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  1. 442 Sympathy for the devil I started the league one campaign as relegation favourites after promotion:
  2. I will do thank you It hasn't affected my game much but thought I'd raise it anyway
  3. So managed to win the league at the first attempt: A bit of dip in form for the back end of the season but luckily so did the other title challengers
  4. I'm not even sure to be honest, I just pick the positions regardless of what foot they use
  5. Ahhh I see, I haven't tried it to be honest, I just saw it
  6. It's FM20PILGRIMAGE41311leftbKnapKonP52 I don't have the link unfortunately
  7. Yeah I usually stop them handling them too, I just forgot to do it this time I'll keep you updated with any other developments
  8. The early season slump ended when I took the assistant manager off oppostion instructions
  9. Hi Andrew Unfortunately I do not have the game saved before it happened but I do have the save game in general if you want that one? I didn't set the player to train as I leave that to my assistant manager
  10. I have just noticed the below after signing a player Nathan King looks like he signed, got injured a few hours later and then re trained in a new position the day after that whilst still injured? Is that correct?
  11. Can't beat a good meltdown Great post from the OP by the way - I hadn't noticed the bugs until coming on here and now see them all the time - still love the game though
  12. I am currently testing the below with Hereford in my 4th season (Promoted twice) and starting life in the football league. Played 9 friendlies and only conceded 2 goals, scoring quite a few
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