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  1. Sometimes it’s the number of relegation. Sometime it’s the number of team in the division
  2. I get a different error message every time I try to verify the database.
  3. If anyone could help me clean this custom league I will appreciate it 1 Haitian leagues final.fmf
  4. Even in the beta it crashes during the second to third season
  5. I ran a couple of test tonight. I think i fixed the database. But it seem without the beta, it will still get stuck in the beginning of the second season on Feb 6 or around. I just updated to the data and it got pass that initial phase.. now I will see if it will mess up on the 3 season like last time
  6. Yes it is the same game just further down the line. Mia there anyway I could figure what exactly is wrong with the database and I could fix that. I did the file file name is dump
  7. I have joined the beta. Did everything but nothing worked. and I downloaded the new save on the cloud service
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