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  1. I haven't had any joy on my Parma save with this 1 I'm afraid but thank you for posting it for me to try.
  2. I'm afraid I don't, I just carried on playing.
  3. So I got the go ahead to expand Villa park, a loan was taken out and info on the work was given. Few weeks later it happens again but another loan taken out & another cap reduction/ So now I have 2 loans, Villa Park reduced to 32k as its been reduced twice for each 'agreement'.
  4. So went 13 games unbeaten but now I'm without a win in 8, been beaten 6 times and conceded over 20 goals. I haven't changed anything, no injuries or sus. Going to have to try another tactic or I'll end up sacked.
  5. I could never create or find a tactic that gave good results with the use of wingers.
  6. SC - If you haven't developed Keinen Davis you have seriously missed a trick. DL - Layvin Kurzawa I got him for 3.3 DR - Callum Chambers I got him for 10 mil MC - Phil Foden & Carles Alena I've just finished my 8th season, won all 7 comps that I was in, moving out of Villa Park into the "William McGregor Arena" 67k seater I use this tactic
  7. Goes the other way too, I just had a bid turned down for a player. The player was valued at 19.5 mil, my bid was 215m....go figure.
  8. Used it from day 1 on the save. Ambrose from Man City, he can fire you to promotion and more. PM me if you want more advice on Parma.
  9. I'm using Bluematter with my Parma save, I'm in my 6th season. Won the title in my 4th & 5th season. Won the Cup in the 3rd and 4th season. Planning has just started on a new ground also.
  10. Won the title with Parma in my 4th season using this tactic. Lost 11 games and still managed it too
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