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  1. glad I didn't join this the teams look errrr
  2. @Gizzyget a reserve in bud my holiday won't work with this x
  3. @WillHoward42 I am flying to Greece tomorrow - not sure this was wise
  4. Baptista_8; 1. BigV; 1. Jude Bellingham (England) Celtic_1967; 1. Citizen Sandman; 1. Rodri (Spain) Crispypaul; 1. Darius1998; 1. Freakiie; 1. grff; 1. GunmaN1905; 1. Kylian Mbappe (France) Harryseaess; 1. Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium) hilly_boro; 1. JD nawrat; 1. Joel B; 1. mrw072; 1. PaulHartman71; 1. Pompeyboyz; 1. Rebs; 1. Rikulec; 1. Ronaldo Beckham; 1. Scott1892; 1. SouthCoastRed; 1. The Golden boy; 1. WillHoward42; 1. Yuko; 1. Belgium: Kevin De Bruyne England: Jude Bellingham, France: Kylian Mbappe Spain: Rodri
  5. Please Argentina, I win about 280 profit and whilst he and i have no affiliation I'd like to see messi win the wc.
  6. Nice. I put 30 ew on arg to win pre tournament, 353 back if win
  7. Interesting what happens at city. Don't get me wrong hell play str alot but even lw is competitive.
  8. probably the final over the other semi imo. i'd have beaten Barry if Alvarez had been before LN tho
  9. since this she's even worse, not a natural talker. Really don't understand why they have 3 people in the studio, then 3 women on the sidelines, really weird.
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