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    28 year old Player/Manager of my local side. NCFC home & away season ticket holder. Father of a beautiful 1 year old baby boy. Have a beautiful missus. Overall...one lucky guy.

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  1. Dont disagree thats its common, but why did I have a perfectly 100% working game before the official update and now since the update I cant use the graphics I was using? Just a few of the most popular face packs, kits etc. Seems a real shame that through no fault of my own the game experience is now not as good.
  2. Custom graphics removed and cache and preferences cleared and no more crashes. Very odd. Wish I understood why this is, because the graphics havent caused a single issue prior to latest patch and to me its a deal breaker as I hate the wrong club badges etc. I can live without facepacks etc so may try that next. Hopefully something can be sorted soon,
  3. Two hours to temp move the graphics folder to a different location? is there a different way in game to disable graphics temp to test the above?
  4. firstly thankyou for the fast response neil. You've helped me with issues on past editions of the game an you an the teams work often goes massively unappreicated. Just wanted to make it clear a good % of fans do appreciate all the effort an work that goes in. In response to my issues, ive returned from business away and will not get cracking with the suggestions you've made. I've already deleted the cache but will also do the suggested preferences delete as per the above. I'll try removing the graphics as a test but im confused how the minimal graphics i've added would make much difference as it was all fine prior to the winter update patch. Will give it a go now though and report back.
  5. I've never had an issue with crashes at start up since the update but now the game randomly crashes when processing in the same fashion. Crash dumps appear and have to restart. Does not do it everytime at the same point but its now unplayable as I dunno when its going to do it. For example, stage im up to in my save is second season and next continue click takes you to match day screen. Sometime it processes and can play the game but then randomly crashes in the in game days following this. Other times it crashes on the processing loading up the match day screen. Never had any issues prior to the update. Tried starting a new save unemployed and clicked proceed for a in game week and no crashes. Worried it just effects current old saves and new saves uneffected? Hopefully someone can explain more. Cache files deleted also as per a few of the other threads advice regarding similar issues. FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.02 15.59.44).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.04.02 16.39.46).dmp
  6. tried this get around but doesnt work in offline mode still? Any suggestions what I can do to get this going again. Steam is so frustrating. I play fm16 virtually all the time when there is no internet connection so this has totally ruined the game for me Also its only fm16 effected. My other steam games like motorsport manager etc all work fine.
  7. This has literally just started happening to me today (wednesday 21/6/17). Don't understand why this has suddenly started happening and appears to be happening at random intervals to everyone else? Ive always had steam but im just old school. I tried the suggested get around linked in the other post but that still doesnt work in offline mode. Any other suggestions what to do. Really don't want fm16 to just be disregarded because there is a newer game out there. Even if it isn't SI fault. A little bit of help and customer service would be hugely appreciated. edit: Also its only fm16 effected. My other steam games like motorsport manager etc all work fine. Edit: changing the date of your laptop to june 14th works oddly. Bit of a ball breaker to keep doing this just to play because steam is more insane than my ex.
  8. thanks for the reply. Really appreciated. Really dunno what to do for best. As long as I can run the game relatively quickly (even after 4-5 seasons), can use a decent amount of faces from facepacks and run a large amount of countries & leagues ill be happy. I understand im potentially asking a lot but it was what I always did prior to fm13 an it ran a dream.
  9. Wow this is confusing! All these posts but nobody seems to have a suggestion that appears more than the other. Obviously because its more down to personal pref and needs etc...but ive just spent over an hour just researching on this forum alone! Wont pretend to be overly tech minded but im seriously looking to purchase a new laptop. I performed a sin and DIDNT buy a FM(formerly Champ) for first time in my 29 year old life last season, skipping FM14. I told many people it was because ive always been a slider tactics kinda guy and shouts put me off, but deep down it was because my laptop simply wasnt up to task. I dont have hour upon hour to spend on FM, usually trying to fit an hour or 2 here and there most nights after my boys in bed etc. I dont tend to play many saves an stick to just 2-3 long term saves every edition of FM and obviously after time the game seriously slows down but on my laptop its past a joke now. Literally 4 seasons into a save an going day to day takes an eternity (talking 10 mins min usually and thats at best). Currently using my old Dell Inspiron 1545, Intel Core2, Duo CPU T6600, 4GB, 550gb which is pretty dated. Not got a massive budget sadly as money needed elsewhere, with £550 really being about it tops. Any recommendations folks?
  10. True, Maybe come fm15 Ill give it a whirl. Whats the worst that can happen I get the feeling I will prefer the full fat game though as opposed to a diet version. Just miss the good old days when I could literally load the full game, with a million and one facepacks loaded, kits, logos etc...the lot and it still fun fine well into 10 game years etc. The basis of the games still the same and human team building will always eventually beat AI team building.
  11. I avoid philosophies where possible. More trouble than they are worth. I always look to build with youth whether its through academy or purchasing youth potential talents. However I never ask for that as a philosophy for reasons like you've mentioned. My 3 tactics I often use see us creating many chances per game but never dominating possession. I've had issues where the board have complained at me for not playing attacking football like my philosophy says despite winning constantly 3,4,5-0 each week and walking the league.
  12. In response to the original posters post i've not gone back, i've simply not moved forward. I hate admitting it but at 29 years old FM14 is the first fm/cm ive not purchased in my life. Each new edition has knocked my love of the game slightly and I genuinely didnt want to spend money (at a time where money is tight for everyone) on the latest version and have my love for the franchise knocked further. As a rule I always purchase around December/January time when hopefully all major bugs are patched etc + ive had enough time to get together the latest facepack, logos etc. This Fm though I was noticing more and more people complaining and moaning. It worries me more than a large portion of those unhappy were older players like myself. I know I fall foul of the "dont judge until you try" line but im usually a 1-2 long term saves kinda guy and ive continued playing fm13. My issues with the game are due to me being stuck in a kind of catch 22. I miss the ease in which I use to fly through seasons as a child. I know their is the FMC mode but I have issues with OCD and likely am the biggest stato freak in the world. I like to play the game with nearly every league loaded, as many players as possible and start at the bottom somewhere ive never heard of and work my way up and potentially round the world. I have a pet hate of the old greyed out name players an should I click a random 2nd tier Swedish side....I want to see real players there etc. On older editions of FM (11 + 12 etc...) I could run virtually all the leagues with no delay. Obviously times change and tech advances but im running a fairly decent machine and even fm13 takes forever to process between days once you're a couple of seasons into a save. Im truly scared to think how FM14 would perform for me. Ive just got use to my FM13 save taking a while now and i'll be doing other stuff while waiting a few minutes to process. I wont get into the arguement regarding shouts and the bars being taken away. Ive never used shouts. While plug and play style isnt "real to life" like some get wound up about, I just enjoyed that way of playing the game. Like I said im a bit OCD with those things and enjoyed tinkering and adjusting things to effect the game etc. My next bit of OCD is I like everything to be up to date or as near to it as possible. While I've seen others go back to the wonderful fm11 and such I just dont think I could do it. Not just because my beloved NCFC will be back in the championship average as anything but so many other players and stats blah blah blah will be vastly out of date. All this said ill likely purchase fm15 and give it a try but I do miss the old days. New features are great but do feel some of the aspects that made the game gain a cult following have been lost along the way. Apologies for the whaffle guys.
  13. Pleasantly surprised by this thread. Was a bit worried at first with a career starting on international rep with a genuine real life superstars as user name. Gotta say its been superb though! As a NCFC season ticket holder its also been nice to see NCFC doing so well in the league (until the last few posts).....The games presenting us like we and media all thought we'd be. Decent squad and great summer signings etc....sadly in real life we had a decent squad with great summer signings......but a clueless defensive numpty in charge. Is Hughton still in charge of NCFC on the game? Manager of England & Utd at same time? Thinking of giving one up? Keep up the good work chap!
  14. Like it alot chap! Different and makes you stand out from the pack! Ill admit I was waiting for a troll with too much time on their hands to translate that German News article and say that had nothing to do with you signing a new contract but glad nobody did! Keep up the good work. Usually I only read career threads of those who start at the very bottom and go on a journey etc but Ive really enjoyed yours. Very nicely set up, colourful and easy to read. Keep up the good work. Look forward to checking back in a few weeks and seeing what progress you've made. Got a sneaky feeling a German Title is heading Wolfy's way!
  15. My theory had always been my age. At 28 ive got a missus, a child, a house, a mortgage, I manage a real life football club, etc....and therefore of course have less time to play FM. So maybe im partially jealous of those younger than me (like my brother) who live at home and can play FM for hour after hour and thats soured my view point on the latest FM's. At the same time though as someone who has far less time than I use to for FM I find every new release much less 'pick up and play' if you get me. I understand FMC is there but I simply prefer the full fat game....just maybe not the changes or new features that continue to appear with each release. I feel bad as FM14 is the first FM/CM ive never purchased but while I have been exceptionally busy in my personal life its not like im as upset as I thought id be about not purchasing it yet. Likely wait for FM15 now but dont think I can face seeing NCFC in the championship again for another 15 editions of FM :'( Ive not spoiled the story for myself so im not going to read on from my last comment and see what progress you've made. Half wondering whether a change of country will have occured as well! Keep up good work chap!
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