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  1. @FuSS You've done it again you absolute diamond! I switched to v1.1 with about 12 games to go in my second season as Arsenal boss & went on to win the Champions League & finish 2nd against all odds. I don't think I would have done it if I hadn't switched, thank you. Funnily enough I switched from one of your FM19 tactics! Also mate on a side note, I notice you're from Norwich, I grew up in Ipswich so actually we should be enemies, haha (not lived there for over 15 years now though as London is my home) Thanks again dude
  2. In 3 seasons I've won the following trophies: 2 Premier Leagues, 1 Europa League, 1 FA Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup So I would say it does still work. I've made minor tweaks each season.
  3. I used V3 for FM20 & it still works, I won the league with Arsenal. Also still making the same changes for (tough) away games too - change DM to HB & dropping the AP to Support, works a treat. Hi @FuSS how are you finding FM20 so far dude?
  4. Hello all, I just managed the below! My first ever unbeaten title win. Sounds silly but I'm not sure I want to carry on with it now.. haha
  5. Hello mate, I managed to get rid of him again on the latest patch. For free to an MLS side again.
  6. Real Salt Lake in the MLS signed him for nothing, yeah. Got his astronomical wages off the wage bill.
  7. Ah man, I had a very similar first season & I just nicked it. How did you get on?
  8. Very impressive figures for Auba, man. He never really fit into any of my tactics sadly although he had a decent first season before I sold him to City (as well as Laca) I have Sancho & I like him but he's frustrating mate. So inconsistent. Same here re youth/regen players - I have a Brazilian/English regen called Stuart who looks insanely good - I downloaded Mac Assistant because I wanted to check his PA & he's 180.
  9. Lacazette as an AF for me scored about 30 goals, he was immense. That was my third season and he was on loan from Man City as I'd sold him to them for £70M. Got Kean from Juve coming on free, interested to see how he does.
  10. I also have Tony Adams as a first team coach, his stats are bad but I don't care. I love having legends back at the club.
  11. I must admit man, I saw his stats for 'WWY' after I'd given him a contract as an Under 18's coach.
  12. End of third mate. He had turned 30 & kept getting injured. IRL I wish we were keeping him!
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