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  1. August 2036 Much better than expected in the Conference League but not a good start in the regular league.
  2. Since there's no relegation from the 11th tier I've taken over the very worst club, Darlington Railway Athletic. No issue with the amount of players here!
  3. 2036/37 Pre-Season We won a European tie! Expectations aren't high but it's a surprise to see Lugano down here.
  4. 2022 End of Season Review We somehow did it, we manage to stay up! Annoyingly with our wage budget and contracts expiring next season will be even harder. Best Players
  5. 2022 Youth Candidates This was a bad idea, maybe I should've stayed with Balzers.
  6. This may come as a surprise, but we need three defenders.
  7. Harini Football Club also known as Harini is a Malaysian amateur football club based in Kuala Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia. They currently play in the third-tier division in Malaysian football, the Malaysia M3 League. I...uh...this might not last.
  8. Taking an FM break and starting FMT, holidayed in Malaysia a couple hundred times now but the same few teams are coming up, I'll give it a couple more holidays but either way I'll be starting with the lowest reputation team I can.
  9. Anyway, hope you find a workaround for the issues Messi, KUTGW!
  10. Discord is a basically an app for desktop and phone which is a chat server which anyone with the link can join and you can have sub servers with more specific topics and things like that.
  11. Just a thought I've had floating around my head really, I'm new to all this Discord stuff but I thought it could be a good Idea. Wanna talk about FM and have everyone together in the same place with no threads? Great. Wanna rant how you can't believe your player did/ didn't do that thing? Go for it. Want to not talk about FM and just talk about your day? Sure thing. Thought I'd just see what the general thoughts of everyone was.
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