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  1. I have seen, but rarely for both. I think lob shots more often than dribble the GK. But generally the lob shots goes over the bar. A good explanation, finally. You should put one. There will be a moment your GK will get injured and you will need a substitute. 1) Me as amateur gk annoys myself with that kind of thing. It's bad animation for positioning before to save a shot, the GKs don't tackle strikers when necessary (mainly if he's a sweeper GK, he need to be really a sweeper to clean balls behind the defensive line but generally the GKs don't follow well the def line. And other things. 2) Really. Very rare. I think funny it's just overhead kicks when happens, none a volley kick. 3) Very very very very rare. 4) They happens, but more rare than real. Just in that way. They punch sometimes. I think it could happen a bit more, but it is not annoying me than the lack of collisions, foul on GK, Gk committing fouls on the strikers and so on. 1) i haven't seen it because there is a standard animation to GKs put the ball in game, this just is quicker or not depending the situation of the team and the match. 2) they punch, yes 3) very rare 4) not too rare but generally the player misses the shot.
  2. need more examples

    I understand what you are saying, Nic. I wouldn't complain if it were something more random, in any part of the pitch or happens less times, but it just happens near on the background line when the striker is running to make a cross/pass from the side. In that screenshot he is pursuing the ball still, but in other situations when it happened the striker had the perfect control, but he gets close the line and "forget" the ball and what he would do. I can offer more examples if you prefer. Another bug I found when I played my last match is when a player, generally a defender, keep with the ball statically, no reaction, and the most of times the striker steals the ball, just sometimes the striker fails and the defender "gets a life" and back to play. This doesn't happen too often while the bug of this thread but happens. It's just in this version. And there is a good distance between two players, then the defender has a lot of time to what to do with the ball.
  3. This is a old problem from previous versions. The offensive player runs till the line and he does any action he "forgets" the ball, making easy the defender recoveries it. This bug ruins good counter attack or even a good play at the sides. For this example, the bug moment happens at 71:40 SAN 2x0 SEP brasilerao a 2018 71m40 bug corrida fundo bola esquece.pkm
  4. under review

    I thought I had replied you, @Nic Madden I deleted one routine of left and right def CK's, then I have just one for both sides. It's changing automatically the player positions still. And this is with any formation, mainly when I change the formation or the mentality/fluid. Or when I don't do nothing it happens too. I lost and got draw some games because of wrong def ck's position.
  5. under review

    Any news about @Daniel Wells ? It's still happening here.
  6. @stripeyfox2015 about the some special rules for Chapecoense IRL, the chairman in charge (who would be the vice chairman, because the real chairman was in that airplane) refused the 3 years no relegation rules and wanna fight to keep in Serie A normally. About the loaning players there is nothing 100%, they must to work the team rebuilding in this week or on the next one. And they don't play the last Brasileirão round against Atlético Mineiro. I am curious about how would be Chapecoense in the next update, if possible, or in 2018.
  7. I remember that Corinne Diacre, Clermont Foot (FRANCE) manager.
  8. I am contracting new players to my youth team but they always appears on senior team, what disturbs the team tactical familiarity. I would like the players weren't contracted to the senior team went to their respective teams, reserve or youth (about the reserve I know if I buy a player with a "reserve" contract he will go to the Reserves directly, but I don't see it happening to the new youth players).
  9. Could be both the ways, but would be a good feature great idea! about real contacts, it remebers when FIFAM used to show real club infos, like club site and headquarter address
  10. I always support this idea, but it's hard to see a FM with the girls in a next future for a while.
  11. depends if you were a reverse/youth manager, in gameplay this would make more sense.
  12. Ainda tem frases em inglês
  13. under review

    Uploaded via FTP into game-save folder as "Tiago_Wakabayashi - DEF CK pos change automatically" name.