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  1. I am playing on Russian League and I was noting the Squad rules for Foreign players, where each team is allowed to register 8 foreign players. I see some players of my team (Rubin) are a long time playing and they aren't counting the days to get the russian nationality. A player is South Korean and a couple from Georgia. Are there nations where is prohibited to get the russian nationality?
  2. OMG, bad luck D: I remember that rule haha. I liked it Congratulations Do you have the file of that match agains São Paulo? OMG, because this didn't any sense hahah Do you have saved the Corinthians matches? And congratulations You should be able to go to the Libertadores (if the North American champions goes back to play) and/or going directly to the Club World Championship. But if you are going to Sudamericana (what's weird), should go to the Libertadores Group stage being the Sudamericana winner
  3. You can have how many foreigners you want but to register for playing for La Liga, until 3 players. And each league has own registering/playing rules, even the youth ones.
  4. The problem to make DMs like "defenders is that I tried recently to do that. It worked well because the team is good, and was looking for a defenders with more attacking participation, then I became the DM line into CB line. But what used to disturb me is what is on the image. The DMs didn't understand that would have to balance between go further into area and stay behind when there is some rival with space.
  5. is it possible to train the player gets those both ppms?
  6. I was using the BPD (STP) since a long time, before I have that idea. Currently I am testing the team in Attack/Full Attack and HDL. I send my best CBs to get Ball Out of Defence, some of them already have the "gets forward..." ppm because they are effective/natural wingbacks too. And after to being defeated by RB Leipzig that plays with 3 CBs, I am testing that formation and i'm loving to play with Libero. Nice tip, thx Or being a bit rude but straight: when it becomes popular in Premier League, like the Guardiola/Klopp football systems. After they go to PL, the FM was to be able to replay at a satisfactory level the tiki-taka, geggenpressen and the inverted wingbacks.
  7. Hello everyone. I was thinking in a way to do my defenders participate more of the attacking play building, for example, they don't be so static, getting close sometimes as pass option or making runs. I don't know if this is possible with the current ME, if I would need some PPM (and if it would work with defender positions)... Any suggestions?
  8. I have seen some, but rare. I wanna score more. I play with one ST, but I would include the wingers and some occasions, the AM/MCs I always train "placed shots" and "tries frist time shots". I haven't liked the "shoots with power", mainly with the current ME where on 1V1 the ST shots on the GK. "Comes deep to get ball" I was testing in FM19 with good results. "Likes to break offside trap" was problematic in this game but with the current edition is being better executed. Good tips. I have noted it even in players without that trait. And the FM Gks still doesn't know to move himself properly yet, where we can take advantage of it.
  9. I had posted there. Some mod moved it into League Specific issues forum. Today when I wanna check any new reply I see the topic was erased.
  10. It's sad and bizarre this happens. It doesn't make sense, keeps in MLS has more advantages. I would like to see more african leagues, mainly from where there is more transfer movements like Middle East
  11. I was looking for replies about this thread below, where I ask because only the players that played the match that gets a medal and not all the players that were subscribed to the final cup. Initially the thread was moved to another subforum and then it was erased without any reply https://community.sigames.com/topic/508956-trophéé-des-champions-just-give-medal-to-who-played/
  12. Hmm, thanks for the info. Even I think that overhead should happen with any player no needing to get a PPM for this, but this be a "special trait" of the player.
  13. Hello guys, firstly a late merry xmas! I was thinking about what PMMs I could train on my strikers beyond the "placed shots". Do you think to train "Attempts Overhead Kicks", "Likes To Round Keeper" and "Likes To Lob Keeper" good options to try currently? Have you seen in this version some of those plays being (well) executed ?
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