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  1. need more info

    I have a example that happened to me now, at the first Botafogo goal. BOT 2-5 SAN brasileirao serie a 2020 1st bot G BUG zag parado bola.pkm
  2. the same, I'm in 2020 now and no libertadores here and I am in May
  3. You can watch at least one match of other teams each day when you select the match you wanna watch since you aren't managing your team in certain day. Should be possible I select a match to watch "in loco", I do list of matches to watch later. This could appears as news from your personal assistant or from your scouter saying "I have DVD's from those matches you would like to watch". I like follow my players on loaning, some teams and so on and sometimes there are championships where I don't have "all the details" selected, then If i look for a specific match of those kind of leagues I won't be able to watch the match after it is played.
  4. i think it an excelent idea
  5. The problem here is still FM yes is a simulator, but a simulating GAME. Say the chairman and use of salary are unrealistic things but there are unrealistic thing in FM already. The salary in FM has its utility yes but is small. Could be more reasons to I try a better contract when I (re)negotiate. The only logical reason I see for FM don't include a chairman mode is would lose one of the reasons of paying for the in-game editor that gives you a unsackable status.
  6. I saw some times too, in 17 i think two times I think a pity this, the game has the creativity limited because of thinks that kind.
  7. Animation for fighting i think impossible at least if you play with only text. But I agree with a reason variation.
  8. +1 The Libertadores would be funnier to play with that additional
  9. @IsthmianCorinthian14 looking at this angle, i agree with u
  10. Great idea. I remember FIFAM when you click on the player and open a lot of info and options, like individual tactics.
  11. I liked your ideas, i miss something like this in the game
  12. Great, it would make the things easier
  13. +1