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  1. Nice one dude! The Horse is back! I always sign former players as coaches too. You're right about the backroom staff, I had a big clear-out early on.
  2. I'm about a handful of games off finishing my second season. Considering selling Partey tbh man, he's been frustrating - difficult second season syndrome, haha
  3. First season he was really good as a Mez/Attack but second season his form has been a lot more inconsistent & I'm thinking of selling him.
  4. Just realised though mate, sorry, he's on loan at Monaco in the first season.
  5. Hello mate, I've only had him for half a season but Florentino Luís at Benfica is great, he's got great mental stats & I play him as a DM Def Mid/Sup. He's been superb so far.
  6. I find it massively helpful man. Can make a player that extra bit special, from my experience anyway.
  7. Yeah man, same here. I take responsibility for everything - only thing I don't do is manage the games for U23 & U18. I do their training though.
  8. I got rid as soon as he got back from Berlin, mate. Sold him to Porto for about £25M.
  9. I know what you mean, but tbh, if they do kick off it never lasts that long, from my experience anyway.
  10. Cheers @FuSS the FM20 ones were still working a treat for me (tweaked slightly) & the main thing is I love the style of play it produces
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