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  1. Well done all and especially a big congrats to @mark wilson27 on a well deserved HoF place. Like those who've gone before you, you're part of the fabric of this place and while it may be getting ever smaller these days, you do a fantastic job of keeping it going, both by writing and community engagement. I salute you, sir
  2. Hi all, hope you're keeping well. I'm sad to say I don't visit here often enough, but I rarely touch FM these days and am even less inclined to write about it. Maybe the bug will return one day, but writing in general has been a struggle for me for a few years now, think life is just too busy and hectic to concentrate on it on an evening after work, cause all I wanna do is just turn off my brain and chill haha. As for why this place is dead, I think in part it has been the game itself to blame. It needs way more interaction, which is great for immersion in the game, but not so great for letting your imagination run wild about what goes on at the club around the happenings in game. Also, I think streaming has killed the story telling genre as a whole, because why write about it, if you can show it? Anyway, just my two cents worth. As I said, hope you're all keeping well, glad to see some familiar faces still kicking about
  3. Finland? That doesn't bode well
  4. @Readingfanman whats the PayPal again?
  5. In! Think I've won one of these in the past as well
  6. Not too bad under the circumstance. Just plodding along trying to keep my head above water lol. You?
  7. Hello all you old timers returning, here's another one. I don't check in here anywhere near as much as I should (or would like to). Hope you're all keeping well in these strange times. @mark wilson27if you need more for the 15-1, stick me in, always a good laugh (and might encourage me to return!).
  8. Oooh, I do like a good rejects story. And also, good to see I still get in despite being awol from here for a long time!
  9. Week 20 Saturday 29 December Brighton v Everton 1-2 Fulham v Huddersfield 2-0 Leicester v Cardiff 3-1 Spurs v Wolves 4-0 Watford v Newcastle 2-1 Liverpool v Arsenal 3-1 Sunday 30 December Crystal Palace v Chelsea 1-2 Burnley v West Ham 2-2 Southampton v Man City 1-3 Man Utd v Bournemouth 3-0
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