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  1. https://www.banggood.com/Honor-MagicBook-15-2021-Ryzen-Edition-15_6-inch-AMD-R5-5500U-16GB-RAM-3200MHz-512GB-NVMe-SSD-300nits-100-pencent-sRGB-56Wh-Battery-WiFi6-Camera-Backlit-Fingerprint-Full-featured-Type-C-Fast-Charging-Notebook-p-1875253.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287853 1. How many countries to choose to play comfortably? 2. Will the 3D match work smoothly at medium settings?
  2. How does going on vacation affect team training? Still, I'm the best coach on the team.
  3. When will there be more news about FM22? Less than a month before beta.
  4. Playing online with a friend. Why, when he connects to the game and selects his team, then game messages do not come to him? If we play on the same computer, then everything works.
  5. Is the final update planned following the closing of the transfer window?
  6. How do I download the latest current version you're currently using?
  7. If I play for medium and weak teams and do not win trophies, will the reputation of the coach grow? Can I be invited by football giants from conditional Fulham, with whom I have been in the middle of the league table for 10 seasons?
  8. You probably didn't understand the question. Why not much shorter? https://prnt.sc/101a2dh Why only shorter? https://prnt.sc/101a0m3
  9. Why in PI passing directness "Standart" if i choose "Much shorter" in tactical style? Mentality Positive. https://prnt.sc/1019w8t https://prnt.sc/101a2dh But if i choose tactical style "Shorter", all PI "Shorter". https://prnt.sc/1019wx7 https://prnt.sc/101a0m3
  10. All your files. I want to start a new career, but some files show mistakes. There are few, but there are.
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