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  1. What are the rules to the FM consider a player as champion of any league, in fact? I became Brazilian League champion and there was a youth player which played two matches as substitute and he is considered national champion while other player I have (Jesus Marimón, colombian superstar kid) played 15 matches in Brasileirão and 5 goals and the FM don't think he is a Brasileirão champion. He played the Copa de Brasil final, scored a goal, they have played some matches in this competition and in your Career Facts no mentions about the titles.
  2. if were so realistic, would be possible even being a player/manager. You can contract player to work as staff at the same time. In my save i saw two or three times a important player of a team become a temporary manager and keeping his player status too. IRL, Romário did it twice (Vasco da Gama and América-RJ), and other minor examples. But this isn't in discussion for now. I think I have a good amount of money to spending during my years as manager, I could as buying a club as investing in on my club which I am working as manager (simply give money to the club i don't need be a chairman...). If i could growing my role up in game, become a owner if i wish, i wouldn't need spend a little money just to buy the in-game editor to became unsackable (because if I use this editor is just for it). They are annoying questions (yes, for SI members, surely), so why you don't create a poll about it, if the FM fans wanna the possibility to become a chairman/owner inside the game? And being an owner you didn't stop being a manager, if you wish it sure, you can do both the roles or just the management part of the club. This is not to change the game name or the focus, and yes create possibilities in game. I was happy with the Create a Club mode, but the way this was developed wasn't cool. You lose a time creating/editing a team, players, logo, nicknames, stadium and in the end you can be sacked. But I created the club! I haven't seen a real sense to this mode. So you wanna stop to receive those "annoying" questions, make a ultimate pool about it. What will be decided, will be.
  3. The full mode of Football Manager (PC - Win 10 64x) The formation familiarity is 100% in all
  4. I noted when is turned on the "ball possession" option in team formation the players do some silly wrong passes when they pass to any player at sides, like a winger or wingback, or a unnecessary longer pass that ends in a throw-in or when the player passes but his "target", even with the ball going on his directly perfectly, he misses to get the ball and we have another throw-in/corner kick. It's frustrating when you need to defend yourself with the ball or building a play slowly and the attack ends stupidally because of a silly strong pass or the player that doesn't get a ball whose is going in this direction.
  5. I'll give my ideas too before I say about other ones - Include Reserve and Youth national titles and prizes (top scorer, clean sheet, assist, MOTMs) in the Career Milestones. - a comparison for loaned player when they leave the club and when they back (or what the moment you do the comparison). With that you can note if the player is really improving or not. - The AI teams should fight for better staff team, it's sad you find a team with good facilities but with awful staffs for your players be loaned. - I think the options for praising/critizing the player shouldn't be limited, after each match all the options like talking about the form, last match, discipline and other options should be there to be used. =================================================================================== But was good you give info about this part, Barside, thx. Maybe a stadium editor with limitations to not possible have an 100% looked like a real, but with laws have to be careful. I haven't seen any kind of problem with stadium reproductions in other more complex games graphically, like FIFA or PES, where I saw an authentic Maracanã with the Athletic track and all the stuff. And I think hard the companies or other right owner don't have knowledge about this. I think a loan list good and if the DOF could help to search teams to loan for any player not only young ones. A FM webversion? Like Managerzone or Hattrick? Well, i dunno if would be necessary, but can be way of SI earn money too, but as I said before, i dunno if is necessary. @Barside, and about fictional sponsor names, at least? Still could have any "hole" for legal issues about it? Amazing idea, to me like brazilian would great I go to the Brasileirão profile and see something talking about Flamengo's 81, Santos's 2002/2003, Cruzeiro's 2003, Corinthians 2012 and players like Romario, Pelé, Rogério Ceni, Muricy Ramalho (coach), Telê Santana (Coach), Wanderley Luxemburgo (coach, with a short time in Real Madrid lol). A cool feature. Like http://web-vassets.ea.com/Assets/Richmedia/Image/Screenshots/fm10_screen16_656x369.jpg?cb=1315963719 ? FIFAM had something like this, but for own bought player, the (dis)advantages for he join to the club. In FM I see the fans cannot like him because came from a rival team, or how much for marketing the team can earn with the player, for example. Hahaha, it's just make a random options, no need creates different profiles to each wife/children/parents/relatives +10000 A MUST BE! As International manager there is no much to do and this is sad. I would like to boost the player moral, create relations and mainly training, like in club. I have been for years not knowing about that, and it will be very useful to me. Thanks, eternal thanks haha. And what other fiedl hockey mangers are there?
  6. I think a cricket manager would make more success. I really would like so bad a racing manager from SI. 1) I loved that training idea. I had suggested a 3D training like in CM10, i remember had a option for starters x reserves i think, it was good to see if the tactic/players are working well. 2) haha, i think it's time for FM get an audio commentary. + 1 FOR ALL You had great ideas, and i miss the stepovers too +1 +1 This would be so crazy, I like this, I remember when I was watching a final round of Brasileirão title in FM rooting for my real favourite team, Flamengo, and I open the widget to watch the other results and because of a combination of results (Flamengo suffered a goal at final but the title is in their hands still however at the same time Flamengo suffer the goal, another rival team scores in their game and overtake Flamengo in the table, getting the title) Flamengo lost :/. A way to follow this with your idea would be crazy, like a real TV broadcasting. I loved your ideas mainly the underlined ones. Good ones and about the old versions, you mean the database? If yes, haha I would love it, but it would a pain in the *** to recreate it Well, there is a "hole" for that: Even being a manager game, in the game you can contract staff as player-staff and I have seen in FM 16 team key players become temporary managers while they play too when the real manager is sacked. I don't think. Anything that helps me to get into match atmosphere more is better, the audio commentary is a nice idea. It's because I defend the idea you can be more than a manager in the game and the same offers you options about what you will control. I would make happier many kind of players, who wants to play as manager, who wants to play just like a president or both. It's one of the reasons I don't like the Create a Club mode because is totally nonsense you lose hours config the team at your taste to know you can be sacked from the team you created. Interesting Idea. But Barside, at least I think the SI could give us any stadium editor, as we can edit our database we could edit the team stadium too. That way this would be a MOD not a official SI suport, avoid any license problem, because it's a user/player modification.
  7. Not reduce but improve it, there are players that doesn't have so status in team and is making other players support him in his crying, is ridiculous
  8. about the create a club mode i think you couldn't be sacked .
  9. in fm15 with barcelona Pedro scored more than 61 goals in a season, after he moved to Chelsea he went back to his "normal" standard.
  10. oh my god, I had seen some posts of hi, but I didn't know him much. And I am surprise with his age, so active! He, having worked a lot for the good of the FM, my condolences to his family and friends, everybody from SI forum.
  11. even when I am traveling I am thinking in tactics, what players I contract and all this stuff, this game doesn't go out my mind. And when I back home, one of the first things I do is playing it.
  12. I include the Schmeichel boy too.
  13. The rabona pass appeared in one of the FM 16 match engine trailer but I just watched it happens once here. @kandersson I would like more different skills in FM, beyond rabona, feint body (including stopped), fake shot, more diving headers, acrobatics shots (like Ibra, like a Zico's goal in J-League or a Cruyff's goal with Barça en La Liga in 70's), bring the stepovers back, rabona shots and all this stuff. Just bringing these skills will help the striker finishing better because they will find better spaces before finishing, instead shotting on the defenders silly.
  14. This doesn't happen here, If the senior is in Main Squad tutoring a guy from Youth squad and the senior is moved to the Reserve Squad, he keeps the tutoring. My worry is if the move can mess up with the youth player development (causing any discord between both, maybe) because moving to the Reserve Team the senior player is losing status in the club