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  1. Very weird glitch indeed as I have a save running on the same DB as you are using and only have English leagues going and there is nothing about that competition at all.
  2. IRL 2 Vanarama National team do enter the SPFL Trust trophy as it is like a British Isles and Ireland competition. Or at least they did before Covid struck. Check your fixtures from the season
  3. Thats a name I recall well as he got linked to Portsmouth in real life at one point.....not sure if it was a wind up though
  4. Not to diss your map, but that New Zealander is most likely from Cambridge in New Zealand which is right next to Hamilton
  5. In this database, are you getting any dual nationalities, especially in the current USSR?
  6. With that Cup Winners Cup win, aren't you the first Eastern Block country to win a European trophy this save? I think there have been some finalists but no winners.
  7. That 200 capacity can't be doing much good No chance of getting it increased?
  8. 2 Albanian teams meeting in the qualifying rounds of the Conference League seems wrong. Later stages would be fine but not the qualifiers
  9. Maybe you need to progress further than just a day to see a change
  10. Your win in the ECL last season and now in the knockouts of the CL might means Albania is a short stay
  11. Whats the transfers like in this compared to 1988 when eastern bloc players didn't often move west unless they were a superstar and no one from the west went east?
  12. Think of the money £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
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