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  1. It sucks but put them in reserves for a year or so, then try to sell them
  2. May/June Playoffs Injuries May/June Playoffs Results With this, we successfully got promotion to the second division.
  3. Even if he did, his assistant manager would get the award rather than him
  4. May Injuries May Results We finished 2nd, right where the media expected us to be, but the board... considers this a failure. We were supposed to challenge for the title. Is this not?
  5. April Injuries April Results Still a point behind. Still 3rd.
  6. March Injuries March Results We're still in 3rd, 1 point away from 2nd... and... the board is disappointed, apparently.
  7. February Injuries February Results We're still in 3rd.
  8. January Injuries January Results We're still at 3rd.
  9. December Injuries December Results After these less than inspirational results, we apparently managed to just about go up to 3rd.
  10. November Injuries No injuries. November Results Despite winning 4 on a trot, we stayed at 4th.
  11. October Injuries More injuries. October Results We moved up to 4th.
  12. New Job Mirandes Loan Signings New Tactic September Injuries My first month really on the job has us with 1 injury. Not bad. September Results These results see us at 7th, 4 places away from the minimum expectation of 3rd for the season. Though, we've always lost games by no more than 1 goal generally.
  13. April Injuries April Results Our final month in League Two saw us finish 3rd.
  14. March Injuries March Results After a serious 6 win streak here we jump from 8th to 2nd. Wow.
  15. February Injuries February Results These set of results see us drop down to 8th. We managed to get our goalie and Martell on a new contract, Martell has now scored 21 goals this season.
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