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  1. The 2019/20 A-League Award winners are listed as "No award given", however they were all awarded on 10 September A-League Goalkeeper of the Year - Andrew Redmayne (Sydney FC) A-League Golden Boot - Jamie Maclaren (Melbourne City, 22 goals), 2nd Adam Le Fondre (Sydney FC, 20 goals), 3rd Besart Berisha (Western United, 19 goals) A-League Manager of the Year - Erick Mombaerts (Melbourne City) A-League Player of the Year - Alessandro Diamanti (Western United), 2nd Milos Ninkovic (Sydney FC), 3rd Jamie Maclaren (Melbourne City) A-League Young Player of the Year - Riley McGree (Adelaide
  2. Substitution rules for the 2020/21 A-League season will likely continue following the temporary amendments to Law 3, allowing for five substitutions to be used from three substitution opportunities during a match (excluding half time). I say likely, because we should be confirming this information in the next week or so, but one to have on the radar. This will then revert back to the normal three substitutions for the 2021/22 season onwards. Note: I am the Referees Manager at Football Federation Australia, and happy to provide further information when this and other competition rule chang
  3. The referee database in the game has not been updated for many years, with plenty of retired officials still in the game - myself included! As the Referees Manager at Football Federation Australia, I am willing to provide a more up to date database.
  4. New game start dates are currently listed as 07/12/2020 for early pre-season and 21/12/2020 for both late pre-season and start of season, however each team has scheduled (and played) friendlies from early October. Should the two pre-season start dates not be earlier in the year?
  5. A bug which also existed in FM20 related to the minimum wage of a player over the age of 21. If a player is already on a contract worth more than the minimum amount (A$64k pa), then once then reach the age of 21 their contract is reduced down to that value. By example, here is a player who I gave a new contract to specifically to test this valued at A$90k pa, and then upon turning 21 on 04/01/2021, his contract reduced down to A$64k pa the following day.
  6. There used to be a way to organise international friendlies in an EDT file. Is this still possible, and if so what are the commands?
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