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  1. you are sure, we need more options to talk to the player, even to talk about the last match on his team who he is loaned, what he is doing right and where he is failing, in the same way we speak with our players.
  2. I would like to see some things for 3D match: - dribbles - GK suffering fouls (in old versions it was possible) and committing penalties. - Attacking, player heading to down, bouncing the ball on the grass making harder the GK's save.
  3. I think is the time we see real feints in game. I remember an old FM version where some player could even do stepovers.
  4. taking the subject, the height and weight change while the player is getting old? because i don't note much that part
  5. me too, mainly I play in Brazil, that English style is rare
  6. i got it now well, as more flexibility to contract, better.
  7. sorry, could you explain more about this clause?
  8. fact! it needs an improvement
  9. this would good, there are the job interviews but this could be deeper
  10. with you could contract more staffs to work specifically one of those teams, it could help to boost the players and they would play since early, having match experience. should do as there was in FIFAM and create club academies around the world,
  11. @gabrielsousapinho Well I hope is just the "pre purchase, @Welshace, and be possible buy in the launching. I hope be possible to active the game, but I doubt.