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  1. September 2023 ----------------------- Match 1 - VS Nottingham Forest (League) A fighting performance from a lot of the group, despite losing, it was really close. Match 2 - VS Huddersfield (League) A strong fight ensured a 1-1 draw. Match 3 - VS Burnley (League) A surprising victory here. Match 4 - VS Leeds (Carabao Cup) There is very little positive to say about this game. Match 5 - VS Sunderland (League) A fairly strong performance from most of the group ensured a solid 1-1 draw, but it could have been more on another day for us. End of Month League Table We are now 8-10 points clear of relegation.
  2. August 2023 ---------------- Match 1 - VS West Brom (League) A strong performance despite the loss. Match 2 - VS Middlesbrough (League) A decently strong performance led into a late 1-0 victory for us. Especially thanks to Billy Crellin. Match 3 - VS Salford (Carabao Cup) Hardly unexpected to win, so really just a confidence booster for the league. Though, it is a nice win. Injured for the Season Welp, we're down a defender. Match 4 - VS Brentford (League) Despite the loss, majority of the team really fought hard here. Match 5 - VS Portsmouth (League) A strong overall performance for a lot of them. Match 6 - VS Reading (League) Strong, if not surprising performance from the gang. Match 7 - VS Crewe (Carabao Cup) A strong performance from nearly everyone. End of Month League Table Other Awards
  3. July 2023 ------------ Transfer Window Roundup Best Signings Match 1 - VS Torquay (Friendly) Strong friendly victory for us, but hardly unexpected considering it's a VNL team. Match 2 - VS Sutton (Friendly) Another really good friendly victory. Match 3 - VS Lancaster (Friendly) Another dominating victory. Match 4 - VS Havre AC (Friendly) Now this is a match up against stronger opposition, and it showed. We were pretty much even, even despite the 2 goal margin. Poached Player You can keep him.
  4. April 2023 ------------ Match 1 - VS MK Dons (League) This game was great for the strikers, both getting 2 goals a piece. Match 2 - VS Wrexham (League) A strong performance, especially from Hayes. Match 3 - VS Newport Co (League) Despite our domination, we scraped by a draw. Match 4 - VS Walsall (League) A fairly solid defensive victory. Match 5 - VS Shrewsbury (League) They were just way more clinical than us. Match 6 - VS Peterborough (League) Very strong attacking performance. End of Season League Table Manager of the Month
  5. I'd probably sell him, since when he enters his last year, it becomes very likely for teams to lowball or outright just offer nothing for him
  6. March 2023 ------------- Match 1 - VS Luton (FA Cup) A strong victory that gets us into the Sixth Round of the FA Cup. Match 2 - VS Burton (League) Despite Burton going down to 9 men by halftime, we only finished this game with a single goal. Match 3 - VS Blackpool (League) We didn't get very many chances here. Match 4 - VS Forest Green (League) Despite it being evenly matched, they had more about them in scoring. Match 5 - VS Liverpool (FA Cup) Despite the loss, I think we performed admirably against a top premier league club. Match 7 - VS Bristol Rovers (League) Strong victory for us.
  7. February 2023 -------------------- Match 1 - VS Coventry (League) I'm surprised it took us this long to get the winning goal. Match 2 - VS Notts County (League) A fairly solid win. Match 3 - VS Southend (League) Despite our domination, we only just scraped by with a draw. Match 4 - VS Liverpool Reserves (Leasing.com Trophy) Despite surprisingly dominating, we ended up losing on penalties. Match 5 - VS Charlton (League) Despite dominating, we struggled to win this, managing finally to score on the 64th minute. Match 6 - VS Fylde (League) Another strong defensive showing to form a solid 1-0 victory. End of Month League Table # Manager of the Month
  8. January 2023 ------------------ Match 1 - VS Scunthorpe (League) We somehow managed to lose 3-1 to Scunthorpe. Match 2 - VS Wycombe (League) Quite the victory here considering the last game we lost 3-1. Match 3 - VS Rotherham (League) Another great victory. Match 4 - VS Ipswich (League) A strong performance from a few of the players. Match 5 - VS Burton (Leasing.com Trophy) A very strong victory to get us into the Quarter Finals. New Signing Match 6 - VS Nottm Forest (FA Cup) Thanks to the early red card, we won this very comfortably. Especially thanks to Martin Cooper, the new signing. Match 7 - VS Lincoln (League) Hopper is already looking great value for money. Match 8 - VS Hull (League) Despite dominating them, our strikers couldn't hit the ball very well on target. Match 9 - VS Portsmouth (League) A very, very strong victory over Portsmouth, who are currently 1st. End of Month League Table Manager of the Month Other Awards
  9. December 2022 -------------------- Match 1 - VS Charlton It was most unfortunate that we couldn't finish any of the chances we got. Match 2 - VS Fylde (Leasing.com Trophy) Get in Idah! Match 3 - VS Fylde (League) A strong overall performance from everyone in the team. Takeover Complete Match 4 - VS Scunthorpe (League) A very good performance from everyone. Match 5 - VS Stevenage (League) A solid defensive performance. Match 6 - VS Port Vale (FA Cup) Another strong victory. End of Month League Table
  10. November 2022 --------------------- Match 1 - VS Carlisle (FA Cup) A strong overall defensive performance. Search for a new Director of Football Match 2 - VS Leicester Reserves (Leasing.com Trophy) A strong overall performance, excluding some players. Match 3 - VS Forest Green (League) A very impressive performance from everyone in the team, a very good victory aswell. Director of Football Role Filled A substantial improvement over the last guy; Match 4 - VS Bristol Rovers (League) Despite the odds being essentially 1/1 that we lose, we managed to draw, nearly winning 1-0 too. Or so we thought... Possible Takeover? Match 5 - VS Wrexham (FA Cup) A dominating victory for the lads. End of Month League Table
  11. October 2022 ----------------- Match 1 - VS Stevenage (League) A strong performance defensively, but we were pulling at straws most of the game. Match 2 - VS Peterborough (Leasing.com Trophy) A surprising loss, gutted to lose on penalties. Oh well. Match 3 - VS Peterborough (League) ...Wait, we just faced them. A disappointing game, mainly on the fact that our strikers couldn't finish. Plenty of chances got through - but they all missed. Match 4 - VS Ipswich (League) Strong performance, especially from Paddy. FA Cup Draw Match 5 - VS Rotherham (League) A strong performance, once again. Match 6 - VS Burton (League) That'll teach them to bet against us. Match 7 - VS Blackpool (League) A strong game for the lot of them. Other Awards End of Month League Table
  12. September 2022 --------------------- Youth Facilities Upgrade Match 1 - VS Newport Co (League) Despite best efforts, we lost 2-1. Match 2 - VS Wrexham (League) Another strong enough defensive performance, leading into this victory. We should've done more, though. Match 3 - VS Walsall (League) A more solid defensive performance than yesterday, but we were unlucky. Match 4 - VS Wycombe (League) A good strong overall performance from everyone. Match 5 - VS Shrewsbury (League) Despite the scoreline, we did enough to win this game, the ref and VAR just weren't on our side - The match report does say that they chalked off one goal of ours, but it was 2, 1 at 23 minutes, 1 just before half time. Both offside. Training Facilities Work End of Month League Table
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