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  1. 14-1 A Trip to Asia

    *waves to Ben*
  2. 14-1 A Trip to Asia

    And how many League titles have you won?
  3. 14-1 A Trip to Asia

    \o/ Champions
  4. 14-1 A Trip to Asia

    Up the Johor DT's
  5. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I do like the idea of bringing back the challenges. Would give me another chance to have a bash at this one (previously submitted as an FMS challenge, but don't think it won the vote). The Last of the Vikings Harald III of Norway, better known as Harald Hardrada, is generally recognized as the last king of the Vikings. With his death at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, the Viking age came to an end. Incidentally by his invasion of England, he probably cleared the way for the Normans to displace Harold Godwinson as King of England. Harald was a well travelled man, having served in the Kingdom of Kievan Rus (now Ukraine) and Byzantium. Your goal is to retrace his steps and claim the ultimate price where Harald failed, be crowned King of England. Stage I Start of with a manager of Norwegian nationality and grab yourself the job at Viking Stavanger. Win the Norwegian league and be crowned King of Norway. Stage II Travel east to either the Ukraine or Russia and defend the kingdom of Kievan Rus. Win the national league and make sure you advance further into Europe than your rivals (Further than any Ukrainian team if Russian and vice versa). Stage III Travel south to Byzantium (what is now Istanbul). Take charge of any team based in Istanbul and win the Champions League as well as a league title and the cup (not necessarily in the same year). Stage IV Return to Scandinavia (Norway/Sweden/Finland/Denmark) and consolidate. A league title or a cup will suffice. You may also take charge of one of the national teams and qualify past the group stages of a major tournament Stage V The battle for Stamford Bridge. Win an English league and cup double. Win any game you play at Stamford Bridge.
  6. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    I'd like to think The Outcast (https://community.sigames.com/topic/252163-the-outcast/) is worthy of a spot in the archives?
  7. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Good job you tagged me otherwise I'd have missed this!
  8. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    Yay! After 10-3's start to the season I thought he had it in the bag tbh.
  9. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    Shambles, we're Spurs'ing it up
  10. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    Oh balls, that's crap. Good luck 10-3, may the best man win now.
  11. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    C'mon the Shirak
  12. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    Fourth is a bit disappointing, but at least we got the cup.
  13. Eight to One - A trip into the unknown

    Flip flopping between second and third, hopefully we can make a bit of a push into the end of the season. At least we're into the Cup Final
  14. Its Time for the Rejects to Come Forward

    WLKRAS on fire, your defence is terrified
  15. FMS Community Thread / Episode VII / Goalfinger

    Chuck me in Mark