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  1. End of Season 2022/23 Very, very happy with that ending! Why couldn't we score like this throughout the season. Boca and River are so far ahead of everyone it is unreal so it may take quite a few years before I get close to toppling either of them. Key Players: Victor Guerrero - Adrian Zeolla - Miguel Angel Gonzalez Best (YP) Development: Julián Guiñazú (YP6a) - Lucas Alaniz (YP6b) - Julián Civelli (YP6c) Goal of the season: (Worth it purely for the cartwheel)
  2. April 2023 End of month odds - 13-2 - 7th Another 4 points in the bag and Racing's record point haul for a 38 game season is 59 set back in 1988 so we need just a win in our last 2 games against Union (SF) or Estudiantes (LP) to break a now 35 year-old record!
  3. March 2023 End of month odds - 13-2 - 7th An unbeaten month and just 4 league games left we've got a guaranteed 7th and a best case scenario of 4th so at least we've matched pre-season expectations. Boca are 26 points ahead of us...them and River are amazing.
  4. February 2023 End of month odds - 13-2 - 7th Ouch, that was not a kind month to us, playing 4th and 3rd at home and 10th and 2nd away from home I think we did well to come out with 5 points from that and we kept results close and weren't outplayed at all.
  5. I can't wait to see how this plays out, I'm most definitely following!
  6. I just can't stay away from a youth challenge
  7. January 2023 End of month odds; - 7-1 - 7th 3 good results (well, we should have beaten Atl. Tucuman) and no goals conceded sees us rise up to 4th and we, at least for now, lead the rest of the pack in the race for the continental places.
  8. In the first half of 2016, the league will be contested between thirty teams. Four teams will be relegated to and two teams will be promoted from Primera B Nacional. From August 2016 to June 2017, the league will be contested between twenty-eight teams. Four teams will be relegated to and two teams will be promoted from Primera B Nacional. From August 2017 to June 2018, the league will be contested between twenty-six teams. Four teams will be relegated to and two teams will be promoted from Primera B Nacional. From August 2018 to June 2019, the league will be contested between twenty-four teams. Four teams will be relegated to and two teams will be promoted from Primera B Nacional. According to Wikipedia there's going to be a 24 team league, whether it's a bug that's mine gone to 20 or it's just not been displayed on the Wikipedia page that the league is going to settle on 20 teams.
  9. December 2022 End of month odds; 36-1 - 9th An unbeaten 3 games but I'm not happy with the results, it was definitely a case of 4 points dropped and if we'd of won those games we'd be up in 4th which definitely looks a lot better.
  10. November 2022 End of month odds; 36-1 - 9th A terrible month, we're joint 5th but only 3 points away from 12th, Boca are still bossing the league being 9 points ahead of Huracan and 21 points ahead of us with 18 games still to play!
  11. October 2022 End of month odds; 36-1 - 9th A very tough month but we ended out coming out of it very well and up in 4th with a home win over 2nd placed River and an away win over 3rd place Huracan, Boca are going to run away with the league, they're 1 point clear with 3 games in hand!
  12. September 2022 End of month odds; 33-1 - 9th Draws galore to start the season, the best result was definitely grinding out a 0-0 at home to Boca, their only dropped points so far, with us being in 9th our media odds have changed, going from 30-1 to 33-1 and form 6th to 9th so at least the dynamics are working now as well.
  13. 2022/23 Pre-Season Just the 3 friendlies and I was disappointed that we lost against Argentinos Jrs. I'm happy that we got a bit of a morale boost with the 6-2 win against Ctral. Cordoba and it seems a bit weird that fixutres are played at 9am! We're predicted 6th, I'm hoping we can get top 6 and I want to finish no lower than 9th. The previous manager signed Miguel for when his contract expired at River Plate de Montevideo so he will be the last signing for a long time.
  14. 2022/23 Youth Candidates So in Argentina the youth intake happens in Pre-Season and to be honest, I am very, very impressed with the class of 2022!
  15. Racing Club, also known simply as Racing, is an Argentine professional sports club based in Avellaneda, a city of Greater Buenos Aires. Founded in 1903, Racing has been historically considered one of the "big five" clubs of Argentine football. Racing currently plays in the Primera División, the top division of the Argentine league system. Racing has won the Primera División 17 times (with a record of seven consecutive championships between 1913 and 1919), apart from winning 12 National cups such as five Copa Ibarguren, four Copa de Honor Municipalidad de Buenos Aires and one Copa Beccar Varela. Due to those achievements the team was nicknamed "La Academia" ("The Academy of Football") which still identifies the club and its supporters. On the international stage, the club has won 6 titles, 3 of them recognised by FIFA and CONMEBOL including one Copa Libertadores, one Intercontinental Cup and the first edition of the Supercopa Sudamericana, therefore being the second Argentine team to become South American champion, and the first to become club world champion. In addition, Racing also won two Copa Aldao and one Copa de Honor Cousenier, both tournaments organized by AFA and AUF together. The first team plays its home games in the Estadio Presidente Juan Domingo Perón, nicknamed El Cilindro de Avellaneda (in English: "The Cylinder of Avellaneda"). Apart from football, other sports practised at Racing are artistic gymnastics, basketball, boxing, field hockey, handball, martial arts, roller skating, tennis and volleyball. Gonzalo Cordoba - Exequiel Palacios - Maximilliano Cuadra And welcome everyone to a change in direction, from now on this save will continue to be a journeyman, but I will not be signing any players. Yep, from this point on it's a youth only challenge. I'm finally at a club with good facilities and a good history as well so why not, it's the reason I wanted the Chivas job and we'll see where this can take us!