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  1. Which is your opinion of the new 442's be best suited to top players?
  2. Hey knap what is your overal best 4321 currently that still is working?
  3. Best formation you got currently knap apart from the 451 formations using IF can be IF and a W... also why do i have a great season with one tactic then the next season it goes to absolute crap.. what do i have to do to keep the formation working?
  4. will you be uploading your new top scoring points/all cups 20.4.0 tactics onto fmbase for testing would love to see what they get from it
  5. are any of your new tactics been tested yet and ranked in your list? could do with an updated one maybe?
  6. a new one so quickly after saying v4 was the final one XD
  7. Whats your best tactic that isnt a 343/523 ??
  8. Where would you rank the new update in terms of your others?
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