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  1. The same thing happened in my save with PSG in 2021-22 season. I noted the players in loan and some recent contracted players (youngsters) are lacking the past played clubs. In a case I'll upload a player was Israeli champion but in Player History is not mentioned the played in Israel, just shows when he is in PSG. And another thing, all the loaned players are with the loan satisfaction on "horrible". In addiction, the clubs lost their league history too, Note the player history and the milestones Player History screeen of the same player Club without league history (and is a traditional Ligue 1 club) Loaned player unsatisfied with the loan (there are players making a great form in a club with great structure and even he's unsatisfied) Player History from the player mentioned above. Look at the season numbers. There is a "jump" between the years.
  2. I knew that some staffs were in the game but I didn't there was a search name for them. Great, in my save, Neil Brock didn't have the luck to get a good potential haha
  3. +1 perfect, I agree to all I would add the DOF doesn't insist contract a player, at least in a short period, when I refuse the negociation
  4. There is but the problem is the position you wanna for player (on a loaning) needs to be star, at least, in the Accomplished level.
  5. it would be great if it could be shared too online
  6. I dunno if I got the idea, but I remembered two cases in Brazil: - Clube dos 13 (Club of the 13), the name was because it unites the most popular teams in Brazil, where the club presidents do reunions to define some things, mainly the TV money division. With the new way of sharing the TV Money (with a direct negotiation TV-Club) the "Clube" was losing the sense. - Primeira Liga: Some clubes unsatisfied with the Brazilian Football Federation formed a group and created an own league to pressure changes in the year calendar. In the beginning the idea was great but with the next edition the league got a chancellery by CBF, that makes it nonsense and losing the club political power. Still can be played in FM.
  7. +1111000 really, our money cannot be only a "protection", we must do something with this that can help us in our career, our development
  8. unfortunately there will be any space for a "chairman mode" in the game
  9. +1 i really need it, always I am playing FM while I am doing other things
  10. you were perfect, it's lacking more options like this for general +1
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