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  1. I have managed to buy some excellent newgens in my save.... Meet Leonardo José, my main striker. Bought for € 13,25M from Atletico Mineiro in season 2024/25. In the meantime he played 99 games and scored 85 goals And this is his striking partner..... Hernán González. Bought for € 5,25M form Tigres in 2026/27. He played 48 games and scored 50 goals Philip Dolling, a midfielder I bought for €105K from Hansa Rostock in season 2023/24. Alfredinho, just bought him for €20.5M from Flamengo.... He is my new defens
  2. I use the FM Scout skin and suddenly the instant result button is gone. Can someone tell me how this happened ?
  3. I also found you Jordan But the mystery is solved then.... I heard about "ÿour face in the game" a few years ago, but never thought of it again
  4. Look at this: FM20: And FM21: I found this on another website, this one is from FM20: I think we have the new Tó Madeira, but he appears only as a newgen I did some searching on the internet and he is an existing person... and a FM-player.... what a coincidence ! Good job Marvin !
  5. Well, IRL he played 2 games so far..... in the game against PSV he lasted for 29 minutes before he got injured... and he played another 15 minutes coming on as a sub...
  6. Is there any information of Jimb O'Kav ? What's he doing right now ???
  7. Is this the son of SUNDAY Oliseh ? Too bad he was born on a friday though...
  8. If Makoto has a long career and retires.... Can't wait for Makoto's son....
  9. Who is the guy at number 11 ? Makoto Nakamura.... doesn't ring a bell..... is he a newgen ???
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