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  1. December 2051 In the cups we're through to face Luton in the FA Cup 3rd Round and Torquay in the Checkatrade Trophy which are both winnable ties whilst our league form has been as mixed as ever.
  2. November 2051 We started out well and are through to face Portsmouth in the FA Cup Second Round, hopefully with their terrible form we can get another 3rd Round to our name. We're slipping again in the league but we're still eight points ahead of Peterborough for now.
  3. October 2051 A much better month! Up to 10th but we know what this league is like so we need a few more good wins to steer us clear of the drop zone.
  4. September 2051 A couple of big losses here but we've done well enough to get out of the relegation zone for the time being and we inevitably lost to Arsenal but not by too big of a margin so I'm happy.
  5. August 2051 A poor start to the league campaign but we're through to the Carabao Cup 3rd Round where we're away to Arsenal!
  6. 2051/52 Pre-Season Pretty good pre-season. Again the aim is just to stay up.
  7. Thanks Nobby, maybe this is what happens if the FA sells Wembley.
  8. End of Season 2050/51 Despite the horrendous first half of the season we ended up with just three points less than last season and in the exact same position, so I'll count that as a success! Overall Best XI 2050/51 Best XI Dan Viveash (YP16b) Roy Winsor (YP25i) - Ashley Head (YP17c) - Cameron Howell-Iles (YP25b) Stewart Rendall-Neal (YP25m) Sam Steele (YP16a) Jake Taylor (YP20d) - Craig Perkins (YP24h) Lee Harding (YP30b) - Frank Babangida (YP25a) - Simon Clark (YP29g)
  9. March 2051 Four wins from five and we're up to 13th and now we should be safe from relegation!
  10. Frith is rated the 5th best striker at the club, he should hopefully get some game time but might need a season or two on loan since Frank Babangida is the oldest striker aged 25.
  11. 2051/52 Youth Candidates Poor personalities but what a great year for potential!
  12. February 2051 An unbeaten month! Now nine points clear of the drop zone with eleven still to play...
  13. January 2051 Terrible again but four points gives us a smidgen of hope, still five points above the drop.