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  1. Great comment. Would read again.
  2. Another top notch referee performance.
  3. Referee having a 'mare.
  4. If these people can get flares in, what else could one bring in if they were so inclined?
  5. That's not true. There are plenty of other teams whose supporters don't act like a bunch of drunken louts, and there are plenty of other sports who don't have anything like this kind of trouble. Just face it, an awful lot of football fans are scum, particularly in England. Sure you can even see it week in week out in the highly sanitized coverage of teh bestest league in teh whole world. All sorts of tanked up eejits making all sorts of hand signals at the opposition's players, the snarls of hatred at the other teams' fans, scummy chants about disasters involving the other team's supporters, complete segregation because grown men can't be trusted to not attack each other, etc.
  6. Yes, they are a right pain in the hole. They're showing some monstrosity about the Scots shouting against England and for Ireland while staying at home here.