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  1. That's awesome! Hopefully one day we'll get one from 3 free kicks! Origi is now up to 36 goals from 77 appearances! Here's AAO!
  2. 2025/26 Pre-Season Perfect as per usual. Still predicted in 3rd. We actually started pre-season down in 4th! We've sent two more players to the French lower leagues!
  3. 2024/25 End of Season Review We finally managed an unbeaten season!! Overall Best XI 2024/25 Best XI Farouk Origi (YP2a) Hugo Ndikumana - Yohann Assefa - Florian Chevalier (YP3k) - Abdulhakim Sacko Jean Luc Fleury Morven Catherine - Israel Ayele (YP2p) Steven Uwimama (YP5b) Stéphane Merle Abdulkadir Ahmed Onyango (YP5a)
  4. February 2025 Two more very easy wins and with four games left and just twelve points to play for the league is all but wrapped up!
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