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  1. Thank you all for your votes! Every year I tell myself I'll do less careers, and every year I end up doing more than the previous. I only have one save idea for FM20 at the moment so I'll try and spam the forum less!
  2. Who's playing with my kids? I said Hans off my Croatians!
  3. Thank you again, I am actually terrible, I am a fraudulent perfectionist!
  4. Why thank you to everyone who voted! There was still more I could do but I left it on a high, there have been some pretty good teams this year!
  5. 2027/28 End of Season Review Promoted thank to goal difference! Just one more promotion remains!! Overall Best XI 2027/28 Best XI Gerard Shanahan Anton Reilly - Robbie Young - Steven Fitzpatrick - Robbie Black Kieran McHugh - Micky O'Sullivan - Steven McAllister - Paul Connolly Maurice Chambers - Jordan Knox
  6. March 2028 Out of both cups following narrow losses and a very late winner keeps us leading the league with 2 games remaining.
  7. February 2028 Top on goal difference with 3 games remaining and we're through to face Coleraine in the Irish Cup Quarter Final!
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