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  1. If you go to the league and select team detailed, it should be down the left hand side
  2. It is really hard to find the right players being so low down the leagues but I am looking to move to a bigger club soon
  3. I actually only struggle away you know, at home it is brilliant, do you ever change to cautious?
  4. So I tried this in my struggling Southport (predicted to finish around 12th) save - couldn't get my own tactic to work so decided to try this one. As you can see the results were ok - managed to secure play offs however was knocked out in the semis. Bearing in mind this was basically implemented with low morale and no inbedding of the tactic, I feel like this has done well. Going to try this with 2 months of pre season friendlies under the belt as in Vanarama North seems to take ages to start
  5. Same for the players search isn't it? Edit: just noticed you had reported both
  6. So managed to win the league at the first attempt: A bit of dip in form for the back end of the season but luckily so did the other title challengers
  7. Ahhh I see, I haven't tried it to be honest, I just saw it
  8. Yeah I usually stop them handling them too, I just forgot to do it this time I'll keep you updated with any other developments
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