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  1. 2020/21 Pre-Season A decent enough pre-season, hopefully we can be in for a better season this time. Key Signings:
  2. 2019/20 European Roundup Champions League - A. Madrid 1-0 Barcelona Europa League - Napoli 0-1 Porto Super Cup - Barcelona e2-1 Juventus
  3. End of Season 2019/20 Our offense was really good over the course of the season, if we can keep our striker partnership then I'll be happy, what I do have to work on though is improving our defence. A lot. Key Players
  4. March 2020 The goals disappeared again although it was a pretty tough month we did well to keep 3 clean sheets really.
  5. I've not been consistent with tactics but I've been using a 4-2-2-2 DM, 4-1-3-2 DM Narrow, 4-4-1-1 2DM and 3-4-3 with Wingbacks. Glad you're enjoying them Andy You definitely should do your own journey as well.
  6. February 2020 And now we are the top scorers in the league and thanks to the wins over both Aydinspor 1923 and 1461 Trabzon we've at least temporarily regained the 5 point gap between us and the relegation zone.
  7. January 2020 *sighs* Well, there goes our 5 point cushion down to just a 1 point gasp and yet we've scored the 2nd most amount of goals in the league.
  8. Thanks Rikulec, we're going to need it.
  9. December 2019 We're still conceding a lot but that was actually a very good month and we're now 5 points clear of the relegation zone!
  10. November 2019 Another mixed month but at least we're winning our home games and we're just outside the relegation zone, if only we could stop conceding..
  11. October 2019 A terrible month, we should have beaten 3rd place Nigde Bld. but they scored in the 82nd and 84th minutes, despite this we're still somehow outside the relegation zone.
  12. Oh England, never change.
  13. September 2019 Some very close games in the league but we're hovering just 1 point above the relegation zone. We upset Keciorengucu in the cup who play in the division above us and our reward for that is a home tie against Trabzonspor in the 3rd Round!
  14. 2019/20 Pre-Season I'm very happy with how pre-season went, all we need to do now is work on staying above the relegation zone for the entire season. A lot of players in but here are the best of them: Turkey was actually home to one of my favourite saves when I think I did the Big Euro Challenge back in FM12? Hopefully this will give me a chance to create more good memories in Turkey. EDIT: It was FM13, not FM12.
  15. We've gone from the top league of a small country to the bottom league of a big country, if things go well here then potentially this could kick off some bigger clubs looking for me to manage them instead of me wandering around Europe managing very small clubs over and over again. What I do find odd though is that I was overlooked for jobs in the 3rd tier of Northern Ireland and the 2nd tier of Wales. Key Players: We've got a decent core of players but lots of improvement is needed, especially since the majority of players are getting on a bit.