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  1. Sorry guys, crazy busy with life at the moment. This is what I'm currently using: unFuSShionable v1.0.7.fmf Be warned, the tempo is high, so you need to rotate, rotate, rotate.
  2. Again, this isn't a release I'm supporting of suggesting in anyway, this is just what I'm currently using in my personal game. My biggest issue is Harry Kane - he's by far the best striker in the game and plays nearly very position very well - which is great for me, but makes it very hard to test striker settings as he bags endless goals no matter what settings I use. I might have to start my much loved Norwich game. unFuSShionable v1.0.2 AF.fmf
  3. I've actually been playing with the tempo one notch higher than on the tactic (which is full on a positive mentality), seems to be working well, but too early to say for sure.
  4. Generally the plan is to overload the opposition on the flanks, so I've stuck with the fullbacks. I will however have a look at pass-into-space. I've already encouraged this on the attacking players (pass-into-space is the same as take-more-risks), so I'm not sure it'll be of much benefit to add it to the whole team, but then I'm open to trying it out. Aw, cheers! It's been an absolute arse to get a 4-1-2-2-1 working on this patch. I'm not going to pretend it's as effective as all those mad strikerless mezzala filled tactics out there, but I just don't want to play that way.
  5. Tweaked the attacking corners, more effective now. unFuSShionable v1.0.0 (Positive) + attacking corners.fmf Early days yet, but here's the last 4 games.
  6. This is what I'm currently using. Not sold on the CF upfront, that's still being played with. But I'm back to winning just about everything. unFuSShionable v1.0.0 (Positive).fmf
  7. Stick to what you know. I've gone back to my FM20 tactics, slightly tweaked them with some FM21 knowledge and all seems well.
  8. I'm afraid I'm about done until a new patch. Sadly the last patch seems to have somewhat killed off standard formations but there are loads of really effective tactics out there using unusual formations for you to enjoy.
  9. I'd be interested if you'd all take some time to try out a Pressing Forward (attack) instead of the Advanced Forward (attack) up front. Seems to help my front-line create more movement, although I do score less counter attacking balls over the top.
  10. I'm intrigued to see how it plays, you've certainly simplified in terms of player instructions - that's essentially putting more trust in your players to make decisions than I do, not saying that's a bad thing though, perhaps under the current match engine I've been restricting the AI too much.
  11. I've had a few message from people still using my FM20 tactics, but glad to hear the BETA has been working well for you. Long story short it's about having a decent understanding of football in real life , thinking through what you want to happen in the game, and then trying to logic out how to make that happen. The biggest pit fall is people not thinking things through. A common example is people watching Liverpools front 3 (Mane/Firmino/Salah) and going for attacking IF's that sit narrow. Seems like a good idea, but ask yourself, is that what they actually do? No! Salah and Mane stay very wide when the team is in possession and when they enter the final third then THEN cut-in, they don't sit narrow. So to replicate that kind of behaviour I tell them to stay wide. They also both work extremely hard defensively and harassing opponents, to replicate that behaviour I set them to support, close down more, and mark tight. Once you find an example you like in the real world, really think about it, and you can make it. I've found the BETA less effective after the most recent update, but it still works by and large. I'm playing with it as we speak. Interesting tweaks. Some make perfect sense to me. Since the last update, width is less effective, so removing the added width makes sense. I'm not sold on the defensive tweaks, but again, my defence has taken a major hit in the last update, so I'm looking at this. I noticed you dropped "low crosses", how've you found this?
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