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  1. Northern Ireland isn’t exactly the epicenter of European football, but the six wins out of the gate for the part-timers from Lisburn Distillery was starting to attract media attention. There was a certain amount of romance attached to the “one-time Benfica opponents rising from the ashes” type of story, but the last thing Sage wanted was for his team to get the “pat on the head” treatment from anybody, least of all the Belfast media. So it was that, for the first time, there were more than two journos at Sage’s weekly news event. Colin Taylor of Goal magazine was there, which wa
  2. Sage was a homebody. That was obvious to even the casual observer. He would show up to training in wrinkled clothes, perhaps looking like he needed to comb his hair with something other than a bath towel, but his appearance was never anything egregious. So it was that after the Dundela match and a day off that Sage showed up for a coaches’ meeting looking like he had been spun dry along with his laundry, that his staff felt they could kid the boss. “I thought you weren’t seeing Kylie,” McCabe joked. Sage blushed a bright red. “I’m not,” he insisted. “Really.” “Well,
  3. That is a prize winning title, I must admit. Posters who predate the old guard here are few and far between. Welcome back!
  4. Fun as always, Neil, but curious as to why FM09? I still have FM08 and would play it if I could get it to run on my machine.
  5. After the match, Sage had been kind to his players even though they hadn’t followed the tactical plan to the end. “They wanted to win the match,” he told the press. “I can’t honestly blame them for that.” He could, however, blame them for not listening – but chose not to. After a long think on the ride home after the match, Sage realized that his coursework had taught him something. Part-time players are different. If you give them a chance to go for glory on a big stage, they’re going to try to take it. Nothing can stop them from trying. They’ll almost certainly crash and burn
  6. Terrific stuff. You've found ways to be clever and thematic, and it's executed very well.
  7. Very impressive. You have a solid style and are good with a turn of phrase. Well done so far!
  8. Mr. Renwick, you don't do yourself justice, but thank you for the kind words ___ 9 September 2020 Linfield v Distillery – County Antrim Shield Quarterfinal Sage stepped back out onto the pitch at Windsor Park and thought that football can be a cruel game. Not that he was planning on being a makeweight, mind you – but in a competition the board wanted to win, seeing Linfield lined up against his Distillery team again was perhaps not the best way to go about it. He had spent the evening after returning from Berkshire with his nose in video of the first match, looking
  9. On lunch break, Sage looked at his text messages. There was one from McCabe which made Sage toss his head back in frustration. The draw for the Irish Cup had Distillery away to Linfield – again. “You know, I get that David Healy said he wouldn’t like to play us again soon,” Sage sighed as he took his seat next to Kylie in their Berkshire classroom. “I wonder if he meant it.” “Take him at face value,” Kylie advised. “Honestly, though, you know as well as I do that what really matters is how you approach the match from your team’s point of view rather than worrying about him.”
  10. 1 September 2020 Distillery v Banbridge | Bluefin Sport Championship Round Four If Distillery’s strong start was making an impact in the surrounding community, it certainly wasn’t showing up in the attendance figures. Sage had made the trip over (and across) from Berkshire for the game and from the looks of things, he had expended a lot more effort than most of the town. There were only 155 souls in the park at kickoff for the matchup with Banbridge, who started the match with three strikers and 21 fans in attendance. Playing three up front against Sage away from home was a bi
  11. Salk has a cold ... rest of team goes into quarantine
  12. “What brings you here?” Sage asked, immediately regretting his choice of words. “Women can be football managers too,” Kylie replied. If she had been hurt by Sage’s words, she hadn’t shown it. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he said sheepishly. “I know you didn’t,” she answered. “If I had thought otherwise, you can bet I wouldn’t have let you plead guilty as charged.” With that she smiled and sat next to him at what was now their table. “Honestly, the way things are going it looks like some sort of UEFA license is going to be needed for people to manage in the Women’s Supe
  13. 30 August 2020 As part of the deal that had brought him to Distillery, the club was responsible for expenses incurred for Sage to continue work on his badges. Greer had okayed the expense for Sage, but not for anyone else on his staff, and it took Sage’s expressed desire to pay for a new course for McCabe’s out of his own pocket before the chairman relented. Sage was getting a reputation as a bit of a spender – but then at a part-time club, spending more than a fiver on a player would give you that distinction – but his point had been clear: better education led to better managi
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