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  1. @drswit is possible background mode? thanks to those who can help me
  2. @a31632 last question, you can also reduce the size of the player's picture? thanks in advance
  3. How can I remove the name from the shirt and leave only the number? thanks a lot
  4. hi @drswit how can I remove the team logo in the middle of the screen? thanks in advance for your help and congratulations because your skin in my opinion is the best of fm19
  5. sorry @a31632 but it's not possible a 1366x768 version of your skin champions? thanks in advance
  6. @bluestillidie00 copy paste?
  7. Is it possible in a skin to create it as a club profile? I hope I explained myself, thanks to those who will help me p.s. sorry for my bad english
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