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  1. I had the same thing in my first seasons, and notice it quite a bit. It did improve when I set my high line a bit further back and my general player quality improved. I honestly think my back line was also lacking too much pace for my playing style away from home. Good luck! Also, if any of you are having the problem where giving individual team talks to every player during pre-match or half time break resets the morale status to composed, try to select Individual, then select every player and then give the individual team talk. This seems to be the workaround until SI fix it.
  2. It's actually a rule in football. The player who takes the penalty can't touch the ball until it has touched another player I would go for the B club, if only for how fun it is to see them rise up the ranks. It is also good for development as for as I'm aware because they should eventually play against better opponents than they would in youth team matches. As for the injurt problem, you can simply have your players in your first team and have them set unavailable for the B team.
  3. Same thing happened in Northern Ireland. I was able to find a reserve manager after maybe 3-4 months. Struggled to find an assistant manager as well, so I just took a coach so I can at least see some star ratings and player reports. Good luck in Wales!
  4. As promised to tell you, I have the option for the first time ever to offer real part-time deals. Wage budget is 1370 euros a week and I'm promoted to the top tier. I have 300 per week spent with more than 1000 open. Reputation is still 0.5 star, local. Minimal wage I can offer players is 20 a week. I can tie players down to 4 years + 3 year optional now. (so 7 years total, 8 if you agree a to have the contract start at the end of the season I guess). Non-contracts are still possible for the below average players in my team. Thought this might be useful to you and other players to plan fo
  5. I may have been that guy . Which team you choose definitely has an impact. I feel it's important you have the finances to improve junior coaching and youth recruitment. Facilities can come later. What I would mainly see as easy is that if you survive season 1, you most likely will end up becoming champions of the country, even if it takes 10-20 seasons. I feel that's more so the case in Wales or Northern Ireland than in England or Spain.
  6. Have you guys had your saves impacted by the change from Beta to official? I feel like my tactic is a lot worse and I can't do team talks properly anymore. Other than that no bugs so far.
  7. Yeah it's quite unfortunate. Make sure to use the future contract agree date if you want to keep any good players. I'll let you know when I can start offering real part-time deals to players.
  8. Pretty sure that is how it has worked for all recent FM games. Remember that amateur clubs can't offer non-contracts. So you are semi-pro, but because of finances and/or player demand and/or team reputation stuck at offering non-contract deals. To cheese the game you can offer non-contract deals with an end of season future start date. You can do this on the first screen you get when offering a contract. I'm in Northern Ireland doing this challenge, in 2025 and still have what you're describing. And... spoiler about my save game:
  9. Good question. I like the other answers but I do it differently. The first decision I make is if I want to be in a poor country where it's easy to win the league, but hard to win CL, or a country where winning the league basically means you've already won the CL. Then I choose a country that seems like a bit of fun, or where I've never managed before. If you just want to beat this challenge I think 1. Germany and 2. England are the best placed to do so though. Good luck!
  10. Loyalty is very low so a player with fickle personality might want to transfer quicker. But I've found they do develop really well in my saves.
  11. Yes, its a factor, but it shouldnt weigh too heavily. I had the same club culture in my youth only save. The board removed it after one season. I did perform far above expectations, however. You would need to host it on another website. I tend to use Imgur. It's easy to use and you can put together all your images per season in one folder.
  12. That's frustrating man. Hoping you get a bit of luck on your side next time. And remember, pump fist and encourage
  13. I'm in again for this year @XaW. Going with Belfast Celtic in Northern Ireland. I'm already in the second season (will update on progress soon) and getting this message now. How does this make any sense?
  14. Congrats on staying up. Massive achievement just to get to the prem btw! Also, how hilarious is it that your starting CB is earning 350 a week. He'll need some financial support from his mom just to live on his own.
  15. If you don't start paying these lads more money they might turn to a career in modelling (except Joel) He's a good little player. Extend his contract for sure! Once that comes to end your team might have improved enough (probably not though) that he will want to sign a new contract. If he still wants to leave then I would say try to sell him for 50% of future fee plus a couple bucks if possible. If you can't get any money €0 + 50% of next sale is still better IMO then anything below €500k or thereabouts. I wouldn't let him go on a free unless your financials are absolute se
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