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  1. You can change it to anything you want in the preferences. I think it's under Graphics, then the 2nd tab
  2. The screenshot of Joe Gomez is from Jan 2016.
  3. according to this: standard is indeed lower line, narrower, slower than control.
  4. Real made an enquiry, I said I wanted 80m, then they bid 59m and I was so close to accepting, but ended up going for 69m (all upfront), they bid the 72m and I accepted. He wasn't transfer listed and was quite happy to say, I just couldn't get myself to say no - So I lined up the Timo Werner deal (£43m) while Brandt negotiated with Real. Son Heung-Min wanted to leave so I let him (he is now unhappy and wants first team football, so I can get him back for 13m if I want - He wants 150k pr week though)
  5. The Julian Brandt sale was 7m upfront and 65m over 24 months.
  6. I found adding shoot less often for the two strikers helped a lot with long shots, and made them pass it a bit more.
  7. Link for the thread:!-My-4-1-3-2-for-FM15
  8. Do you have a ton of extra graphics added? facepacks, kits, etc.?
  9. I play as Leverkusen and sold Kramer to Real Madrid, I brought in Yannick Gerhardt from Köln for £9m to replace him.
  10. Something like this. Aarons plays as a wide playmaker on the right, and a winger on the left, Cabella plays as a wide playmaker on the left and a winger on the right. And they swap positions during the match.
  11. Totally agree with this. I sometimes have two players close down the winger and none of them try to tackle him.
  12. Here he is after a bit over 2 seasons (AI management)
  13. I just did a test, it does work. So just pick the swap positions as normal, and then make the player specific roles for the players in both positions.