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  1. Not moved onto fm21 yet but in 2023 on fm20 an the rules are brilliant. Players I’d never normally be able to sign as premier league side are easily purchasable (talking Brazilian wonder kids etc). Faced no wp issues at all so far. In contrast to fm19 where which ever random Brexit rules popped up, it always put me off managing in England an id stay abroad.
  2. Trying scouring the site but couldn’t find an exact answer to the specifics of my question. Hopefully makes sense. In terms of the game, does a potential assistant manager or coach not speaking the clubs national language Make much difference in terms to players responses to team talks, or improvement in training? yes I appreciate in real life the answer would be yes as how does he communicate with the players otherwise. However in game is this representative. I ask as I’ve always played journey man careers in many different countries. I usually try to sign an assistant m
  3. Apologies for not moving on to FM21 yet but I always wait for the bugs to be ironed out before starting a new FM adventure. Still playing my Aldershot FM20 save. Now in the Championship and made some rather underwhelming signings but my Spanish scout came up with this lad released from Sevilla. Thought id make a cheeky offer and he was interested (albeit wanting more than i've ever offered for a player at Aldershot lol!). He's head and shoulders above anything else i've got at the club. I may regret it if I cant get results but just wondered if anyone else has had joy with this lad in the
  4. Typically every same I did on fm19 and 20 we DID leave the eu an got similar rules to the work per net an 17 foreigners ones mentioned on fm21. bit of a grind in some respects as I love building a top squad, not just team, youth academy etc but made it a bit more difficult. However equally I found 99% of the time a work permit NEVER got rejected after the Brexit rules come in, even on nations an players of low experience an rep that always would get rejected pre Brexit rules etc. Swings and roundabouts I guess
  5. For me, honestly it was simple Finally getting a laptop to replace my ancient ASUS am being able to play with all the graphical add ons (kits, logos etc) an not taking 5 days to process or load up a player profile. made such a difference to me. With work an kids I get little time to play these days but now I’m flying through my long term save an the game looks beautiful. Finally using the 3D match engine as it was designed to be used etc. in terms of save memories. I came to fm20 late this year so only on my one an only save with aldershot. Back to back promotio
  6. Although now I’ve checked again it lists them as it does for you so the site must have glitched lol. however what’s the difference between the fm eu-uk an simply fm21 version. Why the price difference. (Maybe includes fm touch?)
  7. See I got different when I checked earlier FM21 EU £18 (roughly) fm21 eu-uk £25.85 fm21 £32.85
  8. That wasn’t the point we were discussing really. More the fact that shopto has 3 listings. One stating EU in the title, one stating eu-uk an the other simply stating nothing. Each listing dramatically different prices too. Was just wondering why an what’s the difference between the eu-uk one an the simple fm21 one with no mention of uk or eu etc
  9. It is very confusing. Id assume eu-uk would be ok over the obvious eu titled version. Just that full price, simply named fm21 listing that worries me. Everyone ordering seems happy so far. in fairness I never usually purchase fm straight away as I absolutely hated it a few fm’s ago when the match engine kept getting tweaked. I personally only tend to play 1 or 2 long term saves per fm an Everytime I got a tactic working well it get flipped on its head ruining my save until I could wrk something else out. Frustrating. But may get this one at release this time.
  10. Agree. Bit of a worry. On shopto they have a EU version, a Eu-UK an then just plain fm21. All with drastically different prices but not a lot inside the ads to explain the differences. intrgued if anyone else has any theories. End of the day I just want the best price as money is tight lol
  11. Silly question. But the listing everyone’s mentioned from shopto states EU-UK, needs steam etc for £25. also on shopto is a listing purely saying football manager 21 (no mention in title ref eu or eu-uk) an thats £35. what’s the difference? Read the listing but can’t see any mention why the big price difference. Is the £35 a physical copy maybe?
  12. Can see how many are allowed to be signed but nothing regarding the squad so i'd assume there is no limit on that basis.
  13. I’ve not had it often but sometimes a player will agree on principle with me but then another team comes in an his agent returns an says “my client has this offer on the table but is still keen to discuss with you blah blah blah” an you can see what he now wants. That isn’t to say it really is what the other clubs offered. just adds realism to how crafty annoying agents work. If you could see what every single other club was offering for players it be unrealistic an a bit silly.
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