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  1. Since when does he take care of business? I actually completed a letter! Definitely not. Thanks!
  2. It definitely was not an exciting match.
  3. April 2075 Still nothing separates us and Qarabag...who we face in the final game of the season. Of course.
  4. March 2075 Just the couple of games in March and we have one foot in the Azeri Cup Final.
  5. February 2075 Narrowly through to the Azeri Cup Semi Final where we'll face Qarabag-2. We're now 35 points clear of Kesla...
  6. October 2074 A perfect month...and we beat Qarabag!!!
  7. I'm not uploading the save just yet.
  8. September 2074 A massive cup win and still doing very well in the league! This month I raided the loan market.
  9. August 2074 Out of Europe but we beat Qarabag in the Azeri Super Cup meaning we only have the league left to win. The squad was complaining about a lack of competition for places so I took over transfers and brought in these guys. Those same players are now worried about being replaced. Go figure.
  10. 2074/75 Pre-Season Decent pre-season, I can't see us getting past Besiktas in the Europa League though. Still predicted last.
  11. LASK Linz win the Europa League!
  12. Season 56 - 2073/74 End of Season Review Azeri Cup winners and we finish 2nd in the league! 2073/74 Best XI Vlado Stojanovski Miodrag Saranov - Milivoje Nikic - Lazar Nikancevski - Dragan Stojanovski Suad Husic - Dragan Sincek Mohammed Al-Dossari Stivi Ramadani Dragoljub Damjanovic - Pepi Ibrahimi
  13. March 2074 We're up to 2nd in the league and we're through to face Neftci Baku in the Azeri Cup Final!