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  1. Hi everyone, I've just started my BETA game, and it appears that WIDTH WIDTH WIDTH is the mantra for FM21 so far. There tends to be big tactical changes between the BETA and the full release and I doubt I'll even finish my first season before the full game is out, but will aim to get something out quickly there after. FuSS.
  2. For the majority of players, yes. I use it to build particular stats if they are low for that position - i.e. if a player I intend to use as an Inside-Forward isn;t that fast, then an additional focus on pace and acceleration is necessary.
  3. For general training, I use the FM Korea schedules that are on the forum somewhere. For individual training, I set everyone to their exact position in the tactic - i.e. don't leave it at the default "FB" but specifically select "fullback attack". I then put everyone on double intensity training. Bare in mind that I rotate a 22, so injuries aren't an issue. I also do a VERY HEAVY pre-season, I book a friendly every two days - usually against the best opposition I can find, unless the board forces me to go on a training camp somewhere, in which case I have to use local sides
  4. I swore I wouldn't do anything else on this tactic, but I've been playing with the inside forwards. Be interested to know how everyone else does with them set "stay wide" instead of "sit narrow". I actually think it's better as that rule only applied during the "build-up phase", which means your IFs are in more space to receive a pass and THEN cut-inside during the "attack phase", rather than crowding the CF. ?
  5. Not quite, this is a version customised for my team. Cool, let me know how that goes please buddy. I don't even know what discord is, i'm getting old! Great results. Makes perfect sense - for a great team V1 would probably be better as it has a higher line. That's the problem with trying to make tactics that please everyone, you've got to find the thing that's more "in the middle".
  6. Added a Spurs test to the front page, won the triple and Kane was top goalscorer for the league - so he'll get there, despite not having any good PPMS.
  7. Just sharing this for fun. It doesn't mean anything as it's a pre-season friendly on tour in Asia. Never seen one player score 10 goals before!
  8. It's a bit of a mix of them to be fair. Thanks, I agree, I think PPMs can really make or break a player. Yes, I'll notch it up to "very attacking" if I haven't had a breakthrough. It's about knowing the selectable mentalities actually do - going more attacking up the tempo, width and passing directness. It's essentially just a really quick way to slightly alter multiple tactical sliders all at once. In theory, a tactic with a defensive mentality, could still be much more attacking than a tactic with an attacking mentality, depending on the sliders s
  9. Sorry Milos, my point is that I'm unable to replicate the same problem either playing myself or letting the assistant manage. A good pre-season is probably the most important thing, it gives your striker an opportunity to get used to playing in that way, it does usually take a few games for things to click with strikers with this tactic. It also very much helps to have the right sort of PPMs.
  10. Just ran a quick sim with HSV (all on holiday mode, using 2.01, no transfers, and no human interaction at all). Seems okay, and a 63 Goal Difference isn't bad!
  11. I'm not sure how much more specific I can be on the shouts - they aren't that important, I just find they help and cost you nothing, so why not How I rotate them is on the OP.
  12. I've updated the front page and the change log. That's me done on this tactic, I'm working on something new now!
  13. Looking good, appreciate the feedback. The sturggle against teams that sit-back is exactly what I've tried to address with V2.0.0, maybe give it a whirl, would love to see some more!
  14. Interestingly I've been experimenting with this after mentioning it here and my AP(attack) actually seems to perform better as an AP(support) using the same instructions + dribble more. This could just be due to my own players stats, but it does open up a few possibilities.
  15. Glad to hear. A goal every other game is pretty reasonable for a striker on this tactic. If a striker does hit a goal shortage, make them take penalties, tends to get them up and running again. As for tips - if you go back a page or two you'll find my example match, funnily enough against liverpool.
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