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  1. 2023 Youth Candidates Definitely a few players here who could feature for the first team!
  2. 2022 End of Season Review The board just wanted us to stay up. We were solid in the league and we won the Malaysian Challenge Cup!! Ameerul Eqhwan Mohd Fauzi Aiman Syazwan Abdullah - Muhd Izzat Ikmal Mohd Azpawi - Afiq Ahmad Razali - Zaiful Abdul Hakim Muhd Hafizi Mohd Shari Muhd Akhir Bahari - Aidiel Nur Iman Nekmat Muhd Najmuddin Samat Na'im Nazmi Zainudin Muhd Syafwan Mohd Syahlan
  3. 2022 Youth Candidates Don't expect much and yet I'm actually happy!
  4. Starting over again, still in Malaysia but this time with the default database. Kuala Lumpur Rovers Football Club, or simply known as the KL Rovers FC, is a Malaysian football club based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The team plays in the third-tier division in Malaysian football, the Malaysia M3 League. Kuala Lumpur Rovers Football Club is a club founded in January 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and will participated in the third-tier division in Malaysian football, the 2020 Malaysia M3 League. Key Players:
  5. There were actually a few seasons where only two first team clubs finished outside the relegation zone, in scenarios like that the promotion playoff took place between the 16th placed 2. Bundesliga team and a random 7th tier side, suffice to say the 2nd tier side never lost.
  6. Seeing this reminds me of my time managing Croatia Berlin a couple of FM's ago. After 20 seasons in the 4th tier we only lasted 1 in the 3rd due to the 2nd teams...
  7. So....I totally didn't forget to sign the Youth Candidates. Went back to before the final game of the season where I reloaded a couple of times until we got a draw, we did however finish down in 4th this time around. The youth candidates have now been signed.
  8. 2025 End of Season Review After a poor start I decided to chance things up a bit, we changed from attacking to positive and changed the DLF from attacking to a support role and as a result we managed to go unbeaten for the rest of the season, I'm definitely looking forward to next season if things stay like this! Overall Best XI 2025 Best XI Aidil Ramlee Shahrul Nizam Hussin (YP1d) - Abdul Razak Aminuddin (YP1j) - Azizan Mohamad (YP1m) - Azman Awab (YP1e) Zaidi Mat (YP1k) Taufiq Salim (YP1c) - Mohd Faiz Ramdan (YP1g) Afiq Mansor (YP2b) Syed Mohd Yusoff (YP1b) Hisham Azizan (YP2g)
  9. 2025 Youth Candidates Six players with one star CA! It's the small things.
  10. 2024 End of Season Review A poor season where we couldn't get any consistency but we still managed to finish mid-table and still well above predictions. Overall Best XI 2024 Best XI Aidil Ramlee Shahrul Nizam Hussin (YP1d) - Abdul Razak Aminuddin (YP1j) - Azizan Mohamad (YP1m) - Azman Awab (YP1e) Zaidi Mat (YP1k) Taufiq Salim (YP1c) - Mohd Faiz Ramdan (YP1g) Zulkifli Rahim (YP1i) Syed Mohd Yusoff (YP1b) Mohd Shafiq Rahman (YP1h)
  11. 2024 Youth Candidates A lot of dross again, as it will be for the first couple of decades.
  12. 2023 End of Season Review We started off so brightly and after two months I thought there was a chance we could make it into the promotion playoffs but then we won three in fourteen and have to settle with mid-table again. I should remember that our oldest player is only 18 1/2 years old so there's plenty of room for growth. 2023 Best XI Aidil Ramlee Shahrul Nizam Hussain (YP1d) - Abdul Razak Aminuddin (YP1j) - Redzuan Mazlan - Mohamad Abdul Rani Zaidi Mat (YP1k) Izwan Rosman - Mohd Faiz Ramdan (YP1g) Badrul Amin Alias Ridzuan Ismail Muhd Haikal Hashim
  13. 2022 End of Season Review Considering we predicted bottom of our group and 138th of the 141 teams in total I'm very happy to have finished in 6th with a positive goal difference, miles off the top of the table but we finished the season with just twelve players, at least we have another load of youth players to bring in for next season! 2022 Best XI Aidil Ramlee Mohs Nazri Hashim - Khairul Anuar Yusof - Redzuan Mazlan - Mohamad Abdul Rani Izwan Rosman Badrul Amin Alias - Muhd Afiq Aziz Mohd Shukri Ali Mohd Syazwan Muhamad Muhd Haikal Hashim
  14. 2022 Youth Candidates Three good forwards, when we play with one up top? Good start. The quality here is stupendously bad.
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