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  1. That's an attention-getter.... ___ “What did you say?” They both said it at the same moment. Kyle and Jenna stared first at each other and then at Stacy, who glared back at them. “I wanted to see what you’d say,” she said, her voice just managing to avoid trembling. Her face was as white as theirs. “You see, it’s not much fun to get a nasty surprise, is it, Jenna?” Stacy asked, but it wasn’t lost on either Kyle or Jenna that she had failed to answer the question. “Tell me right now,” Kyle demanded. “If this is one of your stunts there’s going to be hell to pay. And if this isn’t one of your stunts, there’s going to be bigger hell to pay. Your choice.” “Jenna is ours,” Stacy said. “I was just trying to get your attention so I could make my point.” “Don’t make it like that,” Kyle warned. “You’re on thin ice as it is.” She started to respond but Kyle interjected. “Not another word, Stacy,” Kyle snapped. “I mean it. Not. Another. Word.” The two stared at each other numbly. She gave in. Kyle was pleased to note it. Finally, Kyle spoke and when he did, his words were cutting. “I think you miss him,” he said, and Stacy wheeled to face her husband. “What a ridiculous thing to say,” she snapped. His eyes bored in on Stacy’s and she found it impossible to look away. “You thought you had found someone better,” he said, his tone growing more and more accusatory, “and you came back here trying to put things right. Well, you’re having second thoughts. Aren’t you, Stacy? You wouldn’t treat either of us like you have been unless you had at least considered it.” She frowned, and blushed a fiery, hot shade of red. “I’ve thought about him, yes,” she admitted. “Just like you had thought about Charlotte, I’m sure, when we were all angry with you.” “So I want to know what you’re going to do about it,” Kyle said. “I put my life on hold, changed it, in fact, to give this one more chance. Jenna is doing the best she can, she’s done something she’s accepted responsibility for, and we’re trying to put things right as a family. Now, you can either be a part of that or not. It’s up to you.” She decided to try another tack. “Aren’t you even thinking of Owen in all this?” she asked. “Don’t hide behind the baby,” Kyle replied. “I’m doing this because of the baby. I want him to grow up in a good situation, but if his mother is going to behave like this, then I have to call it quits. I just can’t do this anymore, Stacy.” Stacy shook her head. “I want this to work out, Kyle,” she finally said, sagging into a chair. “I can’t be this angry all the time. You can’t be this angry all the time. But I have needs too and I hope both of you see that.” “Maybe you’d better tell us what they are, Mum,” Jenna finally said. “We’re tired of having to guess.” # # #
  2. Week 8: Sat 15 Oct 2016 Chelsea 2-1 Leicester Arsenal 2-0 Swansea Bournemouth 1-0 Hull Man City 2-0 Everton Stoke 1-1 Sunderland West Brom 1-2 Tottenham Crystal Palace 1-1 West Ham Sun 16 Oct 2016 Middlesbrough 1-1 Watford Southampton 1-0 Burnley Mon 17 Oct 2016 Liverpool 1-2 Man Utd
  3. Absolutely. I have work to do. ___ There was already substantial injury news for Kyle after the first game of the season. MacDonald had a dead leg but was a doubt for the trip to Vicarage Road, but Hoskins had a deeper thigh bruise that would put him out for about two weeks – and Ashby had a pulled hamstring from his collision which would sideline him for at least a month. That meant a great opportunity for the United loanee, Rothwell, to prove his worth in midfield. With the match at Watford coming up, Kyle wanted to play 4-2-3-1 anyway, which meant Rothwell would have to play in a number ten sort of role if he wanted to play at all – but the young man said he could and Kyle had seen nothing on the training ground to indicate otherwise. Hoban was being held in reserve for this game, with Gnanduillet not quite recovered and Hoskins injured, so playing one man up front away to Premiership opposition seemed to be the best course of action. It was also a chance for Meades to get some playing time, as Kyle had indicated would happen late the season before. A very versatile player, he needed the time and with MacDonald not fully recovered from his dead leg it seemed that the right side of midfield was the best place to play him. Nobody was giving Oxford any chance in what was a brutal draw from their perspective. Even a reserve Hornets team should have had little trouble with the League Two team but Kyle prepared his team with the idea that they weren’t going to northwest London as makeweights. But he also didn’t delete Allison’s text. He stared at it for parts of two days – that part where he wasn’t with family or on the training ground. Stacy minded her p’s and q’s for a few days after Boyd’s texts, though, and eventually things calmed down in the Cain household. This was a good thing. But friction was starting to grow between Jenna and Stacy, as the girl’s state began to show a little bit. Stacy was evidently quite unforgiving of indiscretions which were not hers, and the two had several conversations they thought were out of earshot but which easily defeated Kyle’s headphones in the evening, enabling him to share in a few uncomfortable moments. Let’s just say that Stacy wasn’t thrilled about the idea of becoming a grandmother quite yet. Finally, though, Jenna struck back in the only way she could, noting that her mother hadn’t been exactly pristine herself in the preceding several months. “Just you never mind about that,” Stacy began, but Jenna would have none of it. “You can’t yell at me when you’ve been gone for such a long time and you were pregnant too,” she said. “My brother deserves better than that.” It was an interesting argument and it hit Stacy like a cold glass of water thrown into her face. At that time, Kyle entered the room, disrupted once again from his work by an argument between mother and daughter. He arrived just in time to hear exactly the wrong thing. “Your brother?” Stacy snapped. “You mean your half-brother!” # # #
  4. Gentlemen: I come to you with egg on my face and a bit of a heavy heart. Since I came to this forum in 2008 I haven't missed an awards ceremony and in fact have written several of them myself. I have been overwhelmed with work for the last six weeks (I manage the marketing and communications unit for an association that represents the worldwide textiles industry) and our annual confab is next week on the East Coast. I thought I had a week between the closing of voting and the event - in short, I had the wrong day. I'm hideously embarrassed and hardly deserve the honors you gave me. I'm very sorry, friends. I will try my best not to let it happen again.
  5. These Friday games are annoying. I keep forgetting them as I usually take my swing and a miss on Friday evening Saturday 1st October 2016 Swansea 0-2 Liverpool Hull 0-3 Chelsea Sunderland 1-1 West Brom Watford 1-1 Bournemouth West Ham 2-1 Middlesbrough Sunday 2nd October 2016 Man Utd 2-1 Stoke Leicester 2-1 Southampton Tottenham 0-2 Man City Burnley 0-3 Arsenal
  6. Votes sent to Mr. Wilson and claimed here.
  7. I have to get mine in. For crying out loud. My bad. I've been crazy busy at my office and haven't had time to do a lot on the boards.
  8. Sat 24 Sep 2016 Man Utd 1-2 Leicester Bournemouth 1-1 Everton Liverpool 3-1 Hull Middlesbrough 0-2 Tottenham Stoke 2-1 West Brom Sunderland 0-1 Crystal Palace Swansea 0-4 Man City Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea Sun 25 Sep 2016 West Ham 1-1 Southampton Mon 26 Sep 2016 Burnley 2-2 Watford
  9. Forgot Friday. Watta moron. Saturday 17th September 2016 Hull 0-2 Arsenal Leicester 2-0 Burnley Man City 3-0 Bournemouth West Brom 1-2 West Ham Everton 2-0 Middlesbrough Sunday 18th September 2016 Watford 1-1 Man Utd Crystal Palace 1-1 Stoke Southampton 1-1 Swansea Tottenham 2-0 Sunderland
  10. Saturday 10th September 2016 Man Utd 2-1 Man City Arsenal 2-1 Southampton Bournemouth 1-1 West Brom Burnley 2-1 Hull Middlesbrough 1-1 Crystal Palace Stoke 1-1 Tottenham West Ham 2-1 Watford Liverpool 1-1 Leicester Sunday 11th September 2016 Swansea 0-2 Chelsea Monday 12th September 2016 Sunderland 1-2 Everton 20:00
  11. Saturday 27th August 2016 Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool Chelsea 2-0 Burnley Crystal Palace 0-1 Bournemouth Everton 2-0 Stoke Leicester 1-0 Swansea Southampton 1-1 Sunderland Watford 1-2 Arsenal Hull 0-3 Man Utd Sunday 28th August 2016 West Brom 1-1 Middlesbrough Man City 3-1 West Ham
  12. This is fine here. Enjoy and we'll look forward to seeing how your experiment gets on.
  13. 8th September 2015 – Sky Bet League Two Match Day #1 Oxford United v Accrington Stanley The Kassam Stadium, Oxford Referee: Andy Davies The weather was very breezy and unusually warm for the second week of September as Kyle and Stacy rose from bed on the day of the opening match. Stacy had not seen her husband’s team play since the last month of the 2013-14 season at Torquay, and if she was truly honest about it, she would have told Kyle that she didn’t much like watching him at that point in his life. Or hers. Obviously, she had never seen Oxford United play before and naturally not under Kyle’s management so as the two prepared to leave for the ground, there was quite an odd feeling in the Cain household. Jenna was off watching Oxford City, hoping to get a look at Miles, who had made the substitutes’ bench that day and was on the cusp of making his professional debut. He had done well under the City coaching staff – better than he had done under Kyle, with the obvious reason being less interaction with Miss Cain while he was training across town. Kyle had arranged for tutoring for Jenna in relation to her condition and the desire to avoid the inevitable comments that would arise regarding a teen mother-to-be in a school setting. But none of that mattered at that very moment, as Stacy sat in the seat Allison had been the last woman to occupy in the front of Kyle’s Vauxhall. That wasn’t lost on Kyle, who at that moment was thinking of Allison rather than his wife. He hadn’t answered the text. He had wanted to, partly out of spite for Stacy and partly out of concern for Allison. One of those reasons was more wrong than the other, and he knew it, but had managed to curb his desire to respond and, in a rare moment of emotional self-control, managed to stick by his decision. That didn’t mean he had to like it. But Kyle was doing what he felt he had to do. His first XI of the new season was written on the white board at the front of the room before the team arrived. With that, Kyle retreated into his office to await events while Stacy went to the directors’ box to meet the board. He hoped it wouldn’t be a disaster. Oxford United: Ashdown: Grandison, Dunkley, Wright (captain), Skarz, Willock, MacDonald, Ashby, O’Dowda, Hoskins, Gnanduillet. Subs: Clarke, Whing, Meades, Richards, Rothwell, Hylton, Hoban. The bigger news of the day came when Fazackerley entered Kyle’s office and sat opposite him at the desk. “Kyle, I just want you to know I’ve decided to retire at the end of the season,” he said. Nothing like getting right to the point. While Kyle was absorbing that news, he also knew he couldn’t blame his deputy. About to turn 64 years of age in November and having spent 46 of those years in the game since breaking in with Blackburn Rovers in 1969, Fazackerley had been in the game longer than Kyle had been alive. He deserved his day in the sun. “Well, I will do everything in my power to make sure you go out a winner,” Kyle said, extending his hand. The two shook hands. “You’ve taught me a lot,” Kyle said, and Fazackerley simply smiled. “Very little you didn’t have in you from the beginning,” the silver-haired man said with the easy smile that Kyle had grown to trust in his time in charge. “You just didn’t see it. Now that you’ve had some success you can put those things to good use and help get this club promoted as a goodbye gift to me.” The conversation was between two men who had seen a lot in the game – but one had seen much more than the other. Yet he accepted his junior status with good grace and a genuine desire to help his boss succeed. Kyle admired that trait in his assistant. There was a lot to admire about Derek Fazackerley and as the two headed out for the first team talk of the new season, Kyle didn’t fail to remember it. “Derek, why don’t you take the team talk?” he offered, and the assistant looked at the manager. “That should be your prerogative, Kyle,” he said, but Kyle simply smiled. “Tell them,” Kyle said, and stood to one side. Fazackerley then told the team of his intentions, and when he was done, the manager stood at the front of the room. “Make this man’s last season a winning one,” Kyle said simply. “It starts today.” It took just over a minute for Jake Wright to have the ball at his feet and the goal at his mercy, but he fired into Owen Wheeler’s body instead and the Accrington keeper made the first big save of the season. Oxford immediately regained possession only to see MacDonald ring the right goalpost from ten yards, which made Kyle wonder about being snakebit. But the rebound fell to O’Dowda, and the winger wheeled and crossed back across the box, where the ball rolled kindly to Jermaine Grandison, with the debutant smashing home from eighteen yards with 92 seconds on the clock. The Kassam Stadium crowd roared like it was packed to the gills even though it was slightly over half full for the opening match. Grandison had showed his worth almost immediately, with the former Shrewsbury man showing his pleasure at scoring for his new team. But then Wright got himself booked by referee Andy Davies three minutes into the game – and just after the quarter hour, Accrington was on the penalty spot as O’Dowda was judged to have impeded defender Rob Atkinson in the box. Up stepped former Ranger Kal Naismith to take the penalty – and Ashdown saved it, diving full length to his left to get a strong hand on the ball. The predictably huge lift to the home team lasted for about twenty minutes, and before it had ended, O’Dowda had made amends by scoring his first goal of the season, taking a great little lead ball from Ashby on his right, cutting around defender Seamus Conneely and ripping a rising drive past Wheeler just after the half hour. That was wonderful. Ashby limping off two minutes before the break to be replaced by Rothwell was not. The kid had been a revelation in preseason training, and looked ready to claim Maddison’s old role for his own. But now he needed assistance to leave the field after a collision with Accrington skipper Luke Joyce. Still, two goals up at halftime was good for Kyle and he told the team so, before sending them back out for the second half. Once there, it was matter of keeping shape, staying compact and holding Stanley to shots from distance which was not terribly difficult to do. Like a beaten race horse, Stanley faded quickly in the second half but there was another debutant who had work to do, and six minutes from time he did it. Gnanduillet did the honors, on one of the simplest of plays. Ashdown came out about 35 yards to take a free kick after an offside, and his booming effort up field found Hoskins in space inside the Accrington penalty area. He squared into the six-yard box and Gnanduillet became the second Oxford new boy to score in his first game. But there was difficult news even in the second half, as Hoskins and MacDonald both took hard knocks from an aggrieved Accrington back line – making both men doubtful for the League Cup trip to Watford at midweek – an impossible mission perhaps, under the best of circumstances. Oxford United 3 (Grandison 2, O’Dowda 31, Gnanduillet 84) Accrington Stanley 0 (Kal Naismith m/p 16) H/T: 2-0 A – 6,418, The Kassam Stadium, Oxford Man of the Match: Jermaine Grandison, Oxford (MR 9.0) # # #
  14. Welcome back! Glad to have you posting again.
  15. Please shoot me a PM with this, Mark. I'll be happy to help.