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  2. @florin.hangu great job sin but they do not work in fm19 ... you see white, I think it depends on the effect
  3. is possible link download this skin @THE FM GURU? thanks
  4. On the t-shirts, however, they are still large, how can I reduce the size? One last thing is possible to recreate the numbers with the font used for the Italian serie A ? Thanks in advance
  5. @lembergmananyway I wanted to thank you for the excellent work and I wanted to know if in addition to the default size there are also large and small, thanks
  6. @lembergmanIf the shirt is black I don't see the numbers but just the EFL symbol, I hope I explained myself, sorry for my bad English
  7. @lembergman On a black background you don't read and another question you come to put the numbers on the shirt? es. Andromeda skin thanks
  8. @keysi I thank you for the advice, and I tried but unfortunately I did not succeed .....
  9. @keysi thanks for the reply and for your wonderful works
  10. @PequenoGenio thanks!!! if you find other models would you be kind enough to give them to me?
  11. @wkdsoul default and small versions are missing p.s. thanks anyway
  12. @wkdsoul I saw those Rensie but there are only large version,why?
  13. @wkdsoul thank you anyway, one last thing, you have no other packages of numbers that you can give me? thanks....
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