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  1. 2058 World Cup Semi Final We made it hard for ourselves! Lewis Young got himself sent off after just 31 seconds! Then Portugal took the lead AND we missed a penalty but our 10 men managed to get the win in the 110th minute and we face Russia in the Final!... ...Which will be played on Sunday.
  2. 2058 World Cup Quarter Final: Another utterly dominant performance sees us stroll into the Semi Final where we face our first real test against Portugal. The sole surprise being Russia's 4-1 victory over Germany!
  3. 2058 World Cup Second Round: We're missing Moses Tema for the rest of the tournament and we had 3 players suspended when facing Sweden. We still beat them 4-1 and were vastly superior. Everyone who should have won did win, no surprises here.
  4. 2058 World Cup Group Stage: We played some backups against Senegal to keep players fresh and it worked very well as we destroyed Italy to send them home, both them and Brazil are the shocks of the round. We face Sweden which should pose little threat, Spain vs Germany already?!
  5. Here's the World Cup squad, we're old but we're still class. Along with 2 strong warm-up matches.
  6. 2057/58 European Roundup: Champions League: Europa League: Super Cup: Just the one new winner but it's very interesting seeing a lot of smaller teams in the Portuguese top tier:
  7. What Tullem said It was satisfactory. Don't worry I've got 3 career ideas lined up and my heart seems pretty set up on one. It's also nice to have a save "completed" for one rather than me either giving up or having a save destroyed by crash dumps.
  8. Thanks both of you!
  9. It's done.
  10. Leatherhead's Info
  11. Leatherhead's Final XI GK DC WBR WBL MC AMC
  12. End of Season 2057/58 We came, we saw, we conquered. we were **** poor in the last 3 league games but they didn't matter, not one bit. Where's the key players? Well, they'll be in the next post.
  13. 2nd Half: After the 1st half it all went quiet, little highlights but that doesn't matter, Leatherhead won back-to-back Champions League and Laszlo got a goal to finish his career, the perfect send off!
  14. 1st Half: 1st blood Chelsea... But 5 minutes later Karim equalises! And we're losing again... Laszlo scores from the spot! It's a double from Karim! Leatherhead go in winning 3-2 at half-time!
  15. 2057/58 Champions League Final My last game as Leatherhead manager, Laszlo Goblyos' last game as a footballer. Can we make the dream happen? It may be a bit tough.