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  1. Unfortunately the one time I tried Guinness when I was a wee lad I really didn't like it...much like this career funnily enough, I'm not enjoying my time in Ireland so I think it's time to go back to Brazil. Apologies....yet again.
  2. 2022 Pre-Season A poor pre-season with just the one win. Predicted mid-table.
  3. It isn't, but hopefully it won't be the trend for the next few seasons.
  4. 2021 End of Season Review A good season on the whole with just the poor spell in early May but we did better than expected as we finish up in 4th and just five points off top spot. Overall Best XI 2021 Best XI Chris Mason Jack Dolan - Ciaran Quinn - Neil Curran - Eoghan Bourke Owen Humphrey - Kieran Keogh Kevin Gallagher - Jordan Carroll - Peter Shields Callum Lynch
  5. 2021 Pre-Season Poor pre-season. Predicted bang in the middle of the table.
  6. 2020 End of Season Review Promotion to the 5th tier! With Philip Tuite leading the way again. Overall Best XI 2020 Best XI James Skelly Liam Donnellan - Ciaran Quinn - Gerard Lyons - Jack Dolan Jason O'Rourke - Kieran Keogh Kevin Gallagher - Stephen King - Ian O'Connell Philip Tuite
  7. Fortuna Brest - 2027 End of Season Review A great intake but we really don't need any more AMC's. A terrible season where we only finished three points above the drop but yet we came so close to getting promoted, and in fact the team that did get promoted finished 4th in their group. Overall Best XI 2027 Best XI Igor Pavlov (YP1p) Evgeniy Prokopyuk (YP2m) - Kirill Tchizh (YP4j) - Sergey Shreytor (YP2f) - Evgeniy Kazarin (YP2i) Sergey Shloydo (YP5b) - Vladimir Garapuchik (YP3a) Sergey Kovalchuk (YP2h) - Alexandr Pavlov (YP1m) - Andrey Priszyazhnyuk (YP6b) Artem Zaytsev
  8. 2019 End of Season Review We were in a title challenge with four games to play, as you can see, it didn't really go as planned as both Leicester Celtic & Mount Merrion stayed in top form and the rest of us fell flat as we finish down in 5th. 2019 Best XI Conor Walsh Jack Dolan - Aidan Doherty - Scott Wood - Niall Fitzgerald Jason O'Rourke - Paddy Rooney Darren Maher - Tony Sheridan - Michael Kavanagh Philip Tuite
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