OK, so I'm EXTREMELY tempted to buy a pre-order version today in-order to play this now as I cannot wait another 2 weeks . Just one thing I'm curious about before I do: The Beta version, does that mean that any bugs/issues that are identified and fixed for launch of the full game will require me to start a new game on the 31st to get the benefits of them? Also, and not a major thing, but is there a light and dark version of the base skin?
  6. ChiccO

    Nuu Skin

    Is the link working OK for everyone else? Doesn't seem to be working for me...
  7. Do you mean the BWM's 'Run with ball' to rarely? Cause the downloaded version I have of your tweak already has this set as rarely and I haven't tweaked?
  8. Also Marcelo, which team talks are you using? Or are you leaving that to Ass Man?
  9. Nice one mate. Played another few matches last night and the form wasn't as strong. But, like you say, when the tactic is completely gelled it will play a lot better.
  10. OK. Played 5 games with this as Lincoln City in the BSP and won all 5. That includes an FA Cup home match against League 2 side, Rochdale. Conceded 7 goals and scored 18 over the 5 matches. This is great considering I had only managed 3 wins in 14 games before I tried Marcelo's tweak version. Tactic is working well, just the defense needs a bit of work I think. Do you think that changing the match prep to Def. Positioning might help with the conceding? Right now I have it set as Def. Set Pieces.
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