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  1. Good call, I always thought it was strange that there were elections every two years, though sometimes the old chairman stays on for four years. @Sebastian Szlenkier
  2. In Norway in FM2021 you turn pro once you reach the top league. In previous FMs you could be in the top league for several seasons or more before turning pro. Sometimes I had to get into Europe for the board to turn my club professional. Glad they changed that in FM2021. Costs go up massively though once turning pro, i was making a nice profit as a semi pro club which turned into heavy losses once going pro and putting everyone on FT contracts.
  3. Yes I have seen this in Norway when i took over a recently relegated Alta after a half a dozen seasons or so. No way around it, you just have to release the players back into their natural habitat.
  4. Pre-ordered. Have some complaints about FM 2021, but ultimately I put a lifetime or near enough into playing it. Looking forward to FM2022.
  5. Has anyone found a reliable way to make the widgets that you select stick, so you don't have to re-do them every game, or every other game? I have noticed that they tend to get remembered for home games eventually, but then they get forgotten for away games. And sometimes vice versa if you play several games at home or away on the trot.
  6. Looking at Rosenborg, the expansion capacity appears to be the maximum the stadium capacity can be expanded to.
  7. Thank you, found it. 3000. Another question If I may. In the FM 2021 editor, when it says Expansion capacity for a stadium. Is that the total amount of extra capacity that can be added via expansion, or is that the total capacity taking into account any possible expansions?
  8. Does anyone know the minimum stadium requirements in terms of capacity and seating etc for Norway's Premier League?
  9. No never had a sub goalie as they never get injured or sent off, so instead i use that sub position so that if any player on the team gets injured i have an immediate replacement in that position. Until I see a goalie injured r sent off i see no reason to change.
  10. I could be wrong, I hope I am. But I have never ever had a sub goalie on the bench and my actual goalie has never ever been injured or sent off in game. This is over multiple different saves with a few different teams. I have clocked up over 1000 hours playtime.
  11. I just have a feeling if you didn't have a sub, he would not have got injured.
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