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  1. If using the updated data for current leagues and transfers go for Macclesfield or bury. IRL expelled but still in FM but have no players an minimal budget. Big test.
  2. Just the 14 games without conceding a goal with Aldershot in the National Conference 😂🙈😂🙈. Insane tactic as usual. Had to intentionally sabotage the free kick an corner instructions though as one of my centre backs is on 10 goals from 16 games 😂😂😂😂. Just switched him up with a striker for a bit of realism. when on 26 game without losing streak and only lost because I faced Everton away in the FA cup an they played a full strength team (using the updated data for up to date transfers too). cracking stuff as always. My ML/AML has 20 assists from 21 games. BTW my defenders are the worst part of my team ability wise so it’s crazy how much the tactic is still dominating.
  3. Just out of interest. Does anyone else using TFF amazing tactics find their centre backs scoring a lot of goals (like more than the strikers lol). Or is it just because i'm playing in the conference and defences are generally rubbish in that league?
  4. I've even tried to intentionally sabotage the set pieces instructions and yet my centre backs are still scoring every game lol!! I've tried changing everything I can think to and somehow they still score. Getting silly when my centre backs are 1st and 2nd goal scorers. Great stuff as always
  5. Haven’t done Oz in a few FM’s but like the MLS I highly recommend it to people feeling a bit burnt out from the same old type of saves. Mls and A league offer a truly different experience that will test you to the maximum. I reckon I’ll get round to another Oz save soon. Last time I did one was Melbourne but before the Man City esq rebrand. That was a cracking save though. Really good fun getting the best of the home grown players and being very Particular about the designated options.
  6. Brilliant. Appreciate the reply. Your fm19 tactics were soo good I couldn’t fail with any team. Now I’ve started fm20 it’s following suit. I always tend to find it tricky to get players perfect for Wing back or ML and MR particularly. All going well though so far in my Aldershot save!
  7. I’ve had goalkeepers injured an sent off? Have I missed something. Fair play it occurs more to opposition but I’ve had it happen to me. Usually right when I get my back up keeper into the team for a cup game or poor form of first choice. Like a curse.
  8. I can only second this. I’m uk based but a huge advocate of the MLS. I’m a NCFC season ticket holder (for my sins) an many years ago a few of our players went to Toronto when they were kicking off their mls franchise. It was then I decided to give the mls a go on FM. Wow what a game changer. Honestly it revitalised my love for fm that was beginning to get stale. I say this as the MLS is a totally different challenge. Devote time to understanding the rules an it’s such a rewarding challenge. I’ll be honest my Seattle save from a few years ago was my favourite save in many years. Built a legacy there. It’s great trading slots for international spots etc. Using designated player spots carefully etc. Managed to sign Zlatan from PSG at 34 (this was a few years back before he went to the states in real life) an he tore up the league an made us lots of $$$. give it a go. But be prepared to devote time to learning rules you’ll likely never have faced on fm before.
  9. Personally I’d say yes. I personally love starting journey man saves that tend to last me at least half the life span of the current edition of FM. I usually through tradition always pick a league I’ve never managed in to start a save. Iceland might be on my agenda next! I’ve always found those leagues a breeze to achieve success quickly. Even lower English leagues. I’m talking conference, league 2 etc I usually find it quite easy to breeze those even with mid to lower mid table teams. I run into problems when I hit the premier league an the money you mention. Don’t get me wrong I can usually mix it with bottom to mid teams in the prem first few years. It’s just those elite teams I struggle with until years of building the side an club up on an off the pitch.
  10. Wow. TTF you’ve done it again. I personally just wanted to say thank you. At 34 years old like most of you I’ve been playing football manager/CM since it’s incarnation all those years ago. However with work an family life now taking the priority my footy manager time is limited. The more plug an play tactics is all I have time for as opposed to constant micro management. Your tactics consistently do the trick and make my life easier. Such variety as well. I know from your POV you’ll name your best one but for me I love switching between a few depending who I’m playing. Also at lower league level where I start my journeys I have less flexibility over players who can play the specialist roles your tactics demand. So the variety in older tested formations you supply are brilliant too. One question though, as I’m late to the Fm20 party (was still playing fm19) is it a bug this year that corners are easy to score from or is it a characteristic of TTF tactics (that I could change for realism). Only ask as in pre season my Left aided centre back has scored 3 goals from 4 friendlies (3 of the friendlies against far higher opposition). as always keep up the good work!
  11. Dont disagree thats its common, but why did I have a perfectly 100% working game before the official update and now since the update I cant use the graphics I was using? Just a few of the most popular face packs, kits etc. Seems a real shame that through no fault of my own the game experience is now not as good.
  12. Custom graphics removed and cache and preferences cleared and no more crashes. Very odd. Wish I understood why this is, because the graphics havent caused a single issue prior to latest patch and to me its a deal breaker as I hate the wrong club badges etc. I can live without facepacks etc so may try that next. Hopefully something can be sorted soon,
  13. Two hours to temp move the graphics folder to a different location? is there a different way in game to disable graphics temp to test the above?
  14. firstly thankyou for the fast response neil. You've helped me with issues on past editions of the game an you an the teams work often goes massively unappreicated. Just wanted to make it clear a good % of fans do appreciate all the effort an work that goes in. In response to my issues, ive returned from business away and will not get cracking with the suggestions you've made. I've already deleted the cache but will also do the suggested preferences delete as per the above. I'll try removing the graphics as a test but im confused how the minimal graphics i've added would make much difference as it was all fine prior to the winter update patch. Will give it a go now though and report back.
  15. I've never had an issue with crashes at start up since the update but now the game randomly crashes when processing in the same fashion. Crash dumps appear and have to restart. Does not do it everytime at the same point but its now unplayable as I dunno when its going to do it. For example, stage im up to in my save is second season and next continue click takes you to match day screen. Sometime it processes and can play the game but then randomly crashes in the in game days following this. Other times it crashes on the processing loading up the match day screen. Never had any issues prior to the update. Tried starting a new save unemployed and clicked proceed for a in game week and no crashes. Worried it just effects current old saves and new saves uneffected? Hopefully someone can explain more. Cache files deleted also as per a few of the other threads advice regarding similar issues. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.02 15.59.44).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.02 16.39.46).dmp
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