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  1. I can confirm that my throw in instructions are still ignored for the issue i raised above. I can only ever seem to keep a maximum of two players back and get countered by the CPU AI constantly. Nothing i can do about it though unless i switch to a back three which will keep three players back.
  2. I always thought the maximum rating you could get was 20, but i checked my profile rating and saw that levels of discipline has surpassed 20 after a few seasons and is now showing 22. No wonder i rarely get any players coming to me with any concerns.
  3. I start as sunday league footballer and no badges. That gives you a total of 8 points to use, i use 4 on attacking training and 4 on motivating. I find motivating helpful to start getting more positive reactions from players when you give team talks.
  4. This thread, and the thread title, gave me a good laugh. Thank you!
  5. I can provide some feedback based on my experience. I am using the Lower Leagues Norway editor files with the latest version of the database which unlocks the Norwegian Third and Fourth divisions. Search Passion4FM Norway if you are interested. I am managing Lyn Football, who start in the third division which is unplayable, however it is available to be selected when starting a game, you just can't manage a team in that league without the editor files. SI added this division to improve the realism for B teams in the Norway leagues. Lyn Football reserves team is in the fourth division and i have managed to get them in the second division which is as high as they are allowed to go. Should the 1st team get relegated to the second division, Lyn 2 will be relegated to the third division. Being able to manage the reserve team in a playable league can help non 1st team players develop quicker i find. The reserve teams are not allowed in any cup competitions, so league games only.
  6. As above, also i think the players influence plays a strong part in how well they can mentor. For example, if the players influence is lower than average, i think the gains are insignificant.
  7. I felt it was a bug, i did a forum search and search of third party websites and found many others users who experienced the same. Seems perfectly reasonable to me. I'll tell you what's counter productive time wasting, responding and having to justify myself to you. Thanks for crapping on my thread anyway.
  8. I really don't appreciate your tone, why don't you mind your own business and leave this thread if you think it is useless. I will raise an issue as a bug if i feel it is so, this is the first issue i raised and your confrontational behaviour will not stop me raising an issue in the future.
  9. Okay fair enough, i was just surprised to see them given four games in a row. Worth considering that was based over only 26 league games though unlike the premier league.
  10. I've moved on to the next season now, but is there a way to find out how many pens i was awarded last year? EDIT, i was awarded 8 pens throughout the season. I played 26 league games.
  11. Hi Si, Generally happy with the match engine in the latest official build, however i have won a stupid number of pens this season and i think it is unrealistic. I have uploaded my pkms, four games in a row i won a pen, hopefully this helps resolve the issue in a future patch. Thank you. Bryne v Lyn.pkm Lyn v Brattvåg.pkm Lyn v Levanger.pkm Moss v Lyn.pkm
  12. I am interested to know what is the best way to build up fitness during pre-season to try and reduce fatigue in players half way through the season. When arranging friendlies, what is a suitable amount, and how far apart should they be? 3 days, or a week apart? I tend to schedule my friendlies, 5 or 6, 7 days apart and rarely make subs unless there is an injury. However i am not sure if this is the best way to do it. For example, would it be better to have a friendly every three days or so and sub the whole team off at half time and rinse and repeat for each game.
  13. Sadly no difference, instructions still completely ignored. However, at least the match engine is much better overall.
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