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  1. sorry the delay i don't have that savew game but the oldest I have is this Tiago Wakabayashi - Paris Saiasil 886.fm
  2. OMG, bad luck D: I remember that rule haha. I liked it Congratulations Do you have the file of that match agains São Paulo? OMG, because this didn't any sense hahah Do you have saved the Corinthians matches? And congratulations You should be able to go to the Libertadores (if the North American champions goes back to play) and/or going directly to the Club World Championship. But if you are going to Sudamericana (what's weird), should go to the Libertadores Group stage being the Sudamericana winner
  3. Because... I think for tournaments of one single match, and mainly when is a final playoff match, all the players should receive a medal. If there are something about on the official rules of the tournament, they should be applied. If not, SI (staff with users) should find a deal about. This is one of the annoying/sad things in FM 20 together with career history bug (I reported too recently and this happening again, disappeared some season stats and the last medals got aren't being recorded. And I am including the fact the national youth cups/leagues aren't going to the career history of the player and I consider it important too, not only the UCL s19 tournament.
  4. Ending the 2021/22 season I noted the Careeer History player bug was back. My player that were on loan and won their leagues didn't get medal on their career histories and until now they aren't getting any medal. I won the Trophéé des Champions now and look at this: players that get any medal CR7 career history is "empty" Tottaly "empty"
  5. I won the Trophéé des Champions and the medal goes to only who has played (in my case, 11 starters and 2 subs) and not the total of players that went to the match. Is it right?
  6. You can have how many foreigners you want but to register for playing for La Liga, until 3 players. And each league has own registering/playing rules, even the youth ones.
  7. for clarifying: when the player is 22 old, will be he affected by that limit or not?
  8. The problem to make DMs like "defenders is that I tried recently to do that. It worked well because the team is good, and was looking for a defenders with more attacking participation, then I became the DM line into CB line. But what used to disturb me is what is on the image. The DMs didn't understand that would have to balance between go further into area and stay behind when there is some rival with space.
  9. The messages keeps but this doesn't mean nothing, the bug was resolved, I saw it after. But the messages in red keeps appearing still.
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