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  1. September 2022 Three games left to play and we're three points clear in first!
  2. August 2022 Seven points from nine leaves us four points behind AIK but we do have a game in hand now which could help.
  3. 2022 Youth Candidates A 5* Goalkeeper is always handy.
  4. July 2022 No games in June so another busy month in July and we lead a very exciting 4-horse race for the title!
  5. Thanks! The short seasons are nice but on the flip-side I really don't like how long pre-season is! The rules are that the match squad have to have at least 9 players trained in Sweden. The knockout rounds will also be more difficult due to our lack of fitness.
  6. May 2022 A tough month but we're still up in 2nd with the top half all being very close together!
  7. April 2022 A much better start to the league than I had anticipated and we're right up in 2nd after almost a third of the season already!
  8. 2022 Pre-Season A very good pre-season and we almost made it to the Final of the Svenska Cupen as well! Try and stay up. We've been very, very busy in the transfer window!
  9. January 2017 A solid month and we climb another place, Paul Gray breaks the league appearance record as well!
  10. December 2016 A much better end of the month and we climb to sixth in the table.
  11. Very unexpected, Asarums ended up losing the promotion playoff.
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