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  1. 2nd in the Premier League in March, regular dafuge domination is nearly resumed.
  2. The plan is to make the Europa League at least but next season will probably be a big rebuilding job.
  3. December 2040 A good month but we stay in 10th with the only poor game being away to Roma where we were down to 10 men after just 17 minutes. The draw for the 1st Knockout Round of the Champions League has also been done: We face Arsenal in a tough draw and 2 of my old clubs face each other in Bilbao vs Benfica.
  4. November 2040 Just the 2 games in charge for November with the first goal coming 34 seconds into my tenure and we rise up to 10th. With 1 game left in the Champions League Group Stage anyone could qualify for the Knockout Rounds.
  5. Juventus, the old lady, a club that has won a lot but the squad is old, really old and they were down in 18th when I applied for the job, can I stop the halt? 1st Team: U20 Team: U18 Team: Key Players: The squads average age is 29, the leagues average age is 25. What am I doing?
  6. Thanks bud I should probably add England into the mix as well since I've just had a Premier League interview.
  7. Either Italy or France I think, may need to wait until mid-season sackings though.
  8. 2039/40 European Roundup Champions League: Europa League: European Super Cup: Yup. That happened.
  9. End of Season 2039/40 One league loss all season, a league title, Spanish Cup and Super Cup win and another Champions League Final appearance. This summer is the European Championships so I figure this would be the best time to hand in my resignation with the hopefully big managerial merry-go-round that's due to happen at the end of the month, I've loved my time with Bilbao and hopefully whoever manages them next can at least maintain a top 4 finish. Key Players:
  10. That's now 4 Champions League Final appearances and 3 defeats. I was hoping to win and end on a high, 2 of our best players (Iker De Prados and David Arregi) want to leave now since I promised them we'd win the Champions League so the squad will be weaker next season so I'm really in 2 minds as to what to do.
  11. It's over. Yet again we lose.
  12. 2nd Half: It's first blood Milan.
  13. This one.
  14. 1st Half: 0-0 at half-time and it's not exactly been a classic so far...