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  1. If these people can get flares in, what else could one bring in if they were so inclined?
  2. That's not true. There are plenty of other teams whose supporters don't act like a bunch of drunken louts, and there are plenty of other sports who don't have anything like this kind of trouble. Just face it, an awful lot of football fans are scum, particularly in England. Sure you can even see it week in week out in the highly sanitized coverage of teh bestest league in teh whole world. All sorts of tanked up eejits making all sorts of hand signals at the opposition's players, the snarls of hatred at the other teams' fans, scummy chants about disasters involving the other team's supporters, c
  3. Yes, they are a right pain in the hole. They're showing some monstrosity about the Scots shouting against England and for Ireland while staying at home here.
  4. Anybody who thinks he's going to get any sort of decent length non-international ban is away with the fairies. The foaming in here when he gets something like a three match international only ban will be hilarious though.* * I do think he should get way more than that though.
  5. Any chance someone could post that photo from the confederations cup? I don't think it's been done 10 times yet.
  6. You might very well have stumbled on his motivation: "Stevie mate, I'm already public enemy number one, so I'll do something to deflect the attention away from you".
  7. I disagree with the idea of throwing a club/country out for something like this when it's related to a lone nutjob but it's already an accepted principle that clubs, at least, can be held accountable for failing to control their players, while I'm sure that clubs have also been hit over poor fan behaviour.
  8. Can anyone really state what the rules allow? There seems to be a lot of guff about this 24 match or 24 month rule, the idea that only some other organisation can request a ban from all international and domestic competition, and looking at the code there seems to be an option for a ban from all "football-related activities" but that doesn't seem to have a time limit. Poor unclear rules lead to legal challenges and even if Uruguay or Liverpool didn't challenge anything, surely Suarez could do so himself?
  9. This three strikes crap, can someone outline where it's stated in the rules? What does it apply to? Bites only? Punches? Grabbing the ref by the goolies?
  10. Just hang him already. It's clear as day. Teeth marks on yer man's shoulder at the exact same spot where Suarez "bit" him.
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