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  1. is it possible to train the player gets those both ppms?
  2. I was using the BPD (STP) since a long time, before I have that idea. Currently I am testing the team in Attack/Full Attack and HDL. I send my best CBs to get Ball Out of Defence, some of them already have the "gets forward..." ppm because they are effective/natural wingbacks too. And after to being defeated by RB Leipzig that plays with 3 CBs, I am testing that formation and i'm loving to play with Libero. Nice tip, thx Or being a bit rude but straight: when it becomes popular in Premier League, like the Guardiola/Klopp football systems. After they go to PL, the FM was to be able to replay at a satisfactory level the tiki-taka, geggenpressen and the inverted wingbacks.
  3. Hello everyone. I was thinking in a way to do my defenders participate more of the attacking play building, for example, they don't be so static, getting close sometimes as pass option or making runs. I don't know if this is possible with the current ME, if I would need some PPM (and if it would work with defender positions)... Any suggestions?
  4. I suspect that the problem would the "one played match" rule the FM is applying now to get a award. I say that because is what I see when I got a title and comes that award/medal screen explaining that only player that have already played one match at least was be able to get a medal. This could work for league and longer cups, but for supercups or any one single match tournament, it fails.
  5. It happened again with me in the PSG X Milan match, the last one of the calendar. The "solution" was when appeared the popup to do a quicksub, then I could back to change my tactics after the substitution done. Savegame: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4iybyuc7b1ndcfi/Tiago__Wakabayashi_-_Paris_Saiasil_378.fm/file
  6. I have seen some, but rare. I wanna score more. I play with one ST, but I would include the wingers and some occasions, the AM/MCs I always train "placed shots" and "tries frist time shots". I haven't liked the "shoots with power", mainly with the current ME where on 1V1 the ST shots on the GK. "Comes deep to get ball" I was testing in FM19 with good results. "Likes to break offside trap" was problematic in this game but with the current edition is being better executed. Good tips. I have noted it even in players without that trait. And the FM Gks still doesn't know to move himself properly yet, where we can take advantage of it.
  7. I found my "topic". This was became in a post for French League issue, who I gave more details too @KUBI @Neil Brock
  8. No. I tried to looking for it on internet but I didn't find nothing. In the game there is nothing about, but who played in the match got it and who didn't play but was elegible to play, not, and this is strange, The normal in this situation is gives medal to all the players of the team, mainly all were taken to the match, then this means all were be able to play, then all can get a medal. But the real problem is only who played that has it recorded in the career story.
  9. I am with problems to login owncloud, then I uploaded the save here http://www.mediafire.com/file/sc5qr6e7p9116zk/Tiago__Wakabayashi_-_Paris_Saiasil_364.fm/file @KUBI
  10. I noted the the medals were given only for the player that played the final (starting 11 + 2 subs) and not for who were subscribed to play the match, in the other words, everyone from the champion team. Medal neews Who was subscribed
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