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  1. July - September 2023 We start the season, after 7 league games we're in 2nd with a 3 point lead over 3rd, and a 6 point lead over 4th. Liverpool is strong as usual, taking down pretty much every team they encounter. Damn you Jurgen Klopp! Greenwood, Badji, Fernandes and Telles all doing really well. Great stuff.
  2. more of it being unfortunate that the opposing team to his got 4 shots on target, and scored all 4. A tutorial there could probably be useful though
  3. May - June 2023 It's honestly unbelievable how we lost against Liverpool in our Premier Division match, and then thanks to Badji, we won the Champion's Cup. Amazing. We didn't amount to all that much compared to most of our seasons at Man Utd this season. But, we won the Champions Cup.
  4. February - April 2023 This season has been really interesting, with Liverpool being absolutely unbeatable, with a 3 point gap between us, and it's been a 6 point gap for a while now - they now have a game in hand - against us. Badji is currently our topscorer at the club, with 19 goals in the league.
  5. New Transfer Budget Another hefty budget to spend next season.
  6. Youth Intake Update As expected, a bit crap. Everyone other than Vaughan is being kept on, though. Jordan Murphy Nasir Mukhammad Ebenezer Appiah Andy Anderson
  7. October 2022 - January 2023 Due to no transfers of any kind, I'm compensating the lack of a transfer update with an extra month. After a particularly tight run at the top 2, we're now 3 points ahead of Liverpool as they finally slipped up. So a particularly weird thing happened - no awards were given out to ANYONE after the October 2022 month. It's Feb 2023 now.
  8. Youth Intake Preview Update Doesn't look too good.
  9. June 2022 - September 2022 We're separated at the top from Liverpool by purely GD. Great season so far, even though it''s hardly begun. We win a bunch of awards too. New Contract The board thinks so too, without me asking for a new contract on my 3rd year of my initial contract!
  10. Transfer Update In Out Barcelona came in with a huge initial offer of 109m for Rashford. Managed to squeeze a bit more than 50m more out of them for him. Great stuff!
  11. April - May 2022 How did we slip up this massively? 11 points seperating us from 1st, my god. We bottled it dramatically. Another hefty budget.
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