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  1. 0:51 i haven't never like that unnecessary heading show. Finally led adboards. I think it amazing. The problem I use adboard pack and they are static like the new model, i dunno if the new version will support them. But I would like to see the fanbase creating new ones to the new model. I see it is more fluid, the movements. 4:10 I loved the BEHIND GOAL LOW CAM, it remembers the player cam of FIFA's Career Mode for GK. 4:50 Don't you think the GK very quiet to whose should be preparing yourself to a save? Where's the goalkeeping base to do the save? I mean, he kept in stand up like if his team weren't being attacked. 6:01 nice play 6:30 nice play, what a goal and it seems i see a new celebration 7:34 note the player near the GK when this catch the ball on the air: what's that little red thing on his head? I don't understand it. In former versions the GK was sent off and he suffered fouls. Now he don't commit neither suffers fouls. I hope it be editable and offers support to the old model too i hated when I see that old issue happening, tsc tsc we want it!
  2. i miss something more specific like this in FM
  3. 1 - excellent idea 2 - good one 3 - I could agree but I think it very hard to be applied in game for now. 4 - Currently the wage is your protection for you avoid to be sacked before the time. I would like to buy a team, create one or invest money in the team I am managering but SI is against those things.
  4. I agree with everybody here +1
  5. I think it had in FIFAM and I think I had seen FM post something about like one of the new features of FM16, but I dunno if is really in game.
  6. +1 i would like to see it too, of course what you choose as background would influence in your future manager career, as for good as for bad.
  7. +1 i always support that idea
  8. you are sure, we need more options to talk to the player, even to talk about the last match on his team who he is loaned, what he is doing right and where he is failing, in the same way we speak with our players.
  9. I would like to see some things for 3D match: - dribbles - GK suffering fouls (in old versions it was possible) and committing penalties. - Attacking, player heading to down, bouncing the ball on the grass making harder the GK's save.
  10. I think is the time we see real feints in game. I remember an old FM version where some player could even do stepovers.
  11. taking the subject, the height and weight change while the player is getting old? because i don't note much that part