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  1. I love those Makoto-careers... I don't think you will be stuck in the same tier for 30 years as you did with Croatia Berlin
  2. IMy 18 yr old CB is also gay... Are they gay because theu're both CB ???? :P :P
  3. I am still playing FM15 with Hull City.... I signed Christiano Ronaldo for his last 3 seasons.... he retired at the age of 40, but still was amazing.... anyway I won everything (Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League, World Club Champs) several times.... now in the year 2027 and still are not bored with
  4. This thread is already amazing !!!! Waiting for the next Inaki Torres.....
  5. Great job !! You're taking them to the top !!!! Still 4 tiers to go
  6. I play for VV Alteveer... they are in the 4e Klasse Noord C
  7. Some of those teams I actually played against..... (Froombosch, Woltersum)
  8. I saw them play once about 15 years ago in my hometown. It was a match for promotion to the Hoofdklasse (3rd tier at that time). They got promoted, but I guess their sugar daddy left the club a few years later and they got back to back relegations to the 10th tier.
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