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  1. looks like this is turning into an almost journeyman save for you
  2. Welcome back, I'd like to say though until the season is over, you could get away from relegation. 20 more games to go, and you would only have to win a handful of those to secure getting away relegation.
  3. October 2036 Results Unbeaten month, 1 point away from Man City.
  4. September 2036 Results Nearly undefated, until Brentford outscored us, which sees us drop to 2nd.
  5. August 2036 Results Our first month of the season in the Premier Division, and we won every match, lifting us up to 1st, 2 points clear of 2nd. However, unlike last season while the board was happy with me being at 6th... Apparently being at the top of the league isn't good enough. They're merely satisfied. Awards
  6. July 2036 Results Good friendly month.
  7. Transfers Used our entire Transfer Budget on him. Quality.
  8. Awards #Nievas - Considering he's 30 now and won several awards, if we get a good offer in for him I am likely to sell to get a younger player in. Tomlinson might leave too if we receive a good offer, he's 32 and will probably be 33 soon, and he's getting on a bit. Though, that really depends, honestly. Budgets Decent amount of room. Youth Intake Everyone other than Lavenant, Bentley, and Tranberg are not staying. Lavenant Bentley Tranberg Tranberg is probably the best out of all of these, being pretty well developed already. Will be able to throw him in on games that don't matter to try to help him, like cup games. May 2036 Results, and End of Season With a winning streak that came too late in the season, we finish 6th.
  9. April 2036 Results We've pretty much cemented 6th at this point. We could technically drop to 7th or 8th, but I don't see it happening with 3 games left.
  10. March 2036 Results Not long left in the season, this good month propels us back into 6th, with our only loss against Leeds, and I don't really know what happened there, except I was trying to field a rotation side with some youth (but still reliable and good) players in, just to give some playtime to them. Doesn't really matter though, honestly. The board is still pretty darn happy with me all things considered.
  11. Youth Intake Preview Interesting. A golden generation. February 2036 Results A rough month that sees us drop to 7th.
  12. Taking a break for a week or two. Feeling worn out.
  13. January 2036 A fairly solid month up until the point where we got stomped by STOKE. WHAT. On the bright side, we moved up to 6th, and sort of cemented ourselves from dropping lower than 6th. For now.
  14. You might want to start throwing some games if you don't want to be in the playoffs
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