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  1. Yeah my tactic went to....aswell. Finished 2nd in my league, new season and ME changes......Lucky if i don't get sacked.
  2. Really hate the move away from % for match fitness and condition. Any way to revert it with an option?
  3. I've stuck it out with this tactic, mainly as just as my team clicks, I lose my best player / s to min fees and such. I just finished my 6th season with Villa and finally won the title & I won the CL also. Its a good tactic, 1 I will be using for the foreseeable future but 1 thing is frustrating, the complete random results that come out of no where haha
  4. I didn't make a lot of signings. I stuck with the formation, ended up finishing 3rd and winning the FA Cup! Made up, thought that's it on my way.....I was mistaken. This is a good tactic, I don't think long term I will use it only as when I beat Juventus in the CL 3-2 but the following game to find myself 0-5 down at HT to Norwich, there is no way to build on it. Thank you for the effort you have put into this tactic and thank you for allowing us to use it.
  5. Gave this a go, last 7 results of the season I won 6 lost 1. Thought great, here we go! New season, played 7, won 1, lost 3 and drawn 3 : /
  6. I tried this tactic on my Villa save, changed to it in fact. My bottom is still sore with the spankings I got using it. Played 5, Won 0, drawn 2 & lost 3. Conceded 13 and scored 8. 2 of the defeats, I was 2-0 up and just crumbled.
  7. I'm really not liking this version. FM19's Dark Skin was really good, would love that back tbh. Its like the new version of the Dark Skin is trying to be too fancy but infact, it makes it look like an older version of FM. I hate the bright colours thrown in with it also. Might just stick to FM19 with Pro's update.
  8. I haven't had any joy on my Parma save with this 1 I'm afraid but thank you for posting it for me to try.
  9. So went 13 games unbeaten but now I'm without a win in 8, been beaten 6 times and conceded over 20 goals. I haven't changed anything, no injuries or sus. Going to have to try another tactic or I'll end up sacked.
  10. Used it from day 1 on the save. Ambrose from Man City, he can fire you to promotion and more. PM me if you want more advice on Parma.
  11. I'm using Bluematter with my Parma save, I'm in my 6th season. Won the title in my 4th & 5th season. Won the Cup in the 3rd and 4th season. Planning has just started on a new ground also.
  12. Won the title with Parma in my 4th season using this tactic. Lost 11 games and still managed it too
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