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  1. What settings does the chairman have, does he have Ranieri in as a favourite personal etc?
  2. I don't think you understand the England B joke
  3. Grabbing Clattenberg fergie waiting for him
  4. I wonder if Ronaldo will let the rest of the team stand behind him whilst he lifts the trophy
  5. Go and celebrate with your team ffs
  6. What a goal :-o
  7. I fell asleep mid way through the 2nd half and have just woke up, didn't miss much I see
  8. Payet off
  9. What exactly is Pogba supposed to be good at?
  10. Utd should save themselves £100m and buy Sissoko on this showing
  11. Portugal will now score from a free kick
  12. ah i'm thinking it was against Atletico
  13. I had no idea Ackter was Welsh
  14. 2 major semi finals in a row Neuer has been flapping after the CL one also