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  1. £17.49, or it says you can play for free for the next 3 days.
  2. I've also spent the season playing against one of my former youth products...
  3. Stuttgart now gain entry to next seasons Europa League!
  4. It's only taken 12 years since his retirement for them to win the Champions League
  5. Well it's only been 14 years since their last title...
  6. 2031/32 European Roundup Champions League Europa League Super Cup
  7. End of Season 2031/32 We did it! 2 good wins over the bottom 2 and we finished 6th and guarantee Europa League Group Stage football next season, Hamburg also got into the Europa League since Schalke did win the cup but the difference is that they'll be entering in the 3rd qualifying round. Key Players: Next season we will be seeing a lot of change at the club I can assure you that...
  8. April 2032 Thank god Patrick Deusch can score...we have 3 games to go and sit 2 points behind Hamburg who are 6th. We either need to finish 6th to guarantee Europa League football next season or finish 7th and hope that Schalke beat Hoffenheim in the final of the cup since if Hoffenheim win then they enter the Europa League and we miss out.
  9. March 2032 A big loss away to Schalke but 2 big results against both Freiburg and Hamburg St.Pauli keeps us fighting for the Europa League spots as we have a better goal difference than both Monchengladbach and Hamburg so hopefully we can make up the points.
  10. 2031/32 Youth Candidates 3 players who could really make the grade, and 2 of them are in positions so that they won't need retraining! Sascha...lord of the forehead.
  11. And with the original comment being deleted no-one is gonna have a clue
  12. February 2032 A couple of games in Janurary but I forgot about it due to the winter break taking up most of the month Our form has gone to poop and we fall outside the european places which is to be expected but it's still disappointing.
  13. December 2031 2 losses to Bayern with Deusch the only person able to score against them but the 2 nice wins over the leagues current bottom 2 sides and we're somehow at the dizzying height of 5th place! But we're still just 4 points from 11th...
  14. November 2031 Unbelievable! A perfect month and for the time being (since I know this won't last) We're sat right outside the European places but we're also just 3 points away from going down to 11th, which, admittedly is still better than where I thought we'd finish.
  15. October 2031 A pretty good month, we're the best of the rest at the moment following our win away to Hamburg St. Pauli and again we almost picked up a point against a big team as Schalke scored their winner in the 89th minute. In the cup we'll be facing Bayern away from home in the 3rd Round. Great.